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The plural of "necropolis" {WoW}

Oct 29th 2008 6:19PM as an overeducated and under employed douche bag, i too, applaud this article!

WoW Insider on WIUX's Canoodle Strudel this evening {WoW}

Aug 24th 2008 11:20PM Hell yeah I went to IU for grad school and I dig WI and Wcradio, worlds are colliding! Wish I could tune in but this hoosier has to work in the morning!

Ezra Chatterton suffers a stroke {WoW}

Aug 21st 2008 8:49PM damn me i always forget to confirm

Ezra Chatterton suffers a stroke {WoW}

Aug 21st 2008 8:25PM Get well soon bro.

I'm glad these comments have not gotten ridiculous yet, some of the shitznit that pops up on our forums regarding Ephoenix are disgusting and make baby jesus cry

Wrath Beta patch notes: Priest {WoW}

Jul 21st 2008 8:57AM I see your point. To be honest, I hope that the "nerf" to VT was to keep spriests mana return on par with the elevated damage rather than to make their presence less necessary due to other classes being able to return some mana back to their party also. We'll see, hopefully soon rather than later!

Agreed also on comments about lowbie/levelling spriests. I would've loved to have imp spirit tap back in the day!

Wrath Beta patch notes: Priest {WoW}

Jul 21st 2008 1:54AM VT is not really nerfed since your damage will be much higher n the expansion. it's more like they balanced it to not give a disproportionate amount of mana back based on the damage done.

Titan Panel's perpetual GM ticket {WoW}

Jul 16th 2008 2:59AM Who still uses Titan Panel? I thought people figured out fubar was better in every single facet a long time ago? you nubs heh

Forum post of the day: Rogues are unhappy {WoW}

Jul 16th 2008 2:51AM I have to agree with Amanda on this one. The previous iteration of cheat death was a little ridiculous. It will make rogues a little less durable in the arena since many teams relied on the OP=ness of cheat death but I'm sure that teams will eventually adjust and the currently broken arena system will become a modicum closer to "balanced"

Spiritual Guidance: A Priestly Primer to Black Temple - Part 2 {WoW}

Jul 14th 2008 2:55AM shadowpriest? easy enough:

Gorefiend - Provided you don't get ghosted and have to kill constructs, this is basically a tank and spank. Healers are usually responsible for the dispells but if you lose those who cleanse/dispel due to Shadow of Death, it's not a bad idea to keep grid or w/e you use up so you can jump in for dispells if needed. Aggro wise I can usually keep up vampiric embrace for the duration of the fight. Aside from the typical stuff like mana management etc, one caveat is that you really have to be careful about using SW:Death in this fight. Mainly if you get the crushing shadows debuff which increases shadow damage taken, you can really hurt yourself, especially if you have frozen shadoweave syndrome (i.e. low health). Also be sure not to SWdeath if you have the incinerate debuff as you will probably die. I've had good luck using haste gear on this fight since it is a tank and spank. Consumable wise, you can usually get away with using 1-2 pot cooldown on destro pots depending on the DPS of your group. On the off chance that I get a heroism for the fight, I use it as way to get a crap ton of mana back and then continue nukes. This can be a somewhat long fight when you are first getting him to farm status, so using your 5 minute cooldowns, such as shadowfiend or symbol of hope if you are a draenei, as soon as you can get full benefits from them means you might be able to use them twice. If aggro is an issue, I'd say get rid of VE rather than nuke less so you can use your mana giving cooldowns earlier in the fight, and hopefully early enough that you can use them twice. In that same vein, it doesn't hurt to have a inner focus/SWPain macro to save some mana, hopefully letting you use destro pots instead of mana pots.

Bloodboil - This is always a pain for shadowpriests due to the tanks having to be ahead on aggro and the current BB tank having to slow down so as not to shoot past the other two rage/mana starved tanks. I keep dots up (def. no VE)during phase 1 and mind flay juuuust a little to make sure I am not wasting what little room for aggro I have. The fel enrage grants insignificance which means there is, more or less, no aggro during this phase so this is where you want to go all out and pop all of your dps cooldowns. Since most of the healers are concentrating on the fel enrage tank and the still ticking BB group and it's not a particularly dps/mana intensive fight for a spriest, it would definetly help out your healers to shield yourself at least for the first SWdeath during the fel enrage phase. Also I try and avoid SWdeathing when I have bloodboil since my health is fairly low and a decent crit and take about 40% of my health away and dieing on this fight is a big pain cause then someone has to replace you in your group for the bloodboils and your party now gets no more mana back. This however depends on if you are in a bloodboil group at all, and which one at that. Our group is pretty melee heavy, so I end up in a bloodboil group each time despite having pretty low buffed health.

If you are the chugging mana pot type, you can usually get away with using destro pots (during every other fel enrage phase) instead of mana pots on this fight due to the regen during the tank phase.

Be aware that when the phase ends your dots will still tick so I usually fade just to be safe and definetly don't use VE at all during this fight.

As Matt Low mentioned, it won't hurt to recast inner fire on yourself before the fel enrage phase incase it has expired because it will definetly help if you get fel enraged. If you do get fel enraged, shield yourself and start spamming max rank flash heals on yourself. I usually can't spare the global cooldown to renew myself once I am spamming, so get it and PWshield up on yourself as soon as you start to grow and turn red. I've found this works better than using the the reduced damage taken while in shadowform. Also since your buffed health may be a little low, feel free to use your Battlemaster's trinket and nightmare seeds/fel blossoms to help out on this phase. Since mana isn't too much of an issue on this fight, I usually save my inner focus to re-entering shadowform after I get fel enraged.

I generally will use spell damage gear for this since a lot of your DPS is coming from the dots you cast during the tanking phase when you just don't have the aggro to nuke out your normal rotation. It doesn't hurt to give yourself a little aggro leeway from the tanks because sometimes tanks fall behind on threat and your continued dotting, giving your party a little mana back and making you not a waste of space in the raid, can sometimes be difficult for a tank to catch up to if you get a little further ahead.

Another reason I really suggest a little room with threat is that it can sometimes take a few seconds for tanking and threat generation to get situated after the fel enrage phase.(hence the safety fade) Your dots are still ticking and their TPS is just getting started again so you will often find yourself gaining threat % more than usual just with dots on each of the transitions, usually resulting in you having to really watch your threat even more so near the end of the fight than the beginning.
Worse comes to worse, you may have to just let your healers suffer a little mana-wise and stop dotting for a phase or so to let your tanks catch up a little.

Another thing to consider is that transitions between phases is pretty important, namely making sure you aren't in the arcing smash cause it can hurt you a good bit if you have low health. I personally go a litttle farther than my designated position just to make sure, and it's better to be bunched up far away than it is to be spreadout and eating arcing smashes with your 8.7k health.

Overall this fight is about keeping just the right amount under the lowest threat tank. Usually this limits you to dots during the bloodboil phases and the occasional mind flay so as not to push it too much in case a tank gets behind and you are stuck twiddling your thumbs and risking being owned for multiple phases waiting for them to get a little more threat.

ROS: haven't done this on my priest yet, so I will refrain from commenting.

2/3 ain't bad I guess