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A Restaurant Called 'Fat Ho Burgers' Causes a Stir in Texas {Urlesque}

Mar 29th 2011 2:09PM Looks to me like she DID open her own restaurant, and business is booming.

Bless her.

Guy Jumps Into a Hay Baler - What Is This Fake Viral Video Advertising? {Urlesque}

Aug 27th 2010 2:06PM Try jumping into this one, and see how well it goes.

Balers are brutal machines.

Quit Your Crying, Kid, Or YouTube's Going to Hear All About it (Parenting 2.0) {Urlesque}

Jul 11th 2010 1:04AM Given that we haven't seen any of the actions before the video, I'm giving the benefit of the doubt to the Mom.

And it's a third thing when a kid is fake-crying in public because she's a little brat. Which is entirely possible here.

Retail Rage - Guy Rages at an Entire Shopping Mall {Urlesque}

Jun 29th 2010 2:11PM Wow. I'm surprised he didn't stamp his little feet.

WoW Rookie: A character by any other name would be so weak {WoW}

Mar 26th 2009 1:56PM I use cheeses too. Though lately I've started branching out into just making names up.

I was dreadfully disappointed when I transferred my mage to a different server and found that Stilton was already taken.

Caption This: Win a 60-day gamecard! {WoW}

Nov 27th 2007 2:38PM Professor Lupin loses his temper for just a moment.

The Lost Worlds of WoW {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2007 4:07PM I think we blowed it up. The website just stopped responding.

The real Griftah story {WoW}

Sep 27th 2007 4:57PM Has no one else noticed the completely useless rings that you can buy from the Jewelcrafters over in the Exodar?

Griftah ain't the only one selling useless crap. He is, though, the funniest by far.

Around Azeroth: It may look like a rock on first glance... {WoW}

Sep 25th 2007 3:40PM I was thinking it looks more like Zorak.

Or the pop-up alien from the Star Wars cantina.