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Engineering: The Jack Of All Trades Profession {WoW}

Aug 14th 2007 7:43AM Just for the novelty I used engineering as a priest.

Bombs/Rocket Launcher

Extra damage and attacks rule. Particularly as a Holy priest. The +45 Stamina on the Launcher is also pretty useful

Deepdive Helmet

Looks great and got a new lease of life in Zangarmarsh. Not bad for lurking on the bottom of the lake in arathi either


Not bad head gear early on, then if you can be bothered to run Heroic instances for the required primal, you've got the epic.


Adamantine scopes are selling at 25-40G on my server at the moment. I bought my first mount by selling sniper and deadly scopes alone. It didnt take long.


Surely the flares are one of the few ways to alter the world in any sense?

Forum post of the day: How do you justify your $15? {WoW}

Apr 4th 2007 7:13AM Well I live in the UK. Its roughly nine quid a month to play WOW and a pint costs about 3 quid.

Since a night down the pub takes at LEAST 3 pints (Tony Blair believes that I am a "binge drinker" when in fact I am not, and could drink that fool under the table any day) this means that a month of warcrack costs only one night down the pub.

So if I avoid the pub one night only per month the subscription is effectively paid and my liver is slightly better off. In pratice I've avoided the pub enough for raids and such to pay for the PC into the bargain.

I'm playing off my addictions against each other.

Since I must take more