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The Classifieds: Celebrating world PVP {WoW}

Aug 5th 2011 4:17PM Unfortunately, they are sponsored. There shouldn't be a such thing as a "pro" player.
This is the only "pick up and play" game there is on the market, unless you want to play a crappy game like Rift, or Aion.
Xbox? No. Wii? Hell no. Ps3? No.
Video games are no longer video games, they are a place where people can potentially get stressed out because they can't keep up. Which is unfortunate.
So I end my rant with this. How can anyone promote World pvp, community and togetherness anymore? Its over, there is no such thing as world pvp, unless you go to the Gurubashi Arena, which nobody visits anymore.
People may care about the server, I don't doubt that, but just because people care about the server, does not make their reasoning correct. Unfortunately, yes, this is a "game" or at least what games are becoming. WoW was an escape from reality, until it became an E-Sport, where you have to deal with the same problems you deal with in real life social situations. So, meh, whatever.
Nutshell: Sponsored Players, Guild Importance, Demise of World PvP, Arena rating, RBGs, and overall the beginnings of an E-Sport, are what ruined this game. No amount of nerfing or buffing will ever change that fact.

The Classifieds: Celebrating world PVP {WoW}

Aug 5th 2011 12:01PM Reason Swifty can be called "pro" is because he gets paid/promoted to play World of Warcraft. I'm sure there are others like him that can be called "pro" in the actual definition of "professional" meaning, you get paid, and you can actually say "I'm a professional" instead of going around saying "Yo man, I'm pro, get 2200+ noob huhuhuh".
I never said Elitism was ONLY on ED :P
I was on Laughing Skull for God's sake, that place is a cesspit of elitism, considering their most popular player was a meme on the internet known as Leeroy Jenkins. Back in Vanilla/TBC/Wrath it was equivalent to what ED is now.
This community doesn't deserve to be promoted, if its this bad here, and you say its "far worse" on high-rated PvP realms, then really, video games as a whole aren't worth playing, because they are just "e-sports" which is the worst terminology ever to come into a social group of people who gained a bad rep for being the "fat virgin middle aged dude sitting in his grandmother's basement eating Cheetos". Now these people can also have the power to be raging chodes? Lol, unfortunate.
None of what I said were lies either, all of the crap I mentioned does happen on ED, and probably every other server in existence to an extent, yet I have the most experience with this on ED, on a quite frequent basis.
As for "non-retarded ideas" to improve the game?
It would be pretty difficult to improve the game at this point. Blizzard obliterated true W-PvP with Wintergrasp and Tol Barad, they then took another axe by putting more guards in towns (including flying guards), buffing said guards to absurd spawn-rates and damage/defense/health levels, which made it extremely hard for even 40 man raids looking to get their ugly bear mount to kill the leaders. I mean, a 40 man raid wouldn't even last very long in a town like Goldshire.
Only things I can think of to improve the game would be to make resilience into a stat that scales differently. It should do these things instead of just damage reduction.
It should keep reducing damage, yet it should also reduce healing done on targets with resilience gear, to keep dps teams alive.
Also, Blizzard should make every spell, I mean EVERY spell, scale differently, and at times completely rearrange the ability, to make PvP/PvE more balanced between each other, meaning they'd be completely separate and Blizzard wouldn't say "(class's) damage output is too high in raids, we have to nerf it altogether" which also nerfs it in PvP.
Resilience as a stat in WoW, looks to me that Blizzard was like "Ugh, these people won't stop whining about there being no difference in damage reduc, I mean, sure they pay us $15 dollars a month for a quality product, or what should be one... Screw it! Lets just toss on a filler stat that reduces overall damage done to the player, yet destroys their PvE viability completely! If they don't like it, well, they can just farm a second set of gear that they'll have to upgrade anyway..."
Those are my ideas on how to improve the game in PvP, because Cataclysm kinda ruined the whole "I'm bored of BG farming, my guild is doing everything without me, ugh, I KNOW! I'll go on a murderous rampage from Redridge to Elwynn Forest! :D"
Now you can just sit there and wait, or endure many many manyyy losing BGs, or... *gasp* PvE!.... *vomits*"
Anyway, that's about it.

The Classifieds: Celebrating world PVP {WoW}

Aug 4th 2011 12:44PM A few things.
You're going to say I am "hating" instead of helping, aren't you being detrimental to the server yourself? I brought up valid points, it wasn't even trade-chat that was the decline, that is a problem on every server, yet a minor one. Our largest guilds, and community on ED are very elitist, unfortunately you can't walk anywhere in the game map of this server and not run into one of those idiots. Durotar's dueling area is a cesspit for OP-Abusers, trash talkers and 2200+tards who believe rating actually equals skill. No, rating just means you got carried by a healer into good gear and were able to bear many tedious arena matches. I was one of the people who spoke out against these people frequently, nobody backed me up, so yes, it IS hopeless, and there is no point, the game doesn't cater to solo players, or even small groups of RL friends. It caters to the majority, aka guilds controlled by their guild leaders who bitch them out about everything, and they WILL find something to bitch about regarding how you play. If you're not "pro" then you "fail", "pro"? LOL, the ONLY "Pro" that plays WoW that I know of is Swifty, the Warrior, who actually rerolled a Resto Druid, go figure. You can have fun with your rogues and your tank trinkets and trash talking people if you beat them at 100%, its no surprise. Blizzard = a large capitalist company, they don't care about the gameplay, they care about "Hmm, well Guilds are the standard for LARGE groups of consumers, so, lets pander to them! We'll make the worst farming experience ever give more conquest points than Arenas, bwahahaha!" You know what? Emerald Dream WAS a good server for a while, when WoW WAS a good game, there is nothing that will bring back World PvP, unless you take out flying mounts in Azeroth and nerf the city/town guards, and nerf their spawn rates. There is no such thing as world PvP, this event is going to be a temporary clusterfuck of guild promotion and people getting crushed repeatedly by R2 Elitists and their healers that carried them there. I never understood the people who said "Get a resto shaman to heal you in Arenas". I just think "Heh, having a healbot equates to skill nowadays? Jeez, oh well, maybe someday Blizzard will get the hint and remove healing classes from PvP in any form, by making resil in open world make healing spells not work, and Healing specs not work in Arenas, BGs and etc. Its Player Vs Player, not Player+healer vs Player+healer. Healing is torture, how anyone can enjoy healing is beyond me, you can't seriously play the game to NOT kill people... That is absurd. Healbots win, Elitists win, Blizzard/Capitalism wins. Ze end.

The Classifieds: Celebrating world PVP {WoW}

Aug 3rd 2011 5:57PM Oh god no, my rathole elitist server has gotten front page of WoW Insider. Emerald Dream (US), if anyone wants to come here, don't. Scenarios in which this server fails miserably.
(At least on Horde, my experiences on my Alliance 85 in 4.1 were horrible)
1. You are hanging out in Durotar, awaiting a duel, or looking for someone to duel. Chances are, you'll run into at least one of our cheap R2 Ruthless absurd tank/health regen trinket using Rogues. Basically, if you're melee, they will stay out of range of your attacks, slowly whittle you down, and pop recup over and over and over again. They end at full, you end at 0%. Also, from a common nerfed class (Warrior's) perspective Klinda deleted his character and erased all his gear, he got the new hand of Ragnaros in the first week, go figure.
2. You lose a BG due to our battlegroup being absolute total garbage farming Mid in every BG in existence like HKs/KBs mean anything. When you get out, already kinda ticked, one of the elitist Top-Guild Horde's friend, an Alliance in an elitist Top-Guild is being allowed to run rampant in Durotar and kill everyone, whoever dies to the R2 Ret Paladin with the R2 Resto Druid healer is "a fail scrub, lulz, l2p, get 2200+ neeb". So you can't even do that in peace.
3. Our PvP guilds are terrible, and full of idiots. Top PvP guilds on Horde, are Exodus (Founders of this raid, and also a bunch of jerks who find it funny to harass people via Facebook due to their ex-guildmate/arena partner, who they did nothing to, giving their whole guild some guy's Facebook, to be spammed by whispers. their motto is get 1600+ before entering the guild. Meaning, if you don't have competent RL friends, you don't get to join. One Eight Seven, well, lets just say they are a bunch of knowitall elitists, who enjoy bashing people for their gem/enchant choices. Etc. Etc. Etc. On Alliance there is Clan Battlehammer, that is about it.
4. We DO have events sometimes, yet, if you roll here, and you don't have a REALLY good footing with these idiotic guilds on this server, well, lets just say you're screwed.
I've been on this server for over a year now, it has gotten progressively worse, just like the game has. GG guys.

Breakfast Topic: Are you emotionally attached to your character? {WoW}

Jun 1st 2011 2:11PM My Orc warrior, who went through various incarnations because I spent too much money. Was originally Berith the Undead Warrior on Laughing Skull, my first/only level 60 back in Vanilla. He would charge into battle and slaughter as many people with what little skill I had at the time. Now he is Consequences, an Orc Warrior on Emerald Dream (rppvpwoot). He leads a charge against injustice within The Horde ranks, such as guilds with unfair advantages due to numbers, yet lack true skill and "Hordesmanship". Consequences, would beat them down in a duel, yet his biggest nemesis is Jarrito, the Frost Mage, due to the simple fact that Jarrito is unbeatable due to some strange force that constantly makes Mages more and more powerful. As for the Alliance, they may as well be chickenfeed, cowardly whelps that they are.
Yes, I am attached to my character :P

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: What's ahead for warriors on PTR Patch 4.2 {WoW}

May 15th 2011 12:30PM Wow, well, the fact that Warriors would get nerfed at all at this point is beyond me. In PvP, we lost a lot recently, and people still cry "OP" for some strange reason, meanwhile its near impossible to beat a frost mage on not only Warriors, but most other classes as well. Too bad it appears the entire Blizzard dev team plays a frost mage.

Sunday Morning Funnies: Snooze it off {WoW}

Jun 27th 2010 9:39AM And yes I realize that was nearly completely unrelated to the actual topic, which is epic comics that will keep me occupied till my friends get here since I finally got bored for now.

Sunday Morning Funnies: Snooze it off {WoW}

Jun 27th 2010 9:38AM Fraid' that I didn't snooze it off last night, I think last night marks my first "official" all nighter playing WoW in the 5 years I have been playing it, and whats better? Is I was playing the role I always hated, the healer... until now! Just felt like saying, that name taunted me, but I'm not budging, I have stuff to do today! =P

Leave a comment, win fabulous prizes! {WoW}

Mar 30th 2010 11:01AM Bork bork, im an orc.

Breakfast Topic: Your favorite lines of spoken dialogue {WoW}

Sep 9th 2009 12:25PM One time I was running UBRS pre-burning crusade, and the rend blackhand spawns appeared very fast out of the gate, and there were some pretty funny words spoken by Rend and Nefarius. Rend clearly yelled "LOL!" and Nefarius was saying some other jibberish. Needless to say we wiped, but this was like 3 years ago, so I don't exactly remember the whole thing. I just know it happened, no idea how, but it seemed like it was a GM messing with us or something, because this clearly was not a common occurance.
That encounter had my favorite lines of spoken dialogue =P