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Want to win a 60d gamecard? Caption This! {WoW}

Oct 29th 2007 10:05AM Summoning a Doomguard may be hazerdous to your health.

Warcraft Archive Giveaway {WoW}

Aug 30th 2007 9:57AM /roll

More Wrath info from Leipzig {WoW}

Aug 25th 2007 12:05AM @6

Except the amount of XP you get per mob in Outlands is DOUBLE what is in Azeroth (for same level mobs.. 58 - 59 - 60.. etc).

And the amount of XP per quest is way up there as well.

Chinese electronics company sues Blizzard over fonts {WoW}

Aug 16th 2007 8:09PM 9mil Subscribers.... x $15/m...

Wait, No. Only the US and EU have the $15 /m rate, Asia is cheaper from what I understand.

So 3mil x $15/m... ~$45,000,000.

The demand would cost Blizzard approx 1.2 weeks of subscription income from the US/EU.

And the problem with this is...?

Tigole: Naxx in Northrend {WoW}

Aug 7th 2007 11:11PM What happens to Tier 3 armor?

Known 2.1 issues (and a few more besides) {WoW}

May 29th 2007 9:58AM I just want them to fix all the graphical / video related bugs.

Like, why can't I select a party member by clicking on them, unless I pan my screen around a few times? Same goes for enemy mobs... I have to use the party portaits and tab-target... totally annoying as a priest.

But...we've got personality! {WoW}

May 6th 2007 3:51PM I took the test three different ways, and each time it gave me undead preist.

Its broken, don't bother.

Level restrictions on the Dark Portal {WoW}

Mar 13th 2007 11:32AM Think of old content as a product cycle lifetime.

You don't sell the same car for 20 years straight... you make new cars and sell those.