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Duplicate recipes create ingame scam {WoW}

Apr 6th 2007 8:14AM Wow... sorry for the wall of text, I really need to learn to pay attention to how long I'm typing instead of rambling on "making my point".

Duplicate recipes create ingame scam {WoW}

Apr 6th 2007 8:12AM Wow... really, all this debate over whether or not it should be called a scam based on the knowledge level of the buyer and/or seller... I'll get back to that after I hit the point that first jumped in my head when reading the post...
"How is this news?"
This behavior has been around for a very long time, if on a smaller scale for things that (unlike flasks) were not previously only available as rare drops. People buy recipes available from Engineering/Leatherworking/Tailoring/etc. suppliers for the nice little vendor price, then put them up in AH to try to catch people who don't know that it's readily available for cheaper (heck, sometimes in Shattrath - go ahead, try to argue selling convenience... I won't buy it, why pay obscene multiples of anything's price no matter where in Azeroth/Draenor it is?) I'm willing to bet this is (and has been) rampant on every server, if not on the flasks, then surely on the smaller scale.
As for whether it is a scam... quit trying to make excuses for crappy MMO behavior. Everyone who does this knows exactly what they're doing. Whether it's calling confused old people on the phone or putting recipes up in WoW's AH, you are taking something with a certain value (low or zero in some cases) and availability, and offering it in a different way, hoping that the customer is not aware of something that would cause them to pass on the purchase. Just because someone has to be stupid to fall for it, doesn't mean it's not a scam, because that's what scamming is, taking advantage of stupidity for your illegitimate profit. My guess is that some of the responses calling this off as not a scam are from people who put crafting recipes up in the AH for 20, 50, 80 gold, hoping for people to assume they're rare drops (a lot of which are now BoP, way to get the "fix" backwards, Blizzard) and pay for them, when they are available for 5g or less somewhere.
Blizzard needs to wise up and make vendor-sold recipes BoP... sure there's a minor inconvenience for honest people who will pick up something on one toon conveniently at the vendor so they can mail it to their alt, but that's a small price to pay for stopping a ridiculous economy exploit.

I feel pretty, oh so pretty {WoW}

Mar 28th 2007 2:30PM The first time I rolled, I spent some time choosing my appearance carefully, played up to 17 or so, then was inspired by a few members of our tiny (now defunct) guild to try a hunter, since they were all having so much fun on them.
I rolled a Tauren Hunter - expecting it to be a diversion and keep my Troll Rogue as my main, I randomed his appearance completely - and ended up sticking with him (today the hunter is my 70 main & the rogue is still only 18.)
Later, when I rolled my druid, I played (as I do with all toons now) with different looks to get what I wanted and was surprised I hadn't chosen certain things for my hunter, until I remembered he was random.
I regret this, as I wish my hunter had more of my own choices and personality built in, but I think this business of wanting to change looks is silliness, especially since most people who would do it would tend toward drastic changes.
Even if you're not happy with what you have (either because it was random or because you've had second thoughts on things), stick with what you've got & who cares?
...unless you're one of the orcs with the beard that grows through certain helmets xD

Breakfast Topic: Easiest Heroic {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2007 9:40AM We've been to Mana Tombs (figured it would be the quickest way to test a Heroic boss as the first boss is so close to the start)& Black Morass (still not sure why we picked that as I agree with OP on normal = annoying without the group being just right)... Mana Tombs: trash is no problem if you can manage aggro & CC; Pandemonius gave us some trouble, but we kept working it (& had our tank put on a couple cloth pieces with high Shadow Resist) & got him down on try 3 or so; Tavarok (or whatever) was a cakewalk after our struggles on Pand... then it was getting too late to press on, but we were confident we could have managed Shaffar... Black Morass: as mentioned, normal takes a fairly specific group, but Heroic... we took our best group in there (best tank, best healer, best 3 DPS) and simply couldn't keep up... on our 3rd try we dropped the first boss, then promptly wiped after the break on the first elite mob (one of our DPS got too close to him before the tank moved in & got 2-shotted, so we didn't have the power to take him down)... so out of what we've done, Mana Tombs is easier, but I'm really going to press for Slave Pens after what I'm reading here (especially since we need the Vashj key quest there)

Beginning Karazhan {WoW}

Mar 15th 2007 1:53PM @3: Major difference between Kara & UBRS... weekly raid reset :(

The compleat WoW abbreviations {WoW}

Mar 15th 2007 1:00PM I've spotted both FTW & FTL on the list, but no mention from anyone of FTS?
"for the suck" btw... a bit stronger than just FTL
EX: no warrior? heh... pet tank FTS