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Cataclysm: Stat and system changes for resto shaman {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2010 10:18AM Hahah! I thought the same thing when I read that. 8-9+ months from now hardly seems "Just around the corner"

The Twelve Days of Winter Veil: Day five {WoW}

Dec 29th 2009 10:29AM Sweeeeeeet

WoW 5th Anniversary Giveaway: 2 Tuskarr Kite loot codes {WoW}

Nov 24th 2009 11:32AM I'd like a loot kite :)

WoW 5th Anniversary Giveaway: Spectral Kitten loot code {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2009 10:46AM Loot cards, yay!

Last chance to enter to win a Creative headset of your own {WoW}

Nov 12th 2009 10:49AM Last chance... It's time to roll the dice.

Chill of the Throne: Dodge nerfed 20% in Icecrown Citadel {WoW}

Oct 29th 2009 2:42PM This affects DKs as well... no shields there either. Warrior and Pally tanks should be happy though... TCG Loot Giveaway: Sandbox Tiger and the Flag of Ownership {WoW}

Oct 13th 2009 10:30AM Flag of ownership... yeah!

EQ dev: WoW wouldn't exist without EQ {WoW}

Jun 18th 2009 10:16AM EQ wouldn't exist without MUDs. Granted, EQ was a great next step (although it was inevitable). Really all they ended up doing was putting a graphical UI on top of a MUD. I'm not saying that what they did wasn't great. What I'm saying is that before they go being all high and mighty saying, "WoW would even exist without EQ..." I think they should consider that they owe the success of EQ to MUDs.