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Jeff Kaplan leaving World of Warcraft {WoW}

Feb 12th 2009 3:08PM This isn't news, it's just link baiting. When I saw this, my first reaction was OMG Jeff Kaplan is leaving?! Then I re-read it... oh, he's not leaving, he's just shifting from World of Warcraft to Universe of Starcraft or rather the "Unnamed MMO" that Blizzard is working on.
This would only really be "news" if Kaplan was leaving Blizzard. Nothing to see here folks, just move along.

WRUP: Do I lose my job if I say Warhammer? edition {WoW}

Feb 7th 2009 12:05AM Might as well play Warhammer while it's still around. Don't get me wrong, it's not that Warhammer is better or worse than WoW. It simply comes down to this: Warcraft is owned by Blizzard (a huge benefit for any successful game) and Warhammer is owned by EA (a huge disadvantage for any game that isn't a mega cash cow). Because of this simple fact, WoW will still be around 5 years from now, and Warhammer will fall by the wayside. The worst mistake Mythic ever made was hooking up with EA. They should have found another way to bring Warhammer to market. Even a Microsoft partnership would have been better.

Netflix Streaming officially comes to the Mac {}

Dec 4th 2008 10:15AM Actually, this is what the headline should have been...

"Netflix Streaming in the USA officially comes to Intel Macs"

Too bad for me all 3 of my Macs are G5s.

Countdown to Wrath Giveaway: Day 3 - 60-day game time card {WoW}

Nov 10th 2008 1:31PM Wowinsider is the bestest place for all that is WoW related! Woot! /cheer

Happy Harvest Festival! {WoW}

Sep 8th 2008 10:08PM Everyone seems to think this holiday is a reference to Thanksgiving, alluded to at both Wowhead and Thottbot. As if being in September wasn't enough of a clue that this isn't the case, then read the quest text. It is clearly reference to a Memorial/Labor Day type holiday. You are honoring your factions great hero Grom or Uther and honoring all fallen heroes in general. It is NOT a Thanksgiving Day reference. Think of it as a Memorial Day barbecue with beer, boar, fish & fruit.

TONIGHT (night night night) Garriott vs Chavez in the fight of the week! {Massively}

Jul 28th 2008 1:04AM General British should be busy working on his comeback game and not wasting time in a game that has tainted his reputation and is on the verge of collapse. RIP Tablua Rasa!

Ulysses 1.6 {}

Jul 23rd 2008 10:56AM I love this app. But, until they sell it with a set dollar price, I'm not buying it. They only sell it in Euros, and with the ever weakening dollar, this once over-priced app just keeps getting even more expensive. You can buy MS Office for only $20 more. I'd rather Ulysses than Office, but it's just too expensive for the average user.

Mall vacancies and store closures at 28-year-high {BloggingStocks}

Jul 7th 2008 11:57AM Also as an added note: Earlier this year I saw CompUSA (who bought The Good Guys) close leaving us with only Best Buy and Circuit City. Our big Super Kmart seems to be following in CompUSA's footsteps, after buying Sears, they seem to be on the brink of collapse. Additionally, all our local toy stores went under because of price wars between Wal-Mart and Toys-R-Us, but now neither has any good selection and Toys-R-Us seems to be struggling and will likely close if things don't improve soon.

Mall vacancies and store closures at 28-year-high {BloggingStocks}

Jul 7th 2008 11:49AM It was a long time coming, but it is finally here. Welcome to the begining of the end my friends. I have been telling people for years, that unchecked growth and profits before all other things would lead to a situation like this. Expect to see a lot more business you took for granted go away.
My city has lost Linens-n-things, Krispy Kreme and several newer food chains such as Pickip Stix. And at least 4 Starbucks will be closing.

World of Starcraft could still be the next-gen MMO {WoW}

Jul 3rd 2008 10:53PM There will never be a "World" of Starcraft, but there might be a Universe of Starcraft or a Starcraft Universe, but definitely not Starcraft Galaxies and really not Planets of Starcraft.

They have a Sci Fi franchise, and two fantasy franchises.
The Next Gen MMO, if not WoW 2 (which will have to happen by necessity to keep WoW alive) would likely be something altogether new.
We can rule out WWII or more war themed games, so what is left that hasn't be done already or that has yet to be done well..?