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Guildwatch: King me! {WoW}

Jul 3rd 2007 5:58PM Thanks for giving the Best Guild Name of the Week award! :D

I would like to mention that we are now recruiting all classes! We're looking for raiders interested in rapid progression into the Eye and SSC.

Our guild website is

Thanks again!

- Paradoxic, Raid Officer of on Medivh[H]

Attunements removed from SSC and TK {WoW}

Jun 19th 2007 2:06PM What the hell? Never saw this coming...

Blizz is making this easy mode, imo...

Team Pandemic takes the prize in China {WoW}

May 4th 2007 9:47AM @8

So you're saying that Blizz should only pay attention to the aspect of the game YOU'RE interested in? PVE, is it?

What about the countless players who choose to focus only on PVP or both?

PVP is actually what keeps me playing.. Nothing beats competing against other human beings. A computer isn't much of a challenge now is it? Especially when it's the same scripted encounter over and over.

PVP is a positive thing that adds a lot of interest... without it WoW wouldn't be the same. Both PVE and PVP are integral parts of the game, niether should be sacrificed for the other and it's clearly possible to keep both in balance. In fact, it could be argued that waaaay more attention is paid to PVE as the VAST majority of content updates deals with PVE, (black temple, ect...) but I won't complain ;).

Oh, and both the Druid and Pallie issues you brought up were first and foremost PVE related... Druids were beating out Prot warrirors as far as aggro management goes, clearly a PVE issue... and Pallies were just too good at conserving mana in both PVP and PVE due to mass new spell crit healing gear in TBC.

Additionally, Arena changes don't have a huge impact on PVP... especially when it comes to your beloved, but crappy engineering, because the engineering trinkets can be disabled from the Arenas without having to put them on long cooldowns. -_-

To click or not to click? {WoW}

May 4th 2007 9:32AM Playing with keybindings is almost a requirement to be successful and skilled in WoW. If you watch videos of players in top guilds in PVE or PVP, rarely do you see people who click. Watch their bars... everything is bound... all 40 buttons across thier 4 bars. Sometimes they use mods and bindings to change thier bars and access new skills on the same bindings.

I personally use every key at my disposal in combination with Shift, Crtl and Alt. In addition to using 1-6, (keys 7-0 are impratical due to thier distance... they're not able to be hit easily without moving your right hand off the WASD, so therefore shouldn't be used.) I've bound R,F,G,V,C,X,Z,Y to skills, consumables and trinkets (as well as thier shift and sometimes crtl combos).

I believe that both aspects of the game require keybindings, but PVE is far more forgiving in terms of speed. In PVP, specifically the Arena, it's important to go as fast as your global cooldown will let you.

No matter how fast you get with the clicking, keybinders are going to have an advantage over you as far as targeting, movement and just plain out speed.

As for Arena, there's a Mortal Strike warrior with great gear that we don't even let play in our games because he's not skilled enough... he's a clicker and moves with the arrow keys -_- MS warriors are great, but he isn't... due to his speed and skill limitation.

Yes, it's possible to be good with clicking, it's just that you're going to be BETTER with keybindings. I've converted several friends/guildies from clicking to keybindings and every single one has agreed that it's a vast improvement.

Breakfast topic: Can I have your stuff? {WoW}

May 4th 2007 9:12AM I thought I was quitting for good... I disenchanted all my gear, sold the shards, gave out around 1200 gold to guildies. Gave 200 gold to a real life friend and logged off.

I resisted WoW's allure for almost a year, until that very same real life friend convinced me to come back... I came back to a completely naked level 60 toon with no gold... quite fun gearing him back up again -_-

Team Pandemic takes the prize in China {WoW}

May 3rd 2007 9:50PM /sigh... Can someone delete that comment above?

I'm glad to see that WoW can really competitive game. I was really skeptical about the Arenas, but it proved to be something Blizzard has really done right.

WoW can finally be considered to be something more than point and click... this proves there's actually skill and strategy involved. Good luck and congrats. I'll certainly be watching the pro circuit from now on. :)

Mabye WoW insider could make a new column focusing on the Arena and Pro Gaming aspect... (I'll write it! lol)

2.1 PTR changes to PvP gems, Mongoose {WoW}

May 1st 2007 2:05PM A lot of people aren't going to be happy, myself included.

Once again Blizz resorts to nerfing good stuff instead of buffing the bad stuff.

I also see this is yet another affront to the poor Shadowpriests. Just figures that as soon as an "off-spec" is raid viable it would be nerfed into submission. Mabye Blizz thinks nerfing Shadow will force players to go back to Holy... Haha, good luck with that balancing act... Priests haven't had the best treatement lately... oh well, what can you do but QQ? :/

after all... nothing we can do, because:

So falls the hand of Blizzard... So falls the hand of God.

Behold, the power of moonkin {WoW}

Apr 25th 2007 3:44PM Grats oomkins...

I've never really respected moonkin at all, especially in PVP, where upon killing them I have a special macro to /point /laugh and /gloat. If you look at the top PVP arena teams, NONE of them have a druid with significant points in Balance.
(btw, that's a pretty nifty site, not sure if WoWinsider has linked to it before, but it shows all the arena rankings broken down by class, talents, ect.)

Moonkin are a joke among my friends and I, mostly because of one infamously ridiculous moonkin player in guild... He was pretty useless all around, (despite being a good player and well geared) and we strongly suggested he spec Resto. When he finally went resto for our raid, he made the biggest fuss about it and complained the entire time, even though he was infintely more useful and beneficial as Resto... Now he's in a different guild and still full Balance, we don't miss him.

The crit buff they bring really isn't worth the trade off for another dps class which would bring more to the raid... Mages, Shadowpriests, Warlocks and hell, even Hunters have more beneficial and flexible roles in raids.

One of the top raiding guilds on our server has even gone so far as to initiate a warning for prospective druids applying to the guild: "Don't even think about oomkin, bird = gkick"

Oh well, I guess if they're doing decent DPS, mabye I can be convinced to have my opinion towards them changed.

Alchemy hotfix: No more discoveries for now {WoW}

Apr 25th 2007 11:34AM Interesting, anyone know what the exploit was? Infinite pots or some such?