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Ask WoW Insider: How does tier gear work? {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2007 1:29PM Alright just trying to be clear on now I'm 60 it really isn't a point to go for 60 gear at all really just 70 gear. But as far as the Tier Sets. I don't know about Tier 6, but I know Tier 4 & 5 is sold buy a vendor in Shatterath City. I had my lvl 45 BE Priest summon there just to see what he look like in them. But I don't know what the cost is. I do see the token icons though as the price. I hope I understand correctly, but you only get the tokens by doing instances in Heroic mode, at least that's what is stated in the BC guide. I'm too assume that depending what instance you do in Heroic drops that instance Heroic token and you take that token to the vendor.

And to answer how tokens drops. I believe the guide said 1 for everyone.