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The Creamy GUI Center: Action bar break down {WoW}

May 18th 2007 7:06PM I use Bongos and I like it - very customizable and very easy to bind the buttons. I used to use Discord Action Bars, which I loved, but had to change when the expansion came out. One thing I did was for the Garr fight, as a warlock, I'd have one whole bar that was just macros related to banishing and CoS, plus a warning that the banish was about to expire. I'd hide it unless we were in that fight, then show it. Loved being able to do that. I think I could do it with Bongos too (not that we're doing MC any more) but it was really easy with DAB.

Dude, can you get on Teamspeak? {WoW}

Apr 26th 2007 2:25PM My guild uses Vent all the time, for major raids, 5-mans, or just to chat - why use up cell minutes? It leads to an increased sense of camraderie, tons of fun, and more efficient communication. I feel kind of helpless when not on vent, even for 5-mans.

That said - my 1st raid ever was in ZG - with a guild we sometimes raided with - and on Mandokir, we were all up on the wall (before the nerf) and all of a sudden my imp ran up and started attacking. Panedmonium ensued, we wiped. Another lock verbally took the blame. Then it happened again. This time nobody stepped up. After the 3rd wipe, someone noticed it was mine, and yelled at me in vent - I said, "But it's on defensive!" and I had most of the raid shouting, "You have to put it on PASSIVE!!!!" Lesson learned, the hard way, and I noted, "Well, you die, you learn." It would not have been so amusing / mortifying if it happened in raid chat.

Forum Post of the Day: Your "I never want to do this again" quest {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2007 1:34AM Anything with a crap drop rate - which is most of the "collect X or Y" quests. One that comes to mind in the buzzard wings in HFP; also most of the Silithus quests.

Sidenote: I've noticed that as soon as you group, the drop rate goes up - a lot - gee, do you suppose Bilzz is encouraging us to group? Anyone else notice this?

From Rock Journalist to WoW Addict {WoW}

Apr 6th 2007 1:09AM My brother-in-law had been playing for a while, and kept trying to get me play, but I was obsessed with fantasy baseball and didn't have the time. After the 2005 season, near Christmas, he sat me down and had me create a toon on his account - by the time I hit level 5 I was hooked. I used his trial, then ran out and bought my own copy as soon as it expired. I still play that toon, my 70 Undead warlock - and he still plays too, although not as much as me.

I started out in a guild with him and some other RL friends, we then merged with another guild, which died when the top officers quit the game. Most of use went to one guild, where we remain - Keepers of the Dusk, Terenas-H. It's a great guild, full of awesome people and great players - and it's where I met my girlfriend, who also plays an Undead 'lock - warlock love FTW!