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Caption This! [Updated] {WoW}

May 29th 2007 6:12AM "Look, this is our one chance to be the new Alliance race, and if you blow it for us, Steve, just because you couldn't be bothered to bathe this morning then you are collecting Deadwood Headdress Feathers for Timbermaw Rep for the rest of your Goddamned life"

Around Azeroth: Welcome to Yojamba Isle {WoW}

May 11th 2007 10:52AM The cool thing is about that place, it's the only place where the Trolls get their own music as far as I'm aware.

Imagine if there was a proper Troll city? Like a big Aztec job. Ahh...we can dream.

Breakfast Topic: Top 5 reasons you die in WoW {WoW}

May 9th 2007 9:25AM 5. Leaving my Demon on Aggresive
4. Not understanding that Elite really means Elite.
3. Not watching my health and mana enough
2. A stupid Group Member
1. Respawns appearing around me.

Forum post of the day: Are the Naaru evil? {WoW}

May 1st 2007 6:25AM The Naaruu are pure good. Why am I so certain? Because without something like the Naruu to counteract the Burning Legion and other screwed up races, Azeroth would have fallen by now.

That said they are probably pure good, as someone said, in the same way the Ascended Ancients from SG are. Good but for the most part, bound not to inferere with mortals.

That would explain why the rest of the Naaruu haven't rescured their kin imprisoned by the Belfs, and also why the ones in Shattrath aren't really numerous.

Star Wars Galaxies: vacant houses to be crushed by empire {Joystiq}

Apr 25th 2007 6:22AM "And who could we possibly blame for that colossal clusterfuck of short-sighted design? Oh yeah, the devs. Like I said - started shit, went downhill."

Specifically, you can blame Raph Koster actually. It was his design philosphy. The three or four dev teams they've had since have been trying to repair the fuck up HE caused. Bare that in mind if you happen to be one of those morons who thinks Raph = MMO God.

Like I said, I left SWG for WoW a few months ago because the game, to me, is a mess. But I don't agree with making up shit like this article clearly is. The housing purge is at player's request only. The devs have been saying no to the request for the last year or two. Now, they've come around.

Star Wars Galaxies: vacant houses to be crushed by empire {Joystiq}

Apr 24th 2007 10:31AM Um for the record, the SWG forums have been alive with players complaining for the last year or so that they can't put down new houses or rearrange their cities properly because off all the abandonded structures. That's the reason for the purge. Not a marketting ploy, not to close up the game or any other stupid rumour. It's to satisfy the current playerbase but getting rid of the ones that no longer play.

I haven't played the game in over a year (moved to WoW) and I know that. So maybe do some real reasearch before jumping on the hate-wagon.

Oh and by-the-by: Alot of players *want* those 'featureless landscapes' back. Tatooine is a desert planet remember? Not a fucking suburb.

Demonic roulette {WoW}

Apr 17th 2007 8:25AM I've been lucky really:

Imp: (cant remember ¬_¬)
Voidwalker: Belgorg
Succubus: Glenvira
Felhunter: Zhaathrom
Felguard: Flaathun

No idea what's going on with that Felhunter name though. I agree we shouldn't get to name them as unlike hunter pets, they are sentient and would have their own names! Plus it makes sense we always get the same ones as they are the ones 'bound' to us.

What DOES suck is that we can't name our mounts.

Live Anywhere nowhere to be found in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars {Joystiq}

Apr 4th 2007 6:11AM "Quake really sucks after Quake III."

So that'll be the one game then; Quake 4?