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World Wide WoW: The New York Times, gold farming, and righteous anger {WoW}

Jun 21st 2007 4:08PM (Just to be clear - I was NOT saying I disagree with hatred directed at people in a certain country - that kind of racism has no place in game or out - I was just disagreeing with the "poor people" portion of that comment.)

World Wide WoW: The New York Times, gold farming, and righteous anger {WoW}

Jun 21st 2007 4:03PM " So many of us are enraged about the impact of gold farming on the game we love so much, but the fact is, we need to do something real about it, not just foster a pet hatred for poor people thousands of miles away."

Um, thing is that according to the article some of these people certainly have the skills to do something else:

"On most days Li’s replacement is 22-year-old Wang Huachen, who has been at this gold farm for a year, ever since he completed his university course in law. Soon, Wang told me, he will take the test for his certificate to practice, but he seems in no particular hurry to."

And the author doesn't even go into the fact that there are some American based gold sellers as well. Of course the author engaged in gold selling himself, and not only made a living but produced a book and now this series of articles. So I think I'm going to continue hating the gold farmers in an equal opportunity, multinational kind of way. Though I think I hate the hunter bots more.

LOL gay! {WoW}

Jun 1st 2007 1:46PM "Evolving language. Slang becoming useful again in place of a previously discarded and outmoded slang."

Part of the problem with this - while I agree, yes, language evolves - is that what it means within your area of the country or peer group is not what it means everywhere or what it historically means. For everyone that uses it as a replacement for lame there are others using it to mean something different. I'm glad for everyone that hasn't experienced blatent homophobia or racism - I've lived in the deep south and heard both, along with ugly violence and death threats, though thankfully not to me personally. But if you can't get the concept that people are playing the game in a vast scope of our country as well as others - and that this word has a plethora of meanings - well, that's part of this issue. And if you also can't get that when I hear people throwing around "gay" like that I think that these are possibly some of the same group that thuggishly wanted to go beat up some folk on a drunken Friday just because of their assumptions of someone's sexuality (that was frankly none of their business) - well, I'm glad you haven't been exposed to that. But that's just what the casual use of that word reminds me of. And none of the gay people I know use that word in slang. But we're an older set. I don't hear anyone using "retard" or "retarded" either - I thought that went out in the 70s/early 80s.

I'm not hardcore about removing the use of this word from the community or policing people that use it or sending angry /w to strangers. However I think people have a complete right to point out that they don't like the use its getting. Or avoiding people that use it. (Sign for me to leave a pug unless we're so far into the instance that it would be rude to do that to the rest of the group.) And for everyone who has a "I know gay people who don't mind" - I know gay people who do, but assume they have to put up with it. Frankly I still don't get why people want to be using a word that will make others assume very negative things about their intelligence and possible hatreds, but that's just me.

LOL gay! {WoW}

May 29th 2007 6:18PM The only good thing for our guild, which is for over 21 mature players, is that when anyone starts dropping the word "gay" around in the ways mentioned here we know not to let them in the guild, and if they're saying that they're over 21 it's actually telling us way too much about their mental state. It doesn't matter if you think the word isn't offensive - if you use it you obviously don't care about offending anyone. Saying that "well our demographic has decided that this word shouldn't offend you so we're going to shove it in your face by using it every 5 minutes" - well, bravo for your wonderful rebellious ways. Maybe using slang helps you fit into your peer group now and makes you feel you're rebelling against your parents - but you're probably going to look back on this word in 5 years and laugh that you'd even thought it was a big crusade to use it in conversation. Once you get older and have been around more people than your little group you may actually want people not to pre-judge you by your word choice. If not, feel free to use the word fuck frequently in future job interviews. I'm sure that will work out well too.

In other words - you are certainly free to use the word. And I am free to think less of you. Not that I'm going to spam you with hate - that's another dead give-away of extreme youth, and a tip off that here is someone I really don't want to be around in real life or game. Most people prefer not to use words that can offend others - it's not called PC or being a liberal - it's called politeness or simple kindness to others. Frankly I think those that choose to use this word are trying to get people worked up - it's another way to get noticed. Just like attacking people in comments by calling them names. Not something that's going to get you respect.

Fed up with ingame gold whispers {WoW}

Apr 12th 2007 1:35PM Yes, the spam bothers me. 90% of the time not so much, but when you're trying to follow a warning in general about something in the area (where a named is, etc.) and give info to party or guild - and then you get multiple spams that bump the chat - a major pain. Yes, I could fix chat windows, etc. etc. - but the thing is these are an imposition. It would bother me less if it were in general - but I don't get huge amounts of tells on all my characters. And frankly I spend a good chunk of my day dealing with email spam, culling through it all to get to the real work. So why should I want to deal with this in a game I play to relax and escape a bit? I get the fact that this doesn't bother many of you - great. It's just that more and more these things are coming in by the hour, and on every character. And I don't have incredibly high characters either.

While I really like the idea of the addon it seems that I would have to spend much time monitoring that to make sure it was working correctly. And I've worked in customer relations for a large web company before so I hate the idea of creating more work for the GMs. So I'm going to keep my ire focused on the hunter bots and keep politely whispering other hunters, letting them know that if they'd name their pets and try a little harder not to run into trees than I wouldn't think they were bots.

Oh and is it the kind of thing that would make me play less? After bumping into two hunter bots in an area and then getting spam tells? Yeah. It makes the game less fun for me, and there are other games than Wow on my computer.

Know Your Lore: Sylvanas Windrunner {WoW}

Mar 7th 2007 4:48PM You may have already mentioned this in the past - but with the BC expansion there's the Lament of the Highborne, which Sylvanas sings.

Unfortunately when I turned the quest in I didn't have the audio on, and rushed off without hearing the song. Ah well.