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Recent Comments:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive loses cross-play {Joystiq}

Mar 5th 2012 3:03PM @slickie
There is a reason for that. It's to help decide which controller is the "Player 1" controller and whether that controller is a keyboard and mouse or a gamepad.

Valve gifts Notch his own head, on other people's heads {Joystiq}

Nov 26th 2011 9:46PM Holy cow I bet this hat is worth like 15 buds.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations 'Ancestors' DLC coming December 13 {Joystiq}

Nov 15th 2011 3:02PM @Rocket Raccoon
Oh boy, multiplayer skins for only $4! I am so excite! I'm gonna buy 3 copies!

Skyrim is getting a day one patch, more DLC than you can shake a giant sword at {Joystiq}

Nov 8th 2011 1:32PM Guess I'll wait a year before buying it then. Better to just get the Game of the Year edition.

Zynga reports record quarterly revenue, profits still down year-over-year {Joystiq}

Nov 6th 2011 4:53PM @ouenwoof What? No. They're bringing in more revenue so that means they're increasing in popularity.

Gaikai delivering FIFA 12 demo through YouTube (Or: The future cometh!) {Joystiq}

Oct 22nd 2011 4:49AM @Gooblechev
I like the Cosmic Panda interface way more.

Rocksmith review: Drop-D minus {Joystiq}

Oct 18th 2011 5:41PM @Charza INR?

Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy Origins rated for PSN {Joystiq}

Sep 23rd 2011 1:05AM I'd buy a Vita for a Chrono Cross remake.

Metareview: Gears of War 3 {Joystiq}

Sep 15th 2011 10:58PM @CaramelZappa
Eh, I think I'll skip it for now. Battlefield 3 and CS:GO will be enough for me for a long while. I'll wait until it's $10 or something.

Fan-made trailer pays tribute to Skyrim using Team Fortress 2 {Joystiq}

Sep 15th 2011 10:23PM Skyrim would be really good if it had guns.