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How to protect your system from keyloggers [Updated] {WoW}

Jun 6th 2007 7:37AM @21 I believe the allakhazam ad trojan earlier this year was delivered via the image exploit.

The allakhazam post about it

Brief mention of it

But I could be wrong.

It is worth pointing out though that WoW accounts are now worth more on the black market for stolen data than credit card accounts.

That article also mentions the use of the windows animated cursor exploit to load a trojan.

The bottom line is that, like evolution, just because it seems unlikely or complicated to you doesn't mean it can't and hasn't been done.

I actually had my account stolen earlier this year, and this while running an updated copy of windows, AVG Antivirus, Commodo Firewall, Windows defender, Spybot, and spyware blaster. (Yeah I know my antispyware was a bit out of date).

I eventually managed to root out the little turd with A Squared, which I had installed but had not run in a while. Since then I've added AVG anti spyware to the mix, and also something called SnoopFree Privacy Shield, which is supposed to warn you when a program hooks into your keyboard or wants read access to your screen (some keyloggers take screenshots). I'm uncertain to how well it works vs a real life keylogger (since I'm loath to purposefully infect myself), although it does seem to be detecting when any application requests keyboard hooks or screen priveleges.

Anyway, moral of the story is that it does take fairly rigorous computer security to ensure that your account isn't stolen because accounts are high value targets attacked using very specific trojans rather than broad general purpose malware that scanners are more likely to pick up.

Player ganks woman's character, gets beat up by husband {WoW}

May 2nd 2007 2:21PM How was he communicating with her if he was ganking her? On pvp servers there is no cross faction communication?

Why does everyone want to DPS? {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2007 12:32PM I feel the pain of healers and tanks when they get bitched out and I get very defensive of them in groups I am in, there are a lot of kiddy jerks out there. That said, I think DPS occasionally gets the short end of the stick when it comes to what our jobs are like.

Generally its not just DPS, its CC & Debuff, & Aggro management.

Sure that doesnt seem like much more, but trying to maximise your dps while keeping an eye on the one or more mobs you are ccing, ensuring that the correct debuffs are where they need to be, and that you never pull aggro thus causing problems for the healer and the tank does require some effort.

Sure if you arent on CC, and you are cruising with a powerful group where you only real responsibility is to output damage its pretty simple, but I equate that to a priest or tank being in a group thats OP for the content. It's never really hard work for anyone like that.

Also, healers and tanks don't ALWAYS get the blame, how many times have you heard people get yelled at for: pulling aggro, breaking CC, not FFing properly, losing control of a pet, aggroing other mobs/pats, not breaking LOS, getting out of healer range, not protecting the priest, failing to stop a runner, even stupid things like falling off a ledge while trying to reposition for class reasons. For dps to be dps we generally have cast cycles to maximise our output, and to be on top of your cycle, while not causing trouble, and doing your side jobs (cc, debuf, w/e) is a crucial part of any party. If your group is at the edge of their limits your dps need to work very hard to fit into the time window that the healers mana allows for the fight. This means knowing every trick to squeeze out every last point of dps, while still knowing that if you pull aggro and die you have utterly failed the group.

Just like good healing isn't just about pushing the 'heal' button and good tanking isnt just pushing 'taunt' dps/cc requires being on your game
and understanding all the tricks of your class.

Additionally, there is ALWAYS the epeen factor. Almost every group watches those damage meters and compares themselves to everyone else, and being blown away by someone else is a very stark way of saying you suck and you need to l2play. This is apart from the fact that you may have done your job fine, you bet that other dpsers at least will remember that you dont quite match up to their leetness.

I think the disconnect for tanks and priests is that it is maybe harder for them to judge the difference between good dps/cc and bad dps/cc, because its less apparent when someone dies because of it (barring the many ways I listed above). However, as PvP proves, there is a vast ocean of difference.

That and the endless competition for groups/raid space means that I think that dps pays their fair price for getting to do something thats more "fun". Honestly, I think that if you do not enjoy your class role, whether dps, tank or heals, then consider rerolling or trying another game. The point of the game is to enjoy yourself, and there are people out there who geniuinely do enjoy tanking and healing.

I hope people realize that you should recruit players not just classes and see that dps is not just interchable parts. Some of us suck. Some of us are quite good. There's a huge difference, and you will notice it.

One last note, people always say tanking and healing are "thankless" jobs. When did you see anyone ever thank the dps or cc? If the problem is you are unapreciated by your guild, find a new one. If you feel unapreciated by a PUG, well, thast just life. The good players will appreciate other good players, the bad players dont give a crap about anyone.
Yes I'm DPS ;)

70 hunter
70 warlock
50 druid (heals...sometimes ;))

New Daedalus data: girls heal and play elves, kids play Horde {WoW}

Mar 26th 2007 10:42AM I agree with Adam. I find the characterization of the horde as evil to be a sad reflection on the people who do so. If you look at the lore the Orks and Tauren at the very least are not only not evil, but are persecuted races. Because of their difficulties they have found what allies they could to help them against those that seek to destroy them.

It's convenient that many people blame the actions of the orks while they were enslaved by the demons on the orks, but that Arthas's actions are blamed on undead rather than on humans.

Generally speaking, people who take one look at the horde and believe they are evil reveal themselves to be extremely superficial, and falling into the trap of believing that beauty = goodness. These are the same people that argue that the blood elves "should have been alliance".

Blizzard intentionally blurred the morality of the two sides to make a far more interesting and complex situation, where neither side is "good" or "evil" but much more like real people.

Those of you who continue to see the world as "pure beautiful good" and "pure ugly evil" need to grow up, otherwise you will fall forever victim to the manipulations of those who lie to you in those terms.

Ask WoW Insider: Why are you overpowered? {WoW}

Mar 26th 2007 8:13AM My 65 lock is OP because he is afflic specced, and when I am soloing I generally end fights with the same or MORE health + mana than I started them. I have 8k health with my imp (generally the only pet I use while soloing) and +520 shadow dmg. My drain life ticks for 310 health and siphon for 147. Doesn't sound like much? Just think that in 5 seconds while you were running around feared I just healed for about 2k health... at your expense, and no doubt triggering an instant shadowbolt.

Also, I get jumped all the time becuase I'm a skinny little undead in green crummy looking gear. I virtually never lose. Think twice before picking on a lock, no matter how shrimpy he looks, an afflic lock will kick your ass.

And if you are thinking of dispelling my dots take a lesson from the 69 pally who jumped me and tried to cleanse himself when he was at half health, triggering a crit on the dispel damage of my 41 point afflic dot, killing him instantly.

locks ftw. my 70 hunter is pretty cool too, but min range is more annoying. I spend half my time dancing with mobs/players to keep at range, while with my lock its the enemy who runs around feared ;)