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Drama Mamas: Much ado about funsuckers {WoW}

May 13th 2011 8:28PM pet* pulls an add

Drama Mamas: Much ado about funsuckers {WoW}

May 13th 2011 8:26PM OK as a long time fan and player, I feel I would like to step into the circle on this topic. As someone whos played for quite some time (raided most content above 2000 on 4 toons in arnea) I don't consider myself uberleetawesom, however I know that I am fairly competent at whatever wow throws at me. From my personal point of view there are 2 big big deal things for all you "noobs" or players gearing and learning the game which will save you a world of hurt.
First and foremost, admit you have a problem. For example, I just began gearing a hunter (this my first cataclysm toon as non heal/tank..dirty dirty dps) SO the moment I enter a heroic the first words I say are something along the lines of "Hey guys I know this place from a tank and heal point of view but if there stuff you can point out that I need to know as DPS, like trapping the adds on first boss in Grim Batol, please let me know." The same applies conversely, when someone joins the group and says hey I'm new here, or hey I'm on my first toon or hey I'm a new tank, be patient. I find I will go far above and beyond out of my way to help anyone asking for it in this fashion. I found myself in a heroic cross server once sitting with a shaman for about 15 minutes after run was over because he wanted to pick my brain for shaman advice. ASK FOR HELP ye shall receive it.
Second, and probably just as important, admit when you F*** up. This happens to all of us. Just the other day we lost a rated BG and it was my fault. In gilnaes on my rogue my job is to Fan of knives on the flag non stop to defend it. I saw a paladin healer with no trinket and low on health, i ShS to him and finished him quickly, however when I did the flagged was capped behind my back. We never could recap and sub sequentially lost. (not a terrible guild group we are about 2400 MMR in RBGs) My guild leader RAGED for about 3 seconds in vent. AMG WTF BRO WHAT HAPPENED?!?!? My response?? "Im sorry I fucked up, this is what happened, my bad." this is where it ends. You make mistakes we all do. You're new, we all were. Don't shrink away, ask for advice or admit when you screw up and your put pulls an add and apologize to your group (gd hunters :) These 2 things with nothing else will do wonders at easing you through that new gearing/learning process. GL all.

10 things a new Shaman should know about fighting casters {WoW}

Jun 19th 2008 2:56AM Few things to add...
#1 Dont blow your shocks alternating, their life lines save the ES for when you need it not when the cooldown is up ex poly morph or drain life on a lock.
#2 Im not entirely sure what kind of scrubs let you get away with dropping grounding totem to oepn a fight with but this is bad buisness. Any half brained mage will ice lance or other casters will wand this immediately. Instead try waiting till they have allmost finished casting a frostbolt and dropping it shortly before the cast completes this prevents them from being aware and taking it down first.
#3 When your on locks tremor is your lifesaver for fear so dont shock fear, eat it and watch the tremor totem like a hawk. As before they will aim for totems so be aware when it gets taken out and redrop asap. (this allows you to not worry about wasting mana on succubus as charm is also dispelled)
#4 Finally and most importantly learn to juke interrupts. If you dont have the mod "afflicted" yet get it right now. It shows nearby enemy cooldowns like pummel and counterspell. When you see the cooldown is up and you will be pummeled kicked Cspelled ect ect begin to cast a heal and cancel it by taking a step foward or pressing ESC key. This gets them to waste the cooldown and your able to continue casting.
-Divinious 70 resto sham C. Circle

Armory data: Popular and unpopular specs {WoW}

May 4th 2007 12:01AM I think this finally gives people some insight to why people play shamans, and a good reason to STFU about them. My main is a shammy on cenarian circle (divinious) and he was my first char, whom I stick to loyally to this day. Yes we all pick different trees and the person who said its because they all suck is only half right. Shamans arent made to be the best at anything (its why we suck in duels :) but were made to be GOOD at everything. Now dont get me wrong theres always a few jerk shammys out there who think they can out dps the world or out pewpew mages or DONT DROP TOTEMS! ...i hate that so much.. have 4 up at all times..but i digress. The reason i continue to play my shammy shammy is because occasionally i can heal then if im bored ill respec to enh and go questing or if i wanna watch sparkly chain lightning..well you know the rest. A true good shammy is about utility. I have fond memories of times when the main tank died in a run of BRD and I had to step in and tank the boss. Before you flame on that i'm certainly not saying i can tank with enh spec. but in a pinch and a boss with low enough life i can step in and finish the job. OR theres been OSSOMANY times when the priest goes OOM! and then i take a step back and become the main healer. Not as if i could main heal the whole thing but i can help when im needed. EX How many people have seen a clothie get fried like a Col Sanders recipie by the dragon in ramparts? Know what happens then SHAMAN FTW i stop swinging my axe and make with the heals. We as a shammy comminity are here to make you better. Rogues love windfury hunters love GOA tanks love the strength mages love wrath ..hmm so do druids...everyone has a favorite totem and we make it happen. Other than that were here to augment the team. period. Its comes with the territory of being a jack of all trades. No one has a meter that says wow the windfury on those rogues made their DPS this high ect, but its the same with prot tanks. Nothing out there counts how much aggro they hold but they do it and it sucks for them oh well. In that same way we do are jobs and need to stop whining about it. I dont need to top a DPS chart but when our top rogue goes man windfury is freakin crazy! Thats all i need. :)

Oh and for the guy who said he never gets groups as elemental. DUH DPS is a dime a dozen theres only two things groups ALWAYS need on LFG and thats a PROT warrior and some sort of true healer. Yes if you wanna make yourself the object of LFG desire go resto, everyone needs a healer. Me personally I dont tend to stray from a ENH/REST build cause i like being able to be flexable and help wherever im needed.

Forum post of the day: "The Priest Class: Game Design, Philosophy" {WoW}

Mar 20th 2007 8:35AM Think about this...
"Behind every GREAT tank, is a Priest low on mana"
Bottom line someones gotta heal I just started a new priest a few months back with the intention of going holy spec so as to become more useful in end game raiding. However, I fell to the temptation of the shadow...the damage is just unreal and when placed in a group with a pally in the mix we are all but unstoppable. I understand people want healers...but i'm a shadowmage sorry. I still have my shammy and IMO he's a better healer just not only because of his buffs from totems but because he can take a beating when necessary. Same goes for pallys healers/tanks if you absolutely wanted to be an tank why didnt you start a warrior? Its the big issue with hybrid classes and you gotta ask yourself which of the two your better suited for. Pally a better tank or healer....hmmmm Priest better DPS or healer....dont get me wrong we're not shadowmages but we can easily out dps shammys and the lot. Thats the good part of this game tho eh? You can main heal with druids or shammys or priests or pallys or main tank with warriors or pallys or ect ect...its the reason they put the variety in the game. It all works, its just how you play it.