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Unbalanced PvP in EVE Online {Massively}

Nov 2nd 2007 4:58PM @ Vestras

You and your friends would come back if PvP wasn't so harsh, but CCP would also lose some current players that like that feature. I stopped playing MMOs currently due to house payments raping me, but if I were to go back to MMOs, then Eve would be the place for my playstyle (because of the harsh environment).

Another note, Eve did not invent the harsh MMO PvP environment - that would be Ultima Online. They eventually toned UO down, which is why I quit the game. My point being is that there's a different playstyle for everyone, and Eve Online addresses the needs of people seeking the heart-pounding excitement that comes with the threat of losing.

I would actually stand still when a fight was lost in WoW, why would I need to waist time running when there's no loss upon death?

You are right that it's the only space MMO out there (to my knowledge), but instead of changing the current PvP system loved by the subscribers, why not voice for a new game to be created. If Eve Online had multiple gaming servers, they could have a non-PvP one to suit your needs - now that's an idea!

24 hours of Tabula Rasa: Hour 9 {Massively}

Nov 2nd 2007 4:35PM one comment

Making things massive: worlds we crave {Massively}

Nov 2nd 2007 3:55PM I would love to see a Terminator MMO; the ability to design an avatar with Arnold's appearance is worth $15.00 a month!

24 hours of Tabula Rasa: Hour 8 {Massively}

Nov 2nd 2007 3:26PM one comment

Breakfast topic: Are you respeccing in 2.1.0? {WoW}

May 15th 2007 3:29PM I'm picking up Artic Winds (Mage - Frost).

This space for rent {WoW}

May 15th 2007 2:51PM I found a crypt in the Bad Lands the other night; it's in the center of the zone on top of a mountain. There's nothing in it, but it's still interesting to check out.

This space for rent {WoW}

May 15th 2007 2:51PM I found a crypt in the Bad Lands the other night; it's in the center of the zone on top of a mountain. There's nothing in it, but it's still interesting to check out.

Breakfast Topic: What's your realm's motto? {WoW}

May 14th 2007 9:14AM Sargeras : Destroyer of Worlds, and raid specs...

How to Destroy Your Guild: An Officers' Quarters Special Feature {WoW}

May 10th 2007 5:51PM "Shouting down disagreement might seem like fun for the talking heads on Fox News, but their ratings say otherwise."

Alan Colmes doesn't shout... oh wait, nvm! ^^

Anyways, thanks for the article, I learned something new with the /disband command. I've never started a guild in WoW, but someone the other day asked me how to disband, I told them I didn't know. Thanks.

Breakfast topic: Urge to kill, rising.... {WoW}

May 10th 2007 2:51PM I agree with number #17(Derelict)

World of Warcraft is my 19th MMO, and I've always played on the PvP servers of every game I've played (FFA if they had them).
You would be surprised at how well behaved people are on a FFA server. there just isn't room for idiots to misbehave.

The reason people act stupid is because there is no repercussion for it, but when players are able to police their own actions, a level of conformity takes place.

I posted an idea on my blog awhile back about a PK system. This system would allow players to attack their own faction members, but only up to 5 times before becoming "red", aka a murderer.

Upon becoming "red" you could no longer communicate with your own faction as they would be enemies to you, but you could however, communicate with other "red" players, regardless of their faction. Alliance & Horde murderers grouping together.

There would be a few outpost placed in the world for "red" players to bank & commerce, but this would in a sense create a 3rd faction.

To allow random players that want to rid themselves of a ninja, or avenge a fellow player, the "murder counts" would expire after 40 hours of game play. So as long as someone didn't go on a murderous rampage, they could still participate in a random justice kill.

I'm sure old gamers already recognize this system from Ultima Online, but I found the system worked well. The murderers banded together just as the "blues" aka non-murderers did.

I think a server like this would allow people the FFA server they want, but restricting chaos by enforcing consequences for attacking your own faction.