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A lifetime subscription to Azeroth {WoW}

Sep 13th 2007 3:30PM Blizzard already gives tons of lifetime play accounts away...the catch is you have to get hired there to get one.

Now hiring -- full-time guild leader! {WoW}

Mar 27th 2007 8:49AM As a GM, one of the things that I have found to be the most challenging is managing people who can't see each other, especially without vent or team speak. It can make for a lot of time spent trying to help players see eye to eye enough to keep everyone happy. What I have found to be really interesting though, is that when we've had bouts of trouble in the past it has always been because of people inviting their real life friends into the guild.

The best way out guild has found to deal with the issues that come up is to have GMs and officers who speak one on one with all the members on a regular basis, and to have guild meetings where everyone votes (via tell) on any changes or ideas put forward. We have a website with all of our rules, structure, qualifications, promotions, conflict resolution etc. policies so everyone knows what they're in for and there isn't favoritism. It took a lot of work at the beginning, and our guild meetings take longer to coordinate, but the end result is a core group of players that is happy and understood. Now when people come into the guild they know exactly what we're about and we can tell fairly quickly if we'll all get along long term. Knowing who our members are, what they're looking for from their play time, and what kind of events will lend to that has helped us infinitely.

I have a background in stage management, so I'm use to this kind of coordinating, but I wouldn't take pay for it...maybe credits against my WoW subscription and web hosting fees though?

Breakfast topic: Return of the LFG {WoW}

Mar 20th 2007 10:39AM I still worry about the "Auto Join" option you can flag on and off, while the new system looks like it will function much better than what we have now I live in fear of the people who sit and spam the trade channel getting into that interface and not actually having to party up. That being said, I also think that most times the "Auto Join" option could be replace with a "Wipe" option that functions the exact same way, because in the face of getting thrown into a pug without my consent, the ability to turn that off is really helpful.

The only way that might be fixed is if the interface is large and cumbersome, where you would need to leave it open to read the chat to dissuade people who are farming, bored, and looking to spam from joining. But that in its self wouldn't be great either.

LFG channel will have to wait {WoW}

Mar 19th 2007 9:22AM I think the problem with tying a new LFG interface into a universal channel is that if you click off that little checkmark that says "Auto-Join" you don't ever have to party up.

What might be a better option would be to do the above but add a universal spam channel so the people who want to have barrens chat with them wherever they go can spam somewhere designed exactly for it..

No new realms for you! {WoW}

Mar 19th 2007 9:17AM I agree with the above. I transferred from Illidan to Bladefist right before BC, and I think that while the new servers have definitely taken the pressure off high-pop realms I'm now looking at a character transfer out of necessity because the economy is terrible, the horde are outnumbered almost 3:1 and there are only 400 players online on the horde side at any given time.