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Insider Trader: Building the better bank alt {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2010 7:47PM I would add that in TB, the trade vendor and reagents vendor are also very close to the bank, in case you need to mail some supplies to your main or a crafting alt.

Totem Talk: Misinformation {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2008 6:58PM I soloed from 58 to 70 as Resto. Yes, you kill a little slower than Elemental or Enhancement, but it's not bad if you know what you are doing, and also take a few talents in the Elemental tree.

A couple of good guides:

Flametonge is the weapon buff of choice for Elemental or Resto Shaman, and it does considerably more damage on a fast weapon than a slow weapon if you have any decent amount of spell damage. I quote from WoWwiki: "Flametongue does ( 28 * weaponspeed + spellpower / 10 ) fire damage per hit at level 60 and ( 35 * weaponspeed + spellpower / 10 ) fire damage per hit at level 70. It can crit, assumable with the same crit chance as your spells." Note that the modifier for your spell power (which Elemental and Resto Shammies should have significant amounts of) is added AFTER the calculation for weapon speed. That's right, the bonus from your spell power is the same no matter how fast or slow your weapon is. A faster weapon means more hits, which means more damage over time.

BigRedKitty: Bad hunters are born, not made {WoW}

May 9th 2007 5:21PM You folks griping about Dahm's use of "we" apparently don't get it. It's not the "royal we," it's the hunter and his pet, always a team together.

Breakfast Topic: How did you pick your class? {WoW}

Apr 30th 2007 11:04AM When I started playing WoW, I read the manual, browsed some websites, and decided on a pet class, either Warlock or Hunter. I tried a NE hunter and an undead warlock, but wasn't entirely happy with either, though now I realize it was primarily because of their starting areas, not the classes themselves. Did a little more reading and started a human mage, which was fine, though I didn't quite understand that mages are supposed to avoid melee.

Then a friend of mine started playing and rolled a dwarf paladin, so I rolled a dwarf hunter. I became fascinated with trying out different pets, and discovered that a lot of the interesting low-level rare pets were in Horde zones -- Mazzranache, The Rake, Dishu, Death Flayer, Kresh, Ressan the Needler, etc. -- so I rolled a Tauren hunter to try them out.

Since then, I have leveled above level 20 at least one character of each class except Warrior and Paladin (never got passed level 10 on either of those). My dwarf and tauren hunters are still my mains (can you have two mains?) and the only other class that I have enjoyed nearly as much is my Shaman.

Collect the whole set! {WoW}

Apr 20th 2007 2:06PM I had a white tauren druid that collected the entire Fang set from the Wailing Caverns. With the Crescent Staff, some purple shoulders, and a gold cape, he actually looked pretty good.

My herbalism trainer is so disappointed {WoW}

Apr 4th 2007 3:22PM Hunters have an excuse for missing out on collecting professions - they will rarely give up mob tracking to track herbs or ore. But other classes shouldn't have a problem. My 61 resto shammy has been herb/alch since the beginning. I just made sure to keep herb tracking up and pick everything I saw. He was 315 herbalism by level 50 because some herbs in the Swamp of Sorrows and Hinterlands still give skill ups that high. Alchemy was much more frustrating because I would often learn cool new recipes using herbs that could only be found in the next higher level zones. Herb skill wasn't the problem, it was fending off the mobs while picking flowers.

Once you are high level, however, raising herbalism or mining is a breeze as you can run through most zones with no problems. Just find a list of herbs or ore with the minimum level you can pick or mine them and keep moving to higher level herbs as soon as you have the skill. You can easily pick/mine only orange herbs/ores and get a skill up every time. With mining, you also have smelting skill ups to help you along.

The sad state of engineering {WoW}

Mar 14th 2007 4:10PM I have engineering on two characters. One is basically idling, but with the other it's an important part of his RP personality, so I don't plan to abandon it. In my experience, engineering can be somewhat useful for the gadgets. Jumper cables, parachute cloak and deepdive helmet can make the difference between life and death in some circumstances. Others items are just plain fun, like the discombobulator ray. I have never found any of the trinkets, like the net gun for example, to be very useful for PvP because basically you can't count on them. Explosives are at best situationally helpful.

I have always been particularly frustrated by the ammunition you can craft. Basically, crafted ammunition gives you a slight edge for a few levels, but because of the way the levels differ between crafted and purchased ammo, crafted isn't always better. For example, you can buy vendor solid shot at level 25, but you can't use the crafted version until level 30, and crafted heavy shot is worse than vendor solid shot. In order to make it worthwhile, crafted ammo needs to always be better, significantly better, than vendor ammo, with material costs comensurate with the quality difference.

Overall, I would have to say that engineering can be fun, but it really doesn't give you much of an edge. In my experience, the only crafting profession that is truly and consistently useful while leveling up is alchemy.

More dev feedback for Hunters {WoW}

Mar 13th 2007 1:57PM I agree that with the new Feign Death mechanics, it would really help to know who resisted. Other than that, I find it hard to believe that any of these complaints are real problems. My 62 BM hunter's DPS is almost embarassingly high, and my pets are tough as nails. I've even seen groups spamming the channels with something like "LF1M for HFC, need tank or BM hunter."

And the most unbelievable whine in all of this: ammo. It's very rare that 3200 rounds is not enough, and if you know you are going into a long instance and think you might run out, take a few extra stacks in your regular bags. Your bags should be mostly empty anyway for gathering loot. Then move the ammo over to the ammo pouch/quiver as you burn through it.