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Reader UI of the Week: Taeo {WoW}

Aug 16th 2007 10:37AM I got it working with 1680x1050. It's definitely a project you have to set aside a couple hours for, but absolutely worth it. Some things gets screwed up, like ItemRack since it's all set to Taeo's mage and he has some other Mage add-ons I don't need. I like Bongos instead of Bartender, etc. Once you get the hang of /dart interface, you can move around the background art to your liking.

Here's mine now:

The coolest quest {WoW}

Jun 26th 2007 3:48PM Into the Soulgrinder ( is very cool. Not so much the quest, but the reception you receive upon compelting it! All the orgres bowing down to you as king really threw me off when I first completed it. Make sure you go down and mingle and drink a lot of their beer! Then get on your mount and try to fly. You can then drink their coffee to sober up. A nice side effect is all the ogres in Blade's Edge become neutral with you and if you "/dance" or "/wave" with them, they'll do the same back!

Already mentioned: booterang. I mean c'mon. With classic lines like these, how can you not vote for this one:

"Work is da POOP! Me no wanna"
"Why it put da booterang on da skin?? Why??"
"AYAYA! One day me have dat booterang"

Nagrand Greatmother/Thrall chain gets my vote for best lore quest.

Is this guide the answer to the leveling problem? {WoW}

Jun 15th 2007 6:01PM I'm using Joana's guide to level my Horde alts. So far I love it. I would *never* recommend it for a new player, however. Let them experience the world and quests at a leisurly pace. Let them run all the dungeons with their peer. For me, I want to level ASAP to end game and this thing has helped tremendously. I don't care about low level loot or too many dungeon runs (do lowbies even do these anymore--on an older server like mine all the lowbies are alts and everyone gets "run through" these days by a 70 guildie). I already know all the areas and the majority of quests, so I don't really care to "discover" anything new. I just want to get this alt to end game and the XP just flies with the guide.

For Horde, you spend a heck of a lot of time in STV and all of us on PvP servers know what a gankfest that is. But as the Stranglethorn Hole article stated, there's really no way around this area if you want to quest. But for Horde at least, the guide has you almost entirely skipping Hillsbrad, and that's a relief.

There are parts where he asks you to grind until your level X. This is boring, but there's really very little of it. The worst is 58-60 where he basically would have you go to Winterspring, but instead has you grind in one area of Hellfire because the XP is just too good in Outlands to pass up.

Fun and games with the new Armory {WoW}

Jun 7th 2007 10:22AM @4, lacking in speed? It's absolutely abysmal to the point of being nearly unusable. At least the times I've tried it. I'd love to check out all of these new features, but in the time it takes me to see and sort upgrades for myself, I could open WoW, pull up AtlasLoot and handcraft my own spreadsheet of upgrades. I love the Armory, but it's ridiculously slow.

Illidan slain by Nihilum {WoW}

Jun 5th 2007 3:58PM BT and Hyjal both seem under-tuned for this fast of progression. How long did it take these same guilds to get through SSC and the Eye? They went fast in the eyes of your average guild, but not like this. It took them awhile to down the final bosses once they started raiding there. I know they did a ton of raiding on the PTR to score these world firsts so fast, but still. It seems like you'd really need to get geared up with some Hyjal and BT drops before you're able to even think about killing someone as important in the lore as Illidan, but apparently not.

What you need to know about daily quests {WoW}

May 29th 2007 12:06PM @8, yeah, I've had this bug and that's what a lot of people are probably seeing this early. However, you'll see a lot more get to exalted later this week and have the real deal. I've done every daily quest every day and all the others along the way. I'm 4K into revered without any explicit egg farming and I still haven't beaten Skyshatter for the 1k rep (BTW, the best new quests are those races...the last two are very challenging and fun). I can see if you just grinded all day long looking for egg drops that you could get to exalted this early, though that's quite a lot of eggs. I'm sure someone did it to be one of the first.

Yeah, the grinds are very boring, but most are pretty quick. The crystals are the biggest grind, but a lot will drop while doing other quests. The gold to be gained is really very good. Being a skinner it's like TBC release all over again with countless carcasses being left behind for me to skin and the new drop rates of leather have made it Scraptacular! I can complete the gathering quest right away every day since I have an inventory built up now. Dump all that extra leather on the AH along with the greens, motes, and the gold each quest pays every day and it may nearly reimburse me for the epic mount training itself by the time I get to exalted. No joke.

Does anyone do the world PVP objectives? {WoW}

May 29th 2007 11:46AM Halaa - has seen some increased activity now that they dropped the price of the +10 resilence gem from the ridiculous 500 tokens to a more reasonable 100. I was already half way there when the patch hit, so now I have some incentive to fight there. But once that's done, I'm sure it will go back to sporatic activity.

Hellfire - I farmed this for a bit when I was trying to get to revered with Thrallmar. The Thrallmar Favors you can buy are nice when doing a SH run, so I stocked up. But yeah, it's mostly a round robin of we capture the Stadium they capture Broken Hill and then we swap. Not a heck of a lot of real PvP going on. And I think they changed the tower capture quest to a daily it will see even less activity.

Terokkar - an objective worth fighting for. But usually not a heck of a lot of actual fighting. Jump on your mount, take a tower while sitting on top of it, move on to next one. More often than not one faction has a lot more people fighting than the other one and it's over in five minutes without a drop of blood spilled.

Zangarmarsh - useless. Tried it once in the first week or so of TBC just to see what it was all about and didn't see any point to it. The corpse run is not that much farther if you have to run from your camp. No one is wasting their time on this one.

Karazhan - no, this is not just PvE. Easily the best World PvP action in the game right now happens at that entrance as the huge piles of skeletons everywhere can attest. One night I had over 100 kills while we waited for a couple of late guildies to arrive for a run. A constant stream of PvP action. Now only if it would drop tokens.

Peace in the valley {WoW}

May 24th 2007 11:45AM I've been doing the Netherwing faction quests and it's a truce for the most part on my PvP server. Reminds me of the first week or so after TBC was released. Considering you're probably going to see the same faces around the same time doing the same daily quests, I guess we all figure we should just get along and do our quests rather than start wars in the mines below Netherwing Ledge.

Yeah, there's competition, mostly for the herb and mining quests. Those nodes can get pretty scarce, but they do repop enough that it's still pretty easy to collect what you need for the day. Or even can loot a resource even if you finished a quest and "save up" for the next day's turn in.

There's more than enough mobs for the crystals and other kill quests and they're on very, very short dynamic respawns, so there's not too much competition over that either. I shared a floating island with an ally warlock for the "Not so friendly skies" where you shoot orcs out of the sky and we both just took one side of the island, didn't take each others fly-bys, and lived in peace. I think it helps that only 300 riding skill players can even do these quests, so that helps to allieve any over-congestion-leading-to-ganking issues. So far, so good.

In Skettis the Arakkoa are being picked bone dry. It took a decent amount of time to find mobs as the place was swarming with players. I only did it for the first time last night, but was not ganked. It helps everyone can just mount up and fly away from a potential encounter. When I saw 2-3 ally within a short distance of me, I usually would just fly off to another part of the lake and get the kills I needed.

Breakfast Topic: Favorite 2.1 change {WoW}

May 24th 2007 11:26AM Hunter Mend Pet HoT = huge

While the actual grind of the Netherwing faction quests is kinda boring, it's actually nice to have the daily quests. Get your grind done for the day and move on to other content. It makes it both casual friendly and reduces congestion on Netherwing Ledge. If people keep up on it everyday, you should be seeing Nether Drakes in the sky a couple of weeks from now. I can't wait to try the racing quests!

Skettis bombing runs - these are fun. Of course, it's a lot easier on an epic flier, but those birds can still catch you!

WoW Moviewatch: COT Mount Hyjal {WoW}

May 21st 2007 1:59PM @3, no, you have to collect vials from the final bosses in both Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep 25 man raids to even zone in. To get in SSC, you have to kill Gruul and Nightbane in Karazhan. For TK you have to complete 5 different dungeons in heroic mode and then kill Mags. So, yeah, Hyjal will just be a distant dream for most in the game.