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Hunters no longer have FD Drink in 2.3: Bug fix or nerf? {WoW}

Nov 15th 2007 3:05PM For all those out there calling this a "bug fix":

Bug fix is something implemented because something isn't working as intended. Calling a feature that has been in the game for years a "bug" isn't justified. The change in FD/combat mechanics is a change, not a fix. And, as most of you can agree, as it is a negative change it is, by defenition, a nerf.

FD+drink isn't really the question as most hunters haven't used this method bar a few select encounters since pre-TBC days. It is more about FD+pet feeding and fd+gear change. Unhappy pet drops escpecially BM hunter dps and with the added, on top of very high ammo costs (does any other class pay almost a silver for every 500 damage they do?), costs of repairing hunters will be the most costly class to raid with.

5000g is just too much for an epic flying mount {WoW}

Mar 15th 2007 3:46AM 5000 g seems to me take about the same time to get than the old 900g you needed for an epic mount. Personally I didn't have any problems getting it even with minimal farming (and I mean minimal, I farmer for about 4 hours). Getting gold in Outlands, let it be through questing or farming, is fast and easy. Personally, as a part of a raiding guild, I think that my swift mount helps me gather the herbs I want for the raids faster and thus it drops my total farming time leaving time for the really important things.