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Ready Check: Sartharion plus 3 Drakes {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2009 12:17PM A nice guide. As for DPS requirements I would say if your raid is able to do the 3m Patchwerk achievement, you're more than ready to tackle Sarth 3D. Obviously, Patch is a stand and deliver type of fight whereas the biggest obstacle to DPS in Sarth 3D is the high degree of movement you have to make.

Your DPS is likely to be lackluster at first as people are moving inefficiently if not outright dying to void zones and flame walls. But once they get more comfortable and start maximizing their DPS, a 3m Patch raid should be able to get Tenebron down just as Shardon lands, AoE the adds, and then get Shadron down to around 20% or less by the time Vesperon lands and his Disciple starts the dreaded Twilight Torment debuff. At least that was our experience.

If you don't have that kind of DPS, you'll probably have to take a portal while Shadron is still up. It's doable, but we had issues with it and it really prolongs the fight.

Breakfast Topic: I like gold {WoW}

Sep 3rd 2008 10:49AM We're hardcore in Sunwell right now, so not much chance to do any serious accumulation. These days it's easy with dailies and if I run low, I make sure to do them for a week or so and I'm usually good.

But besides professions the big money sink appears to be the Band of the Kirin Tor (, for faction discount of 7600. It will act as a 2nd hearth with no CD, for those that want it. Other than leveling professions, that's the only big sink I see currently.

If your goal is to make money, you might want to buy up mats. If TBC is any guide, anything that is used to level a profession will roughly double in price once we all abandon Outlands for Northrend and no one's farming this stuff anymore. So sit on those herbs for the Inscription masses with their 50k bankrolls to throw at it.

Ready Check: Reliquary of Souls {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2008 12:29PM We have hunters take the first wave of Fixates. We can Aspect of Monkey and stay up a bit longer and as survival I can pop Deterrence and take her for a long time. Also, hunters can get their Fixates out of the way and then run to range and start pew pewing.

For P2, who you have interrupting is very important. If no one is interrupting her, you'll notice that all she does is chain cast Spirit Shock. The only thing that stops her from non-stop casting is the silencing effect of the interrupt. The best system is a two rogue system. Since Kick is on a 10s CD and locks the caster out for 5s, it's perfect. Whenever a Rogue's Kick is up, he knows he's the one who has to get the next Shock because the other guy's will be down.

For P3, we use a prot warrior, but we use the Seethe trick where he Shield Slams after popping his Auto-Blocker and two hunters will chain MDs on him while they have Seeth to get the tank super threated up. We pop Bloodlust at around 65% or so. DPS will still catch the tank in threat, but it's ok as long as it doesn't happen until around 30% or so. After that, the tank needs to burn all of this Taunts as ppl will pull off of him. But she goes down so fast at that point that a taunt or two is enough to keep her on the tank long enough for the kill.

Gamers on the Street: Proud of Proudmoore {WoW}

Apr 8th 2008 1:43PM If you have problems clicking the vendor because half the server is standing on top of her, do Shift-V FTW. Really, they should have her standing on a pedastal like they do the initial quest givers so people can't grief like this. Can't wait to see the mayhem on my PvP server when this opens.

Loot Reaver gets his revenge {WoW}

Apr 4th 2008 4:15PM Hehe, try doing Bloodboil without a working Omen. Tanks need to stay very close in threat to each other and everyone needs to stay below all the tanks, who all get knocked back and have threat reduced periodically. It's difficult for anyone to judge where they stand with Omen all loopy.

Scattered Shots: Crowd control {WoW}

Mar 13th 2008 12:14PM Pretty comprehensive coverage of hunter trapping here. When we were running SLabs constantly to key people for Kara, I used the double trap trick as a matter of routine for the large pulls in Blackheart's room. Also, I would always insist that the group take out the Sap before my trap as I could chain trap pretty much indefinitely. A good general build for early 70 for 5-mans was a 0/41/20 build with all those nice trapping talents that are required for this kind of trapping wizardry.

Keep in mind, once you're in the latter parts of Karazhan and beyond, all those points in Survival start to become a waste. You certainly won't need them in 25 mans. As versatile as a talented Freezing Trap is and the great utility it can provide, you're just going to have too many mages, priests and locks that all can CC their particular targets more effectively. Hunters traps then have "oh shit" emergency use at best and you don't need the talents for that. The first time you set your foot in Gruul's for serious raiding, it's best to go 41/20/0 and go and top the damage meters and leave the utility CC to the other classes. You would only go for some of these talents if you were going to be a raid's dedicated, EW providing Surv hunter. But even then you'll find you don't use the traps quite as often.

BigRedKitty: Ask not what your raid can do for you {WoW}

Feb 18th 2008 12:09PM My ideal group for a BM hunter is

BM Hunter
BM Hunter
Surv Hunter
Resto Shaman (GoA/SoE/mana totems)
Feral Druid

We generally run with a full melee group (2 rog, dps war, ret pally, enh shaman), so there's no room to throw a BM hunter in there and Windfury totem is all important for them to get. For our "hunter group", BMs give buffs to the other hunters and we all get totems designed for us (feral, too). We dominate the DPS charts with this set up. On nights we can't get this kind of group together, you can throw in a caster or rogue that can't get into one of the other groups and they'll happily take our stacking FIs.

Save the shadow priests for your mages, they get first priority. The healers can have the 2nd one. Give me an agi totem dropping shaman any day. As long as we keep JoW on the boss and he drops Mana Spring/Mana Tide most of my mana requirements are met by that and chain chugging Fel Mana potions.

FI is a great buff, but every raid should try to bring exactly one Surv hunter with Expose Weakness. A well geared one with Agi out the wazoo is arguably the biggest buff you can give to your raid if you have any good weighting in physical DPS. With the right set up a Surv hunter can blow away everyone else in terms of the overall DPS buffs he gives in addition to his own damage.

How to stop Vashj and Kael from destroying your guild {WoW}

Feb 7th 2008 12:23PM #6 - I feel you really MUST drop some farm bosses to concentrate on these two epic encounters. At first we tried to hit up every farm boss every week otherwise we'd be "missing out" on loot. But what you're really missing out on is getting to T6 sooner and far superior loot from some pretty easy early bosses. What we found is we just didn't have enough time for Vashj and sometimes none at all if we had some other setback during the week.

When doing Vashj, drop TK and any T4 for those weeks. Clear SSC and work on Vashj and that's all. When doing Kael, you really have to pull the plug on SSC during that time. I don't see how you can get consistent time and progress in otherwise unless you're raiding six hours a day, six days a week or something.

How to stop Vashj and Kael from destroying your guild {WoW}

Feb 7th 2008 12:06PM I'm the RL for our guild and we've downed Vashj a couple of times now and we're working on Kael right now. Progress is very difficult to measure on Vashj as you mostly just wipe on P2 over and over and then just clicks and you're swimming in the green goo of P3. This needs to be explained to the team as it can get discouraging to be seemingly stuck in one spot when really everyone is learning their roles and you'll get to that pull where it all works.

Kael is much cleaner in terms of seeing real progression from pull to pull so you get past one phase into the next, it's easy to be positive even though it's another long night of wipes, no loot and large repair bills all around. We've been working on it the past two weeks and fully expect to see a kill this week or next at the latest as we're working on P4 now and are past the toughest phases. Everyone is upbeat because we've made steady progress every night.

It's sometimes difficult to keep things private when discussing someone's performance. If it's an overall issue with someone's inability to play the class properly, by all means take it offline and in private. But if someone misses a Tainted on Vashj, I have to call them out in raid because I have to know what happened so I can make an appropriate in-raid response. I try not to ridicule the person, but they have to be accountable, too.

KISS is definitely the way to go in these epic encounters. Only explain one phase at a time. I didn't bother to explain Kael P3 to the raid and how I wanted to approach it until I was satisfied that the weapons were mostly dead in P2. I didn't explain anything about P4 or Kael's abilities until we were downing the advisors consistently in P3 and it was clear we were ready to move on. There's only so much information you can convey to the group before their eyes just glaze over, they stop listening and people start to /sleep on you.

Pulling the plug is usually a good idea if you can sense the fatigue in the group. We try to keep our raids to about three hours. Anything more and people just start getting slaphappy and sloppy. We've called it early when it was apparent for whatever reason that we were hopeless that night. If you're really struggling with Kael, maybe go farm some SSC for a night or two and give him a rest.

As far as feedback goes, I'll allow in-raid feedback on specific tactics, but I do not allow it in-raid on overall strategy. This is an important point for me. For example, we use the AoE strat for the weapons on Kael. When the first few pulls don't go so well, I get five different tells from people telling me how their brother's guild did it and how we should change everything and do it this way or that. We'd waste enourmous amounts of time if I entertained all these suggestions. If you want to challenge the strategy you do that offline in the official forums where I'm happy to debate it. Having my authority challenged in game and giving in to complete overhauls of strategy usually leads to long frustrating nights where nothing gets done and we just spin our wheels trying different things. Only after I've digested a night or two of work (and WWS reports) will I consider changing overall strategy.

As a RL you need to come prepared with the best strategy you can for YOUR guild. And I can tell you right now, if you're just reading Bosskillers for tips on Vashj and Kael, you're not doing your homework. That may work for other fights, but not these. The beauty of these fights is there are many different ways you can do it sucessfully and it really has to be tailored to the strengths of your gulid. We run pretty caster heavy so AoE is natural. When a couple people start saying we should single target I politely decline and continue on with my methods. I'll keep on with the same strategy that I've researched exhaustively (a lot of reading of +1500 response threads on EJ) until I know the strategy itself if flawed and it's not just the execution. Changing strategy mid-stream means everyone has to learn different roles all over again and it can really set you back.

BigRedKitty: The Second Five Commandments of Hunterdom {WoW}

Aug 30th 2007 11:47AM For #10:

Don Santos' Famous Hunting Rifle
Binds when equipped
139 - 259 Damage
Speed 2.70
(73.7 damage per second)
Equip: Your ranged attacks have a chance to increase your attack power by 250 for 10 sec.

The best BoE ranged weapon in the game. Perfect for a BM hunter. When I run it through Cheeky's spreadsheet (the most wonderful hunter tool out there, BTW), it beats out Sunfury and even the Serpent Spine Bow that drops from Vashj on DPS. It's all in the weapon speed, at 2.7 it's perfect for a 1:1 BM shot rotation. It can be very pricey, I've seen it as high as 2500g. But I got mine for 850g and it was money well spent, IMO. That'll cover your #10 ;)

Another commandment that you forgot: Thou shall not run out of ammo! We recently did a Gruul's lair run where we one-shotted him for the first time and since we cleared him so quickly, we decided to run an unscheduled Kara afterwards. I usually bring a full quiver with 2-3 extra in my bags before any raid. But I had not counted on a Gruul clear followed by a near full Kara raid clear all the way to Prince! By the end of that marathon I ran out of bullets right at the beginning of the Prince fight and had to melee (The sick thing was, I beat out our ret pally :0). But I should have stopped in Thrallmar on the way to Kara to top off.