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Spiritual Guidance: Your dual spec questions answered {WoW}

Feb 16th 2009 11:56AM You know, people always complain about tank shortages. I don't see it as much of an issue as we have too many. The thing is, we need fewer and fewer tanks as we raid more and more. Lets examine.

How many tanks does a 5 man need? Obviously 1 per 5 people.

How many tanks does a 10 man need? 2, 1 MT and 1 ot - still the right ratio, ok.

How many tanks does a 25 man need? 2, maybe 3.

See the problem? My guild has TOO MANY tanks, so we lose 25 man spots to tanking. Healers don't have this issue, so we are always looking for a few good ones. Heck, I made an entire other toon so I can raid DPS/Heals when my main (Tankadin) isn't needed. With the addition of DK tanks (who still can DPS ok with DPS gear in tank spec) and enough feral druids to go around, my poor prot pally (and our warrior tanks) have issues, because we can't do anything else. So on a given night, we just aren't needed.

I agree that this might help insomuch as we have a chance to spec something else (and maybe be useful like feral druids / DK's are during a raid) but I think this is a band-aid to a fundamental design problem.

Countdown to Wrath Giveaway: Day 3 - BlizzCon Polar Bear Mount {WoW}

Nov 10th 2008 10:49AM Still want it. NED MOARRR!

WoW Moviewatch: Fruit of Elune {WoW}

Oct 17th 2008 12:40PM Lighten up, Francis. I thought it was funny.

Not at BlizzCon? Enter to win a Tabard of Flame anyway {WoW}

Oct 9th 2008 12:02PM Rolling need here, cause its too awesome...

Caption This! {WoW}

Sep 23rd 2008 10:29AM Alright you Primitive Screwheads, listen up! You see this? This... is my boomstick! The twelve-gauge double-barreled Remington. S-Mart's top of the line. You can find this in the sporting goods department. That's right, this sweet baby was made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Retails for about a hundred and nine, ninety five. It's got a walnut stock, cobalt blue steel, and a hair trigger. That's right. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart. You got that?

Caption This! {WoW}

Sep 23rd 2008 10:20AM RISE from your graves.....

Tank Talk: All about aggro {WoW}

Aug 21st 2008 10:15PM I agree. Maybe explain the little comment about pallies not liking CC (not exactly true, but I will accept you little nod at consecrate). Maybe explain base threat, threat generation, or maybe even go over the main 3 tank classes differences in threat generation, main moves, white damage versus yellow, Swipe, Cleave, initial aggro, threat per second, initial threat generation, SOMETHING. My wife, the warlock, knows more about threat than this.

Wrath Beta patch notes: Paladin part II {WoW}

Jul 18th 2008 2:25PM I'm still worried about how bloated the Prot tree is. It was never slim, but now we are almost obligated to take certain talents. There is little chance to get some of the more attractive ret / holy talents.

Forum post of the day: Purchasing raid epics (poll) {WoW}

May 7th 2008 3:06PM Here is my thinking. If your guild isn't running the instance, then you aren't saved with a guild run. If it isn't a guild run, and you still make your required runs, what does it matter what you do with your free time? If the other guild is OK with it, and you are fitting it in, then what business is it of the GL? Would be be pissed if you bought crafted epics also? Is that not allowed?