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Avoiding Familiarity with Pirates {WoW}

Mar 6th 2006 6:09PM Well, you could go back and kill the Wastewander pirates in Tanaris for faction to eventually grind your way back to non-KOS with the Goblins. But it's a long grind there and back. All that for a red pirate hat and a Blood Parrot.

Breakfast Topic: Dirty tactics {WoW}

Mar 6th 2006 10:50AM Well the ganking is easier to understand when you realize that the ganker is follwing the adage, "If it's red it's dead."

I realized this when I was leading some guildmates into an instance and they insisted that we jump all Horde we came across.

But the tactic that annoys the most out of me is when I break down and look up a walkthrough online, or ask how someone completed a quest only to hear "I'm a rogue, stealh in, loot and leave..."

Realm Stability, Test Realm, and a chance in the Burning Crusade Beta {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2006 4:37PM Ok so two of the contests are a race to level 50 and a to see how many characters you can get to level 25.

Sounds like a contest for the guys who live in their parents basements and don't have anything else to do.

So much for me being able to earn a seat in the beta. Curse my casual player status and offline responsibilites.

Levelling Locations: 11-20 {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2006 12:20PM I think these guides are a great introduction, though I agree that maybe you should take another post to back them up with more details. The bigger quest chains and the better rewards are ideal.

Though I would stop before you end up with a walkthrough. I don't want to know HOW to do it, I just want to know where it starts and what I'd get out of it. Let me find that middle area on my own.

And for all the murlock haters, roll a Mage and try AOE farming them. Or at least learn to pull carefully and keep them from running in fear.

Breakfast Topic: Guilded or unguilded? {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2006 12:09PM I was a strictly solo player for a long time. Then I decided to throw the NE Druid that was begging for people to help sign her charter. I agreed if only to shut her up.

I made several friends with that Guild and when it self destructed I was saddened by it. One member left to join an end game guild. One was haunted by previous guildmates and some drama. Another was really into PVP and left to join a PVP guild. Sometimes guilds just die because the members want different things and can't help each other reach such varied goals.

Then some real life friends and I moved to Twisting Nether. I saw a Priest and Druid looking for some help in Feralas with the Sprite Darter Quests. As we finished the quests I explained how my current guild had ended. They expressed sympathy and invited me to thier guild. We were united by a common goal, leveling and end game content. Kaguya Clan was a great guild and I got all my IRL friends to join. Then some drama occured. The majority of us merged into Clan of the Dragon. Now a part of a large guild that is building toward end game content I have enjoyed my first character to reach 60. I must admit that you can solo it all the way to 60, even on a PVP enabled server. But to run in any raid you'll want a guild simply because it'll be far easier to gather help.

The bane of guilds from my experience is the differeing opinions, goals and differing schedules of the people in the guild. Truly, Hell is other people.

However the benefits of a guild are the shared goals, community and support system offered by the other people in the guild.

Think of selecting a guild much like dating. You have to go out with them a few times to see if they are a good amtch for you and your life/game style. If they are good and you left a good impression on them, ask them about joining.

Random Rant: Game Cards {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2006 2:51PM The prepaid 6 months is one of the subscription options available on the website. It's $12.99 a month (one charge of $77.94 each 6 months)

So I must now eat my words. It's not as good a deal as I thought I was getting. I'm saving a whopping $12 every 6 months.

I remember buying a 6 month card when I originally bought the game and it was $65 at the time. A far better deal though I can't find anything but the 3 months cards now and they don't offer any savings.

Random Rant: Game Cards {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2006 10:29AM I don't get upset with Blizzard's Customer Service. I figure they never expected to be 6 million cutomers successfull. So they are scrambling to keep up as best they can. This means band-aid fixes until they can spare the time and train the manpower to address the situation in more depth.

It's not like you can hire an IT guy off the street and expect them to know everytihng about the highly customized and unique system Blizzard has created.

To address the question of the post, Using game cards, my answer is that I prepay 6 months in advance. This equates to an almost 50% off rate. If I am going to be addicted, I don't want to be broke enjoying it.

Breakfast Topic: Skimpy armour {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2006 10:24AM As a warlock who went into Alterac Valley in a pink dress, I can say that the looks for me don't matter at all.

However I doubt I'd ever play a druid as I don't want antlers. I'd much prefer the horns of the PVP head gear.

Troubles on Shadow Moon {WoW}

Mar 1st 2006 2:23PM As a resident of Twisting Nether and formerly Silver Hand, I can say the problems are getting worse.

I have had several groups wipe because the tank lagged and wasn't able to taunt before the priest healed him.

It happens at all times. I have been riding through Winterspring a relatively out of the way and low population zone and freeze.

There is a forum thread about Twisting Nether on the Tech Support Forums that appears to one of the largest threads there. I hear there is a "monitoring application" we can download from Blizzard to see what is causing the problem. But I can't wade through the forum long enough to find a link to it.

Girls That Play Games {WoW}

Feb 24th 2006 10:36AM Of the 6 women in my guild that get to run around with reguarly only one enjoys the attention they get from the random passersby. Though another is dating a guildmate now, they live somewhat near each other. The rest are either married and ignore our adolescent jokes or just muted us on Vent long ago.

We have a few "mangina's" as well. Mostly using the "If I gotta stare at a butt for hours on end it might as well be cute." defense.

I took a turn on an alt as a female night elf warrior. It was an RP-PVP server and I got hit up for cyber within my first 4 hours on the character. I revelaed the bitter truth of my manhood to him gently. (Names changed to protect my alt and his identity)

[Sumdood] Whispers: Hey baby, lets get naked.
Sumdood removes his pants.
[Mymangina] Whispers: Ok
Mymangina removes his pants revealing his manhood.
[Sumdood] Whispers: WTF?!?! FAG!
[Mymangina] Whispers: No, I told you I was a guy, you ignored that and kept flirting. Had to break you out of your trance.
Sumdood is ignoring you.