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Free for All: Why you shouldn't be worried while playing Second Life {Massively}

May 26th 2011 6:56AM Yeah, sorry, Massively doesn't have an edit button just like it can't get your username right, and the 1995 quality graphics were stuck in my head as I wrote it. 2005 was my first av.

"There is so much more" is a tired argument (Unverified), the game is on it's the slow decline, the long tail. It's passe, almost gauche now, so much of that due to the hate M caused in the community, driving the smartest and most creative people out, leaving very little.

It's dead in my eyes. Sorry.

But I really do miss Tateru, at least she wrote words of substance about the game.

Free for All: Why you shouldn't be worried while playing Second Life {Massively}

May 26th 2011 12:57AM I miss Tateru, you just don't write as well as she does Beau, plus of course you are trying too hard to flog a game now well into the long tail.

SL was always a game of Brazillian Campers, 4Chan Griefers and Goreans. It honestly has not changed much since 1995 apart from the Prokofy /b/ griefers getting bored and moving on to other games.

One Shots: Home sweet home {Massively}

May 25th 2011 1:35AM EQ2 has excellent housing and the developers have worked hard in order to provide so many items and trophies to fill it.

SOE's "make good" program after the recent outage saw players rewarded with double XP and guild status for a week, during that time I ground our guild up from level 59 to level 70, quite a lot of grinding.

My goal of a level 70 Guild Hall has been realised!

Now the hardest work starts, decorating it!

SOE answers our questions about the recent database incursion {Massively}

May 3rd 2011 7:09PM Sophisticated attack? Please don't make me laugh.

Just why SOE are you using unpatched web facing servers (Apache 2.2.3) from around 2007 with multiple vulnerabilities.

Only the most inept security team would allow their web facing servers to not be patched and kept up to date, it's basic common sense and best practices to boot.

It's bad enough that you kept old and no-longer used credit/bank account files unencrypted on a system that could be accessed from the web, but you have made it so much easier for any hacker by not keeping your software patched!

Words fail me.

The Tattered Notebook: Free level 90? Heck yeah! {Massively}

May 3rd 2011 2:57AM @(Unverified) Sentinal's fate is provided free on EQ2Extended.

Free players are limited in what currency they can hold. They cannot wear Legendary Armour, They cannot learn/research Master Spells, They cannot sell on the broker, They cannot change their AA sliders, They cannot send Mail, They have limited shared bank slots. (Some of these can be bought but from experience most people don't)

Enough restrictions to make them want to upgrade around the time they hit Sinking Sands.

My guild has one doggedly persistent player at level 88 who is still free to play, she has no hope of playing the new expansion - the gear is all Treasured, she can't wear it. All other guildies over level 50 are subscribers.

The Tattered Notebook: Free level 90? Heck yeah! {Massively}

May 3rd 2011 2:49AM Isn't it a little silly to hand people a level 90 toon and say there are Othmir, there is RW/SG, there is Thurgadin, there are the Tizmak and there are the Ry'Gorr then once they have done that content say "Oh sorry, there isn't any more than those handfuls of quests"

The previous 89 levels of content will keep mouldering away, months and months of gametime that could be brought up to date and enjoyed by new players rather than a few weeks questing for the level 90s.

It's admitting defeat.

Right now my guild on Freeport is getting a nice stream of new players, as this article's author suggests, but the attrition is absolutely mind-boggling. A very small stay and level up past 50/60 the rest just fade away pretty quickly. Maybe 10% of my members have any hope of seeing SF with maybe 5% hoping to see DoV.

Such a huge turn-over has helped us hit guild level 60 in 4 and a half months but it has also had a telling effect on the guild executive, constant recruiting to keep 100 accounts.

Asking them why they are going almost to a T they are leaving because they are getting bored. It was a free game and it addicted them for a little, but the graphics are old hat, the armour ugly, customisation limited (think no LUA), and there is no decent quest/dungeon reward in those first 89 levels.

If there is nothing worth having until you are level 90 and set foot in Fina's rest just what fun is there?

SOE really need to put in some nice rewards for the 1-89 levelling crowd - and it is a HUGE crowd - so that these people actually remain in the game more than 6 weeks.

Yes, I can see that the lure of a free 90 toon might encourage some of the "let's just try this game and see if we like it" crowd they too will get bored. The graphics are not changing, the limited quests will be more restricting, the number of PUGs is still not ideal and in addition you will have for example Necromancers who have not learnt how to use tainted heal on a mage pet to tank coming into DoV instances and making people groan.

The free trial method is working, restricting us to one server is what doesn't make sense. Allow free trial players to come to all servers, let them play as long as they like with the exact same restrictions they have on Freeport so that they are "forced" into subscribing.

No need to sell rares on the live servers, just let people play for free as long as they can deal with no broker access, no mail, no AA slider, no legendary, no masters... the live servers retain their integrity against people "buying their way to level 90" and they get some of the glut of level 1 newbies that we are tripping over.


All it will need are some rewards to make the 1-89 journey exciting for new players.

A second breach of Sony's internet security? [Updated] {Massively}

May 2nd 2011 9:11PM @aurickle There are some rather strict laws to do with protecting credit card numbers. SOE had an old file of these remain on their systems after they contracted non-USA billing to GC in 2008.

At the time outsourced their billing for non-USA customers that data should have been purged. They didn't they kept it.

There was no excuse in retaining the information and in fact laws have been broken by them doing that.

All the comparisons in the world to a burglar breaking into your house will never change the fact that you had the crown jewels stored on your dinner table instead of inside the Tower of London where they belong.

A second breach of Sony's internet security? [Updated] {Massively}

May 2nd 2011 8:59PM @Fakeassname Bank account numbers were also stolen. Those never expire.

The Guild Counsel: My kingdom for a house {Massively}

Apr 14th 2011 7:43PM As a guild leader of a small guild on EQ2 (Level 58, 250 accounts, started 11/12/10) I know all to well some of the problems described here and also some of the benefits.

I think that socialisation is less of an issue than claimed. Most people still run [1-9] world chat and that is where they talk to people outside the guild. I don't call standing at the broker in Gorowyn with a number of people around you silent silently staring at the list of items on the broker socialisation in any sense of the word.

Agreed that there is nothing like the old dirt hill in WoW between the bank and the AH where people would just stand while they waited for their next dungeon to pop, but I think that comes down to game mechanics. Then again, is a dirt hill full of silent avatars waiting for something to happen socialising?

Creating the guild, decorating the hall, leveling it, working towards the next amenity are a huge bonding experience for the guild members, especially if you tie lower levels of progression to status. It gives people things to work for. To make the guild more cohesive, to make people feel like they belong, that this hall is a result of their work is far better than standing motionless amongst of a sea of silent toons.

Likewise our guild bank 1 which has close to 600 plat towards our T3 GH as soon as we hit level 70 is a huge motivating force for my guildies. Weirdly I am seeing that having those guild funds on public display but not withdrawable from has a great weeding out effect for new members who would cause problems later. Temptation can really help weed out the undesirables long before you get to distributing loot.

Having all of the NPCs you need to clean your bags, repair, buy supplies, turn fertiliser into shinies and having portals to docks, spires and druid rings makes the hall a central - and very busy - hub. If you need a group it is very easy to ask in guild chat then meet in the hall to set off together.

Decorating has been hard work for sure, I found that setting clear criteria on what you had to do in order to get trustee rights made this much easier. I have a few capped craftmen and women now who are trusted enough to have that level of control, we work as a team ultimately myself having the final say but generally letting them brainstorm on their own. I think the hardest part of decorating was learning to say "no" when a starry eyed initiate hands you a level 5 tin sconce and asks if they can put it in the guild hall.

Housing and guild housing are amongst the best features of EQ2, the guild-hall ties the guild together as you work for it and it creates an impressive show of every single member's efforts so far with a dream of what is to come.

I have been in a number of guilds that failed so when I created my own I have built in succession so that I leave or get run over by a bus the guild will continue along the path it is going down now. However even without that I would point out that in EQ2 if a guild leader abandons the game for 90 days a ticket can be lodged with the GMs to have an election held. The person with the most votes after a period of time is then automatically elevated to guild leader. Not as desirable as a succession plan but at least recognising that the guild must go on.

I always found it funny when I played other games that hard-core raiders would be up in arms about guild halls, opposing them so strongly lest they take developers away from the latest raid. Yet on EQ2 the GH, especially for a raiding guild, becomes a form of meta-progression with a real benefit to members and instilling a modicum of guild pride to boot.

EverQuest II offering aerial races and time-limited aircraft prizes {Massively}

Mar 2nd 2011 11:23PM This event ended at 10am PST. I believe that is about 7 hours before this article was published.

Too late!

It was a lot of fun though. Let's hope it goes into Tinkerfest.