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Around Azeroth: Multiplicity {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2009 11:37AM There were no NPC's anywhere else in Northrend and ALL of the thousands of trolls in Dalaran were named Mojodishu .

Widespread server problems tonight [Updated] {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2009 11:40PM There are trolls in Dalaran outside Violet Hold spelling "F U"

The Queue: Procs and more on Patch 3.1 {WoW}

Mar 11th 2009 11:26AM What's the deal with the different colors on the Tier 8 armor sets? What do the different colors represent?

Recruit-a-Friend free levels restored (if all goes well) {WoW}

Oct 21st 2008 11:03PM It was broken for me on Monday and I had 83 earned but not yet used recruit a friend levels.

Today after the maintenance it has been fixed for me.

Enter to win a Spectral Tiger Mount from WoW Insider! {WoW}

Jul 25th 2007 9:29PM OMG!!! Me Me!!!

Is this guide the answer to the leveling problem? {WoW}

Jun 15th 2007 5:03PM One nice thing about the leveling guide is you often discover new quest hub points you didn't know were there when leveling your main.

I agree with the other posters that while using a leveling guide is great for alts it does take away the experience of leveling for the first time. It turns the open game with lots of possibilities into a linear game model.

Ask WoW Insider: How would you design your own battleground? {WoW}

Jun 8th 2007 5:14PM For the battlegrounds I'd like to see them go with something like the arena setup where horde can fight horde and alliance can fight alliance. That would really clear up those queue times fast.

The plague of the reroll locusts {WoW}

Apr 25th 2007 1:36PM @8 I like your idea of have special servers that wipe every so often to satisfy the locusts with free realm transfers to low population servers.