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Ask WoW Insider: Best way to get instance invites? {WoW}

Mar 9th 2007 6:28PM There are some simple ways to make sure that once you get an invite to a group you keep it.
1) Be Friendly & Outgoing. The first thing I do is give a quick “Hello guys” and maybe a “How’s everyone doing?” Sure it makes me seem overly friendly, but I’d rather come off like that now then come off as being too cool for school.
2) If it’s your first time, don’t feel you have to volunteer that information. I tend to wait till someone asks if it’s my first time. I don’t lie to a group, but I also don’t volunteer a whole bunch of information. I also don’t come out saying “Hey I always hit demo shout thunderclap when I open.” I always say it’s ok to not give up all your information at once. Now if someone does ask, that takes you to #3.
3) Be honest, always. If someone asks you if your priest is holy specc’d and your shadow be honest. “No, I’m shadow but I don’t have a problem healing.” Is an honest response. I get “Are you a prot warrior?” I say “No, I’m only 35 points into Protection not full Prot specc.” Honesty is the best policy. I don’t jump into a group and say that off the bat, but I always answer any question with an honest answer.
4) Don’t be a hassle. Don’t join the group and immediately say “I want [uber staff]. It’s the only thing I want from here so no one roll on it.” If you want to be in the group for long don’t come in with lots of pre-set rules and conditions. Now if the group really needs you, say it’s 1 am and you’re the only priest online then you can get away with this stuff (although I still find it rude). I would recommend avoid being a hassle to the group.
5) Be prepared to go. Repair your armor, have your items with you, etc. This ties into the Don’t be hassle. If you aren’t prepared to go and have to hearth back and force the group to wait or worse get into the instance and say after the first pull “My gear is red guys” you are not going to get invited back.
6) The final thing you can do you have to do the whole time your leveling and coming up. That’s protect your reputation. Be nice and polite while out in the world. Don’t ninja nodes, don’t run up and take other’s chests, and generally help those you see in trouble. I’ve never had trouble finding a group when people are online to play because I make sure that when I’m just running around I’m helpful and friendly. By protecting my reputation out in the game world even when I’m just putting around, more often than not people remember me from that time I saved them from X marauding mob. Or the time they were clearing to a chest and I came up but let them take it. The only thing you keep with you from level 1 to level 70 is your reputation, so be careful with it. It’s got a limited durability and it can’t be repaired very easily once it’s been damaged.