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Children's Week coming in patch 2.1 {WoW}

May 14th 2007 6:32PM @6

I find your post quite inciteful. I agree completely that this is just a game, and everything bad that happens is bound to happen because of the confines of the code and that that code needs to be modified as more bugs are found...but please...go troll in a language that you can properly understand and write as your writing in english not only hurts my eyes but gives me a headache. Disregard this if you learned english from playing WoW, as that much is apparent.

Breakfast Topic: Meeting other WoW folks in real life {WoW}

May 2nd 2007 8:24AM Hrmmm...must find out where this multi-coloured hair female lives...must set something up... ;) lol

I believe WoW has the power to break any ice. I had been working at my job for two months doing IT stuff and kept to myself because every single person that works here has known each other for years. Sometimes it's hard to be the odd man out. But one day someone was talking about WoW and it just began from there. Now we all play alts together on a different server and have started a new guild. Can WoW cause world peace? I think so...

PTR: Screenshots of the 'Tier 5' weapons {WoW}

May 2nd 2007 8:11AM I'm gonna go ahead and say HUNTERS FTW!!! That bow is just crazy looking...sigh @ I'll never have it. At least until we get to level to 100 and I can just go one to five man where it drops.

Breakfast Topic: Failing to succeed {WoW}

Apr 27th 2007 8:49AM @2

I totally agree with your standpoint, but in all honesty, no other class has ever given me that fuzzy feeling inside, that magic feeling of accomplishment. Yes, there is a comfort zone. Yes, you should explore every aspect of a game, especially because it is just a "game" (except for those sponsored teams...jerks :P). In the end we're all human, save for CGFs, and we must do what makes us happy. If you don't, you're doomed to a life that's incomplete.

Breakfast Topic: Failing to succeed {WoW}

Apr 27th 2007 8:33AM I can understand this. I've been in MMORPGs since DAoC and I've always played the scout/hunter class. I don't know what it is, I just can't bring myself to change how I play. I like standing back, going pew pew, before I have to engage in melee. I like sending in my pet to add that extra dps. I've tried all the other classes and while I've had some fun with a priest, none of the other classes appeal to my gaming needs.

Maybe I'm the weirdo in the group, but I feel that your toon is an extension of ones self; and for me, myself, and I, give me a bow and a pet and let me blast you from afar.

Phat Loot Phriday: Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2007 8:23AM @14

Although I'll agree somewhat with your comment I'm gonna go ahead and throw out a "You fail @ life". I'm not one to troll or anything, but seriously, you need to take your bad grammar and spelling somewhere else.

In order to obtain this mount you have to an insane questline, which takes a fully dedicated guild. This isn't some random solo content. It's a reward for the person/guild that completes this and opens the gates of AQ for all on their server. Some part of it may be selfish, but if it wasn't for the dedication of the few (geeky? yep), you never would have been owned by the starter trash in AQ20.

I give a ^5 to all that have recieved this. Not only did you do something that takes far too much time for me to ever put forth (but the quest line would have been nice to experience), you've made it possible for us "normal" people to experience new content.

Breakfast Topic: Why do you keep playing? {WoW}

Apr 20th 2007 8:45AM The giant nerf bat has never really affected me, as you can't really change what a hunter fundamentally does. Send in pet, go pew pew, loot, rinse, repeat. Even if they figured out some way to completely screw the hunter class, I would still play. Content alone is reason enough, but there are many great things about WoW that I can't honestly say hold true to other MMOs. I can see hardcore raiders being affected the most by that soft (not always) foam bat, as they HAVE to play a certain way in order to do what they do. I guess we'll all do what we do; adapt and overcome, and keep on chugging; it's the meaning of life, at least, virtually.

Now hiring -- full-time guild leader! {WoW}

Mar 26th 2007 11:31PM I personally would find it to be a rather difficult job. It is a lot of work and the only rewards you can really get is a nice epic or a world first. Yes there's a feeling of pride and accomplishment when your guild does something great, especially if it's a world or server first; but is it all worth it?

Most of us are getting up in the years; have played these damn games since the 80s (70s for some). But that's back when games were easy. Simple pick up and play games that could be forgotten and didn't really require so much of our free time. The issue I think most guild leaders face is the ignorance of youth, or stupidity depending on your view. I'm sorry but I couldn't fathom dealing with half a guild being under the age of eighteen. There's definitely a reason why top-end guilds don't allow the young. But don't take that as a harp at the young, as the old are just as ignorant and stupid. I play with plenty of teenagers that are quite adept at their jobs within the WoW community and are mature enough to not be completely stupid on vent, but there are always those few.

To coordinate a raid is an even larger pain. All over the forums and here we've discussed the A and B team requirements that all guilds face due to the small raiding model. So you need the same reliable twenty-five people to be there, on time, on every raid till it gets done. Sure, you can have a no show or two the next night, but for the most part you NEED those same people because those are the people you've already hashed out the strategies with, who you know will get the job done. To have your top DPSers and your top healers not show up on a crucial day is an absolute hair pull.

All of that plus having a real life (is that possible as a guild leader?)...

Better you than I. I'll just take orders.

Tier 6 names and bonuses {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2007 11:05PM @ 28 OneTwo

^5 to that bro...seriously. The whole draw of WoW was the fact that it "was" a casual, pick up and play game. It's that no longer. I work 80+ hours a week between three jobs and I rarely get to play at all. I play when I can, but this game will never again cater to the general public, to the fans that love the game but will never be able to play it at a normal level.

End game guilds...I really wish I had the time to dedicate as much time as they do to this great game. I commend their leetness and what they've accomplished, but everytime the shout "Content Content Content" a little piece of me dies, cause I know I won't see it for a very longggggg time.

Tier 6 names and bonuses {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2007 12:04AM Sometimes I think they're releasing too much too fast...not so much the content, but rather Tier Sets. I mean seriously, how long in between tier 1, 2, and 3? I know I've read it on this site somewhere. Come May we'll be up to Tier 12 and most of us won't even have seen tier 4.

And three Tier sets w/ only 5 pieces? Are the Devs running out of ideas of what to put for bonuses at 5, 6,or 8 pieces complete? I know I'll never see all this stuff, but come on...PUGs became standard for MC and Ony so I finally got a glimpse of the glory at having my tier 2 helmet and scattered tier 1 pieces. Maybe two expansions from now I'll be able to see all this content, and put on tier 4,5, and 6 pieces, but by then Outland will become a graveyard of memories and good times, never to be touched again, just like much of Azeroth is now. IMO