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WoW Moviewatch: Redshift {WoW}

Sep 18th 2007 2:03PM I want the soundtrack!

The story is very nice, I doubt it's really amature...besides there are no random folks in the scene even in a place as busy as UC

PTR Notes: New music in the inns of Azeroth {WoW}

Jul 18th 2007 2:40AM I think the tavern music is the same as before but enhanced. I have that version, and found it odd that it's not in the game. Nice to know that it is now....however most outland inns (if not all) don't have it playing anyway :(

Breakfast Topic: Yay Druids! {WoW}

Jul 11th 2007 12:24PM Bear! Kitty! BOOOOOOOMKIN!!! Druids are so adorable/sexy (depending which faction you're on) and they are true lifesavers! Druids for the win! Yay for treehuggers!

Religion in Azeroth: Why God is Alliance {WoW}

Jun 27th 2007 7:36AM I'm a Christian too but I'm not all that mad about this. It's not very 'friendly', but it's not that offensive either. It seems the moment the letter G, O, and D arranged in this particular order it creates a whole slew of very unwarranted actions for no reason what so ever

Poster number 17 is a good example. It is interesting to see possible inspirations and allegory of the real world in W.o.W. We can't really escape from the real world, so to say. Every piece of imagination is an inspiration from the real world

Spiritual Guidance: Grouping with Priests {WoW}

Jun 24th 2007 10:30AM If the priest is shadow, remember that they can heal but they need more breaks. Buff up your armour, pull less often.

To the Spriests, remember to drop shadow when you're called for extra healing.

If the priest is holy, please remember our mana
pool is NOT unlimited as it seems. Give a break. And tank please come with decent equipment ;_;

Breakfast Topic: You're the shaman now dog! {WoW}

Jun 24th 2007 10:23AM Only a shaman can out DPS the folks in epics with his greens (seriously happened, and very embarrassing)

Only a shaman can plunk totems with fancy buffs for every class and every role. (Mana spring I love you).

Only a shaman have a built-in soulstone AND ress others! (saved my party a lot)

Only a shaman can do chain heal that can heal people who are in group one to group whatever the max range is.

Only a shaman can drink an eat on water

Only a shaman can change into a nifty looking ghost wolf

Shamans are underloved and underutilized. Let's shower them with more lav!

Why are people leaving WoW? {WoW}

Jun 14th 2007 3:23AM @53 You basically summed up my feelings, although I'm not a newbie.

Basically, it is this.

1. Most People who find the game fun regardless of veterency will not be bothered to post QQ
2. Most People who don't find the game fun is bored therefore it is easier to QQ in anywhere they can

If one and two is true, therefore 90% of the stuff will be QQ because all the ones who're actually having fun won't be here in the first place :)

If your guild breaks up because there's no longer 40 mans that means it's not strong enough in the first place. Communciation between groups are vital. Have 40 people to run? Split into 4 groups. Have 60 people to complete? split into 6 groups. have 100 people in the guild who needs kara? Welcome "Kara 10" Congratulate and support each other groups, even help each other out if one of the groups finished/taking a break.

And with so many grups, what to do with it? Train up the dudes, pick out the potential leaders and let them lead the others. People will eventually progress, and there will always be new ones

I think the goal of WoW is now that blizzard is basically saying "Know your folks". Instead of 40 unknown people in a BG, we have 5 vs 5 where cooperation and understanding brings out the full efficiency. Instead of a group so big like 40 to beat down a dragon where you can have an entire group of slackers, basically now EVERYONE has to keep their eyes open and no be an idiot.

Want to know why this change is made? Remembered some time ago when people complained WoW is not a community as it seems because everything can either be soloed ot blended into a super large group?

Well, now we got what we wanted. No more faceless somebodies. Now stop the QQ.

Forum post of the day: Are the Naaru evil? {WoW}

May 1st 2007 12:00PM I feel like complaining about the whole topic. I should be writing, but I feel like ranting. So I shall rant.

I will post a copy on the board too.

Alright. Let's see. This topic is just so long some points can be missed. Let's first start with the nature of the Naaru itself.

They are beings of shimmering light, floaty floaty
And when they get sick they turn into black holes that suck things.

Does that make them evil? The answer is no.

No because it's the exact same logic as a black hole or a dry sponge. They absorb stuff because the law of physics dictate so. This is not the same with a human psycho blaming that he kills because of his illness. This is the same as putting a dry sponge in a bowl of water. The sponge, like it or not, WILL suck the water up because of its nature to do so!

Similarly when a Naaru is sick/injured they suck in stuff involuntarily because it is how their body reacts to poor health. It's just like blood forming a scab, or skin itching over an insect bite, or the need to go to the toilet. Just as that is our biological response, that is the Naaru's bodily response.

The lack of light when they're weak doesn't mean they're pretending. If a light bulb is faulty it goes dim, and in order to have light they must have energy. Poor health indicates that not enough energy is supporting a living thing, therefore they can't waste any more energy by emitting light and worse case scenario the Naaru-logical system have to take in energy from other sources or else it will collapse on itself. They're pretty much like stars, where a collapse is disastrous.

Subject: Perfect peace and harmony the absence of pure will. Since we have plenty enough people saying the Naaru are bad, I'm going to be the 'devil's' advocate here by saying they're good.

Question is, is the absence of will truly peaceful and harmonious? How can one feel inner peace if one don't feel free will? Inner peace can only be achieved if the person CHOOSES to be so. The Naaru's presence can only be tolerated if people accept it, as shown here on the board.

Then rises the question of "Why should we choose your ways?" Now this is the hardest part. They can be floating around, yet there will still be mistrust because many people won't trust anything and anyone unless it goes THEIR way. Naaru are larger than life things, I doubt (unless necessary) they're going to bother with our petty, mortal views.

The Dreanei follow the Naaru with all their hearts because they choose so. They see things what non Naaru converts can't understand and perceive. (And The Drenaei being concerned spiritually and/or culturally of course will try to win back their Broken cousins. Even more so when the Broken stem from fel contamination). Like the Night Elves all over Elune, they're all over the Naaru with one common reason; it gives them peace and purpose.

Maybe it's the Naaru's objective to give purpose to everything, hm?

Light and Dark.
Light casts shadows ONLY if there's something obstructing the way! Has anyone realized that? If light has no obstructions, there will be no shadows.

So I say that by right light and dark CANNOT co-exist with each other. Try 'balancing' the light and shadows in a lighted room. I'd like to see a picture if anyone successfully does it.

The same thing applies if we want to argue about the powers of Light and Darkness. If Darkness needs Light to balance, them Legion don't need to go out on a mad march to eradicate every bit of life and any trace of light in the universe because by doing that they are effectively destroying themselves.

And the Naaru shouldn't get everyone together and wtfpwn the legion because by doing that it destroys themselves too.

As for the Naaru saying "only when there's darkness, there's light" I believe it more a reference to the nature of their bodies or the principal that light is more visible when there's darkness. Maybe a philosophical lore mistake, or something because by right if a balance is required there's no reason for either side to fight tooth and nail.

Aldor and Scryer.

They're like any other faction fights, like the Democrats and Republicans, the Protestants and the Catholics, the socialist and the communist...anything! It's all because of disagreements! To the Naaru we're all kids...and fighting kids are the hardest to have them get along well. Somebody have to keep their heads on the bigger objective isn't it? These beings don't care which side, faction, race, looks, hair colour, taste of class, taste of clothing we have. All they want is people to join them. All the factionalism are just petty children fights (unless it gets very big)

Cannot fight in the city:

Gameplay-wise, this will stop all the senseless pvp fights happening all the time at every corner. It's bad on server resources and general get-about. (Imagine a 24/7 rain of ice/fire/arrows everywhere)

Storywise, I don't think anyone will be happy hearing all the PEWPEWPEWBOOMBOOMBOOM all the time either (Remember the refugees). Besides, nothing good can come out of senseless factional deaths. Therefore any troublemakers will be kicked out, and in due respect (so you keep your space) nobody beats the crap out of anybody. C'mon, A'dal provided a safe place for both sides (and us) to operate...the least we can do to show our gratitude is not to open fire at each other publicly.

Test of faith is very common, regardless what higher being floats around. Test of faith involves refining, and because to fight against the big bad evil means needing stronger people. They have to withdraw themselves a little and then save those who remain. It's not nice, but so is punishing a kid for something wrong. However for a greater good, it must be done.

As with the case of M'uru, it can go both ways. Either he's really trapped, or he is helping the elves.

Conclusion: Naaru are most likely pure good (may never know with Blizzard).

Just because we don't understand what they do doesn't mean they're evil.
Just because they don't do things our way doesn't mean they're evil.
Just because they look odd doesn't mean they're evil.
Just because they don't share the same views on relationships and factions doesn't mean they're evil.

Here are my two cents and 1 hour.

Forum post of the day: Are the Naaru evil? {WoW}

May 1st 2007 11:02AM Nirikun, I am very proud of you to stand up and make this statement. I want to rant some more, but I'm afraid by that time you'll miss this congratulatory notice. I've read the entire thing, too many things not to count but everyone have the old,old, boooooring concept of "zomg the Naaru is potential evil roflol!oneoneone"

Kudos to you.

Mr. Stormrage's Worst-Dressed List, 2007 {WoW}

Apr 19th 2007 1:09PM My favourites are the Shammies and the Priests. I also like the Druid set too. Brown != dull you know. Brown can be interesting

Priests look very creepy in a good way. I wish the girl's shoulders are bigger than this one. We want to look mean too :P

It applies to both builds due to that fact that the Justice lady concept (it's so obvious). Priests are not supposed to judge others by looks.

Rogues look mehy, the Warriors look kinda...Bronzy.

The warlock's cool effect is wasted with the fact that The helmet itself looks like it's ripped from Doom :P

As a priest I want some kind of wings effects too, at least I won't look like some cartoon...