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"How I made 100,000 gold" {WoW}

Jun 12th 2008 3:37AM Very good tips for anyone wanting to earn gold by arbitrage on the AH. I have been a dedicated AH trader for one and a half years and is currently approaching the gold cap. There are two extremely powerful ways to boost the gold/hour rate based on the advice in this guide:

To increase the gold earning potential:
Inter-faction arbitrage (requires two accounts on PvP servers). Firstly, the alliance and horde economies are not symmetrical. They differ in population, degree of farming specialisation and typical farming areas, maturity in PvE progression, etc. This means there is a natural reason for prices on items to differ. Secondly, every economy has natural fluctuations in prices. These can be exploited in a way where you buy at the low peak on one faction and sell at the high peak on the other faction. It requires item transfers via the neutral AH, mindful exploitation of the price differences and maintaining your trading balance (you do not want to transfer gold via the neutral AH due to the 15% fee). This method will present you with more numerous and worthwile arbitrage opportunities over time.

To minimise your time investment:
External software to visualise prices and arbitrage opportunities. Auctioneer is widely used but it lacks severely since it does not give you the timeline for prices. I have tried WoWEcon but it lacks in server-specific detail and I have had trouble working it into an efficient working process. What Auctioneer will do for you however is produce a .lua file with a complete snapshot of the AH including bids, buyouts, supplies and sellers. By importing this on at least a daily basis into Excel (it takes some VB work to write the parser and analytical processing) you get a tool that in ten minutes will present you with both the current AH data and the full price history. Combine this with your favourite item list (for instance the items mentioned in the guide) and do it for both factions two times per day and you have an extremely capable gold making machine. It allows you to exploit both short-term arbitrage within and between the factions as well as mid and long term arbitrage of items since you will know exactly when an item is priced below or above the price norm. Since the .lua files also contains the selling characters you can also collect statistics on who are the typical farmers or trading opposition of particular items. Information is king in every economy and it is the best way I have found to earn a lot of gold in this game without spending hours and hours and hours on it.

The Light and How to Swing it: The BlizzCon 2007 edition {WoW}

Aug 8th 2007 7:01AM Resilience will be added to paladin arena season 3 gear? I do not get this and I see it everywhere... I have arena season 2 gear and there IS indeed resilience on it.

Auction House manipulation: how far is too far? {WoW}

Jul 19th 2007 4:48AM Just saw a screenshot of Zygar's AH items. I doubt it is a good strategy to apply this scheme on gear items; they have way too high vendor-to-market value ratio, they sell slowly and are available in abundance for players to get themselves. He is risking his profits being eaten up by AH fees.

Auction House manipulation: how far is too far? {WoW}

Jul 19th 2007 4:39AM So many players want Blizzard to play the watcher and guardian. Do you really believe they have the resources to monitor trading on every server? They can not even keep the gold sellers and spammers out.

I have probably spent five times the amount of time as I have instanced/raided on mapping out price trends, grinding the AH for arbitrage opportunities and schemes to control supply and manipulate prices. I was even one of the most active cross-faction traders pre-TBC on my server. At one point I actually reached a 5-digit net worth before TBC, back then that counted for something.

WoW economics works as in the real world with one exception - you do not have the same information problem as in the real economy. You can actually keep tabs on items, price variations, who the major traders are, etc. and use it to your advantage.

The Zygar player - only mistake he seems to have made is listing all the auctioned items under the same name. Use different alts to keep the steam away and to control the price picture. There are still noobs out there who don't know the appropriate prices and think they're getting a bargain.

Flaggen - if he is truly undercutting himself he will soon be out of business. If he has found a way to make a profit he will stay in business. Every high profit AH grinder knows it's all about high volume. Never be greedy with pricing, make sure what you list actually sells.

/ meth

Socketed items still not impressing players {WoW}

Mar 14th 2007 5:54AM After leveling jewelcrafting to 375 the first week of TBC I have had mixed feelings about the profession. I don't have a problem with the blue quality / meta gem designs being rare drops, if you spend the time and/or gold to grind out the designs you should have something not easily available to everyone. Complaining about designs being hard to get makes no sense to me, actually, I think designs are in abundance and we lack high-end designs if anything. Compare with enchanting where leveling and obtaining recipes has always been hard work. There are lots of people on my server with every jewelcrafting design in the game (especially since many just require faction grinding which is super easy in TBC) while enchanters still are missing the best recipes.

The major shortcoming of jewelcrafting imo is the complete lack of really good and epic designs:
1) Firstly, it makes COMPLETELY NO SENSE to me that epic gems are obtained via rewards or heroics rather than having a jewelcrafter cut them! People should get an epic raw stone in heroics (like an epic version of skyfire diamond) and then find a jewelcrafter that actually has the design. That would give us jewelcrafters something unique and worthwhile to offer.
2) Secondly, the stat boost should be higher for the best gems. Sure a few of the blue quality +12sta or +18healing makes a difference but the epic gems are seriously underpowered. The meta gems have interesting abilities but are too underpowered too for their price.
3) The second part of the profession - crafting necks, rings and trinkets - is laughable so far and most are not worth the price to craft. The only really worthwhile I have made so far are two BoP trinkets (Living Ruby Serpent and Talasite Owl for healing and mana regen). And again, Blizzard, did you forget to implement the epic designs? Why should armorsmiths, letherworkers, etc. be allowed to make epic gear but not jewelcrafters?

Please, Blizzard, implement the epic gem/neck/trinket/ring designs I know you must have on a shelf somewhere in next patch. That will add some challenge and enthusiasm to the jewelcrafting profession.