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Ask WoW Insider: The ninja debuff {WoW}

Nov 24th 2008 8:10PM You know it would trivial to come up with a mechanic that punishes ninjas.

The question is why would you? Why add yet another layer of protection to the crybabies who are afraid of the merest hint of a shadow of competition. "Mom!!!! He stole my copper node"

If you to avoid all competitions the Sims is a fine sandbox. Go play with yourself.

If you can handle the concept that there might be competition, then you also allow for the possibility that players might actually be generous. In my experience more players will let you get a tap on a node they captured if you ask, than try to ninja your precious copper ore.

Learn to live with real people, they can be a pain in the ass sometimes but you'll be positively surprised more often than you'd think.

Breakfast Topic: Are you leveling your Professions? {WoW}

Nov 20th 2008 10:46AM The DKs that skipped mining out of the gate sure missed out (assuming you're thinking mining). It was a big chunk of time, but its going to get much worse.

Most of Iron/Mithril/Thorium I could just tap nodes and not take any ore and come back 10 minutes later. There was simply nobody else in the starting zones mining, and I levelled it up very fast because I could leave nodes behind.

After stepping into the Outlands I was the only miner on my server in Outlands until I left. I could grab just about anything I needed/wanted.

Soooo easy...

But that was then and this is now. DKs have started going back, and competition is going to at a minimum double your time. I feel bad for you...

But it sure was great for me :D

The 15 most beautiful Hunter pets {WoW}

Nov 9th 2008 9:27AM No spiders??

C'mon now 4 cats and no Myst Spinner? Bit phobic maybe... hmmm...

Ask a Beta Tester: Mounts, threat meters, and tabards {WoW}

Sep 19th 2008 11:55AM In terms of the tabards/rep gain?

You say each faction's quartermaster... but how far back do those go?

Can you get tabard's from BC faction quartermasters?
Can you get them from vanilla WoW factions?
Can you get them for player race (Ne, Gnome, Dwarf etc.) quartermasters?
Or are they just for WotLK factions?

Breakfast Topic: Will the classes be balanced in time? {WoW}

Sep 19th 2008 9:06AM They had more than 2 years to balance BC...

Shamans aren't less popular; its just that all the other classes are more popular.

Ya... not balanced by release. Hopefully, all the classes will be playable though.

The Creamy GUI Center Hardware Edition: Ideazon Fang Gamepad {WoW}

Aug 31st 2008 1:04PM In your future reviews. I think an important thing you'll want to compare is the number of buttons.

We can count them here but when you start comparing it becomes important. The number one reason to pick up one of these things is because you feel you need access to more buttons.

The things I'd review primarily on:
- how do the buttons feel
- how many buttons are there?
and how easy is it to extend the number of buttons by mapping shift/ctrl/alt to keys

I get about 40 key binds from my Nostromo n52 how does that compare to this device?

Caption This! {WoW}

Aug 26th 2008 11:31AM Tonight's Special: Yesterday's Beans

Be careful what you ask for {WoW}

Aug 25th 2008 4:19PM Most of the tanks I know say they can definitely solo Elites even if they are above their level. They just can't do it quickly.

My Enh Shaman can solo group quests meant for 3 people at my level.

The DK up to 65 is about equivlant to what my Tier2/3 Hunter was doing in Outlands, and now that I'm close to 66 and my gear isn't rolling over I'm not doing all that great anymore.

Your impression of OP'dness is probably based on not having had OP'd gear in the past.

I think DKs may be a tiny bit on the OP'd side right now especially in their starting gear; but they aren't particularly better than other classes in similar gear were.

Caption This! {WoW}

Aug 12th 2008 10:46AM Uh oh. Someone smells like fish!

The Creamy GUI Center Hardware Edition: Logitech G series keyboard {WoW}

Aug 10th 2008 8:57AM You really should spend a week with the Nostromo N52 before you do any more of these keyboard reviews.

Seriously... its like the difference between mouse and keyboard turning.

But it will take at least a week to get used to it.