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BigRedKitty: Snakes Are People Too {WoW}

Jul 19th 2007 6:49PM Snakes are also useful for absorbing fear (or fear bombs) from certain mobs, as the snakes can be chosen as a fear target. And if the mob (like the Fel Overseers in SLab) has a fear which affects X targets, the snakes can turn out to be some or all of those targets, simplifying things for your tank & melee DPS, not to mention the healers and ranged DPS who usually end up with aggro if everyone melee gets feared.

Breakfast Topic: Hunters are for the win {WoW}

Jul 8th 2007 8:35AM When I first started, I thought rogues would be the most fun class from what I'd heard of the game from the people who got me into it. I got him to the Barrens before everyone else in our little guild impressed upon me how much they loved playing their hunters, so I rolled an "alt" hunter.
To be honest, for me a lot of it is the fun of the pet and smiting from a safe 30+ yards away, but one of the things I love most about being a hunter is the challenge.
Challenge? Of a hunter? I hear the head scratching. Playing a hunter the best I can and being respected in my guild and rising above the level of "huntard" presents very unique challenges, and I enjoy constantly trying to learn and improve.
I have yet to give Survival a real turn, beyond currently speccing far enough down it for Clever Traps (Moroes-my target dies last) and Deterrence (Arena). I still think Marksman is the place to be, but once we progress to 25-man content, I plan to check out a "serious" Survival build, because I feel understand all three trees is key to understanding any class.

Going really, really hardcore with WoW {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2007 7:14PM I love how most of the responses center on the "one-life" hardcore server idea...

...well, so does mine.

Not that I think it would happen, but Blizzard could keep it from getting too out-of-control with one simple additional rule. You die from 1 to 69... sorry, re-roll. But if you hit 70?

"You are now saved to this instance."

All the fun and excitement for those who want it in trying to survive the trip, but once you make it, you're safe... and free to use that power however you choose (trying to stop others at 69 - "MWAHAHA!", protecting your faction's lowbies, pursuing endgame goals, etc.)

It's a virtual guarantee that both sides would have powerlevelers as soon as the server opened that would race for 70 and both sides would get at least a couple, and that should be all you need early to help insure that population grows.

Downside: once the 70s existed in any sizable population, they'd all be constantly pestered to escort others from 1 to max... blecch!

Caption This! [Updated] {WoW}

Jun 25th 2007 11:04PM "Stand your ground, men. Here comes the milk!"

BigRedKitty: Basic hunter macros {WoW}

Jun 13th 2007 7:32PM For some macros (Misdirection & maybe you use one for trapping/retrapping) you might also want to add a /party, /raid, and/or /say to give group members a heads up as to what you're doing. This will be appreciated by many not used to running with you or not in voice chat or who just like to have some notice when pulls happen. Many people's favorite tanks are those who announce when they're going in... same can go for pulling hunters.

Caption This! [Updated] {WoW}

Jun 12th 2007 12:09AM "That's your plan, Ray? GET HER?!"

Official Black Temple trailer {WoW}

May 15th 2007 6:25PM There's even a shot in the video with Akama standing in front of the cell where he's holding Maiev "for Illidan". If you've done the quest, even without having a big lore background, you'd know.

Pardon me, sir, but may I have this Rugged Hide? {WoW}

May 14th 2007 2:49PM @9 That's pretty bad, even for opposing faction treatment (but then I play on PvE, so forgive my carebear-ness). I was killing mobs on my skinner/LW for the express purpose of skinning for Thick Clefthoof Leather, and I saw a night elf doing the same... then after I killed a couple, he stood there, obviously waiting for me to loot so he could try to jump in on the skinning on me... I waited him out, but I was angry at the audacity.

Forum post of the day: Rez me, unworthy peons! {WoW}

May 7th 2007 1:31PM He's lazy, and sadly not alone. Even worse, the lazy ones I've experienced weren't DPS, but the other half of the 5man party core... the tank.

I don't pug a lot, but sometimes when we have a mostly guild group and the last couple pugged, we've had some tanks who refuse to run back, laying there while the entire rest of the party runs and tells them repeatedly in party chat to do the same. Our healers hate it.

They've said they wouldn't mind if it were a guildie, especially if there was some reason given to go AFK after the wipe, but having some random guy slow things down (yes, having to rez, heal & drink means we start pulling again LATER!) really bites.

Clearly Brainwashed (and other players like him) just don't get it. These are other people you're playing with, and if you want them to have any respect for (or likelihood to group with) you again, give them some cooperation.

Starting from scratch with the same class {WoW}

Apr 11th 2007 4:29PM The people who won't group with BM hunters are usually the same who will tell any and all hunters to dismiss pets for the instance (which a BM hunter would then be heavily gimped so why would you want him?).
Some people just can't get over their fear of pet classes (possibly bad experiences in the past or just too close-minded to realize that good players can and do learn to control & turn the pet into a real asset) and will probably insist that a warlock uses only the imp (for buff) or succubus (for CC) because they don't want their pets in there either.
My guildies have me off-tank mobs with my pet in 5mans, and they loved it when I was leveling 60-70 in BM, because the pet was even better at it.
I'm back to MM (my true preference) now at 70, but my pet is always welcome.

::more on-topic:: I've always played Horde mostly & my main is my hunter, but I have some Alliance friends on another server, & my highest toon there is... you guessed it, hunter. It's no less fun the second time, the different areas, the length of time since I leveled the first, and the fact that this time I'm leveling from the start as BM (went MM all the way to 60 on my main) keep it fresh and fun for me.