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Brutal Gladiator's Investiture {WoW}

Jun 24th 2008 4:59PM You keep saying these are as good as various PVE pieces but without any spirit they aren't very good for a raiding priest.

Gearing a Holy priest for Karazhan, part one {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2008 4:39PM There is a nice headpiece available if Revered with CE. Revered isn't that hard to get and a lot more predictable than hoping for a drop.

It has more +healing built in than the Hallowed set but no sockets.

Breakfast Topic: AV Fixed? {WoW}

Mar 27th 2008 11:13AM Can someone tell me of a good Ally battlegroup? I'm sick of Nightfall. I'm a disc priest and I like BG healing but too often I'm the only healer and I get no support from my team while rogues slice me up. I have a mod that tracks wins and Ally wins about 20% AB and 10% EOTS on Nightfall. We were winning 75% of AV in 2.3 but it was just a mad zerg rush to the boss and wasn't real pvp and wasn't much fun.

Are there any groups where Ally is competitive in all the BGs?

Breakfast Topic: Your worst PuG {WoW}

Feb 7th 2006 10:31AM I've had mostly good luck with PUGs until a Deadmines run the other day. I was running it with two people I knew. I was there just to help and hopefully get the cape drop from VC. We were 25-35 so the three of us could have made it fine. But I decided to be a nice guy and put out a general LFM message. We picked up two Warlocks. Right away I had a bad feeling about these guys and I should have booted them but I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

One of the locks was crazy attacking everything in sight and always pulling aggro onto the main group. I asked him to stop and he didn't. Then he rolled need on a item he didn't need so I booted him. The other lock was really inexperienced but seemed like a decent guy. He was much lower level then us and kept drawing all the aggro because he wouldn't stay back like we told him to. Then he'd ninja the loot. He was apologetic and seemed to be making honest noob mistakes. He almost got us wiped by tab targeting an upper deck mob on the way to VC and drawing half the place down into us.

Through all of this we were very nice to the guy and tried to teach him how to play. So how did he thank us? Before we went after VC we made it very clear that we were all going to pass on the loot and then sort out who would get what. He agreed to this. So what happens? We kill VC (no thanks to his aggro drawing ass) and he rolls a need on the blue drop after the rest of us pass. "but i relly NEED it" was his exact reply when we yelled at him. He knew what he was doing. What a dick.

If you play on Durotan his name is Cocanswaran. Avoid him.

Changing PowerBooks Before the Intel {}

Sep 6th 2005 12:38PM I would have no problem buying a new PPC Mac. If Apple does a PB revision with that new PPC chip and it gets appreciably better battery life then I'll replace my 15" PB with it. A higher res 17" screen might also convince me to upgrade though I'm not sure I want a laptop that big. I'm comfortable with the resolution of the current 15".