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Level restrictions on the Dark Portal {WoW}

Mar 31st 2007 7:12PM The simple reason "lowbies" (I take it that is anyone under level 58...?) NEED to go to Outland is for the profession training. Both my main and my alt were ready to go for most, in the alt's case -all, profession training because they were maxed at lvl 47-49.
Why there is no way for players to train beyond 300 skill in most professions (except fishing) without TBC is beyond me. The only reason I can imagine is that Blizzard is does not have faith in its own product to keep players interested. They have to force anyone who wants to train further to buy an expansion they would otherwise never use, if they don't care for the new races, class changes, or professions. In my case, I don't play shaman or paladins on either side of the fence. I don't jewelcraft. I don't think the Draenei are interesting and I'm not sympathetic to their cause. The blood elves are there for comic relief and to pose, while they are interesting to have in the game, I can live without. The only thing about the expansion that I could possibly ever need is the stupid training only available in Outland to people 10 lvls higher than needs be to train further when maxed. Had to get a Warlock to summon me to Shattrath and I made my way to Honor Hold at lvl 51 by dying on the way. My hearthstone is set in Shattrath City. A warlock guildie summoned me back to Stormwind. It's just lame that a place as kewl and fun as Shattrath City is pointlessly exclusive.
They have Dun Morogh next to the Badlands, HUGE level gap, BUT people can still go to Dun Morogh...
Redridge is likewise next to Burning Steppes. Another dangerous level gap. A level 15 was running through BS today. I suppose it is no different than if a player were to be able to enter the Dark Portal and roam stupidly around areas without help. It's just not smart. But the cities should still be accessible for training if not for anything else, then that alone.