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Know Your Lore: Aegwynn {WoW}

Jul 27th 2007 8:21AM Some of the history for Medivh can be found in Karazhan, and in the quests, but the remaining lore for both Medivh and Aegwynn can be found in the books The Last Guardian and Cycle of Hatred from Blizzard.

There's actually a nice compilation of 4 books (Day of the Dragon, Lord of the Clans, The Last Guardian, and Of Blood and Honor) for sale on their website, along with Cycle of Hatred. Another good set to pick up would be the War of the Ancients trilogy, which explains a lot of the Malfurion-Illidan background, along with fleshing out the Burning Legion.

The new Rise of the Horde book is decent, and explains a lot about Outland and the newer quests. It does retcon a lot of stuff from the original games, though.

Know Your Lore: Aegwynn {WoW}

Jul 26th 2007 12:57PM Basically, Aegwynn overheard Medivh plotting with demons and confronted him about it. When he refused to change his ways, she fought him and was easily defeated. Medivh drained away all her remaining power... Aegwynn ran to the court of King Llane of Stormwind, Medivh's childhood friend. She told them of what she had heard, and Llane began to develop a plan to fight Medivh. Aegwynn, however, wanted no part in her son's death. She teleported herself to the continent of Kalimdor and built herself a nice home by the shores of Ratchet, to await her own death.

Actually, this is wrong. King Llane never knew what Medivh was up to, and actually was his stauchest defender to his doubters. When they had the confrontation, Medivh drained all of Aegwynn's powers except for her anti-aging magics (hence why she was tooling around for a few thousand years). She was able to turn the power of those spells inward to teleport herself away from Sargeras/Medivh over to Kalimdor.

Meantime, Medivh spent the rest of his time with his old friends King Llane and Sir Lothar getting cozy, while secretly supporting Gul'dan and the Shadow Council in their assaults on Stormwind. When Khadgar (Medivh's apprentice) discovered that Medivh was murdering other mages that could interfere in his plans, he and Garona Halforcen confronted Medivh and used the elder mage's memory of the battle with Aegwynn to escape.

Then after pleading his case to King Llane (who assured everyone that Medivh was just full of flowers and love), Khadgar, Garona and Lothar went on back to Karazhan to deliver a special candygram of whoopazz that killed Medivh.

Breakfast topic: How good are you, really? {WoW}

Mar 6th 2007 9:55AM What a great article :D

Aelora - 70 Holy/Prot Paladin

PvE - 9/10; Seriously, this is my strongest playing value. I'm normally either tanking or healing through all of the BC dungeons (can't tank the Heroics, but I have main healed Hellfire, Coilfang, and working on CoT), and I'm usually bombarded with people asking me to come tank or heal their instances. I love the team benefit of 5 mans.

Raiding - 6/10; I try to be a strong team player on raids, and am always there early, repaired and with all my "goodies" in hand (reagents, potions, etc). But, I also don't get a ton of enjoyment right now in Karazhan and Gruul's Lair, since it's a serious ramp up from the old 20-40 mans, and often, we end up missing some class balance or excluding our friends who want to come (You're a rogue? Sorry, we already have 2!). Also, the loot versus effort still is low.

PvP - 4/10; I started to give myself 5, but while I do VERY well in WSG and AV battlegrounds (if a druid/warrior is running the flag, you'd better have your whole team killing me, because otherwise they aren't stopping EVER), when it comes to AB or Eye, I just don't have the sustainable damage to really compete. Rogues, Warriors, and Hunters I can usually kill fairly easily. Mages and Warlocks eat me from a distance (damn Fear :), and against another healing Paladin, Shaman or Druid the match could usually end before we're done trying to kill each other. :D