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Joyswag: ModNation Racers (and a PSP!) {Joystiq}

May 14th 2010 11:41PM I want to make a track based on the streets I drive on everyday, and see what it's like to actually get close to the speed limit.

Joyswag: 1 year of Xbox Live Gold & a pile of XBLA games [update] {Joystiq}

Dec 23rd 2009 6:51PM mega man 9 and trials HD

AbleGamers launches reviews with accessibility in mind {Joystiq}

Nov 23rd 2009 4:56PM I always use subtitles. I have two kids and a wife. So when the kids are being kids and the wife is giving me a list of chores to do, I can still tell what's going on in the game : )

Pre-order Modern Warfare 2, trade it in by Dec. 13, get $40 from GameStop {Joystiq}

Oct 29th 2009 7:12PM I call bullshit to 99% of the "don't buy at gamestop" comments here, simply because they're still in business. Mom and Dad don't shop at gamestop, the casuals don't shop at Gamestop, it's the people that are serious about games and know about preorders...pretty much the same people that read sites like Joystiq. So enough with the "oh gamestop they're so evil I NEVER GO THERE PROMISE" comments.

Swag Saturday: Katamari Forever and Warhawk (PS3) {Joystiq}

Oct 18th 2009 12:29PM I'd be so happy i'd make peepee in my pants

DJ Hero intro video destroys the world with beats {Joystiq}

Oct 12th 2009 11:20PM First of all, they use the royal "we" all the time, not just in Activision posts. If you ever see a post on here about them hiring writers, they usually ask for a sample post in the typical Joystiq style. Said style meaning they use the collective "we" instead of "I". I searched for the posts, but it didn't give a specific example, so I think I heard it Chris Grant explaining it on the podcast.

Secondly, your freakout about Joystiq slamming DJ Hero is unfounded. Why don't you finish reading the sentence you quoted...we'll wait. Notice the link? The link to the article where a Joystiq writer praised the game and in fact, said, "DJ Hero isn't just a shameless cash-in on one of the gaming industry's largely untapped cultures. It's a completely original and entertaining take on the rhythm genre with vast amounts of potential, and I can't wait to see what the full version of the game has to offer." And the writer of the above article even states that theintro video has "us" pumped. OH GOD another form of the royal "we".

In conclusion, get the sand out of your vagina.

Joystiq Podcast 111 - Get into my Blast Corps edition {Joystiq}

Oct 9th 2009 5:42PM Yeah, I'm a week late. Sorry. But man, this was an excellent show. This is the second time i've heard Mr. Hinkle on the podcast recently, and he's good. Funny AND knowledgeable. Besides, you can't go wrong with Billy Ocean. I always like hearing Griffin on the podcast. His laugh makes me laugh. But my highest praise goes to the bossman, (not the Big Bossman of WWE fame) Chris Grant. Chris, I don't know if you had a few beers in you or what, but you seemed much more relaxed on this episode. Several really funny lines, you kept the show moving, and overall it was a pleasure listening to you. Keep up the good work guys!


Flight Attendant Hits on Teen Girl via Facebook {Switched}

Oct 7th 2009 6:56PM Really? So if it was your 16 year old daughter, you'd be perfectly ok with this? I doubt that. Regardless of what the attendent said specifically, it's inappropriate and it looks bad for the company when your employees harass your customers.

EA Sports: 'How big can football get?' Us: 'Pretty big, we guess?' {Joystiq}

Sep 21st 2009 8:16PM "How big can football get?" Big enough to cause mass riots where people get trampled to death.