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Insert Caption: James Bond and Coen Brothers' Collections {Cinematical}

Nov 27th 2007 11:04AM Bond - "I'm telling ya, I've lost 15 lbs. and 4 inches off my waist on this new mojito diet. It's fantastic!"

Fargo - "Sssshhhh everyone quiet! give me the shaving cream and feather. We're gonna get him good this time."

Scholomance? More like Solomance {WoW}

Mar 21st 2007 2:00PM 70 mage, couple epics, mostly blue quest/heroic gear. I've been able to solo most of stratholme, live and dead. Cleared all the trash in LBRS, didnt try any of the bosses yet. havent tried ST, but I imagine I'd be able to do most of that place as well. it all depends on spec. Having ice barrier would definitely be beneficial.