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Smacked with the banhammer, or: It came from the Customer Service Forum {WoW}

Apr 7th 2007 3:18AM On Wednesday, I had just completed a BM run with my guildies, planned on going to Kara on my day off. I came home Thursday night to farm some gold to pay for repairs over the weekend because I was pretty much broke from buying mats to get my enchanting up. I went to log in and my password wouldn't work, no matter how many times I put in the password. So I went to do a password recovery and went to my email to get the new password and saw that I had received a lovely email from Blizz stating "for exploitation of the World of Warcraft
economy or for being associated to accounts which have been closed for intended
exploitation." as well. The only other account I have is my BF's account and it's been closed for some time. I've never exploited, you may or may not choose to believe that. But I've played 8 years of Ultima Online previously, been a counselor in that game, been playing WoW for 3 or close to it. I despise cheaters, I despise people that use bots. I've never bought or sold gold EVER. I have worked my ass off to level my toons, I've never used a 3rd party to level them(2 70s, 3 other 60s and odds and ends). Again I say I worked my ass off on those characters, spent many a night arguing with my bf about playing a game that he hates and I love only to get banned. I get a vague email just telling me that I've exploited and I know I have not and heard nothing back from account admin. Not everyone that gets banned is an exploiter, I used to think so but now I'm the one on the end of that stick and now I feel bad for the people I unjustly accused or didn't believe.