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Maintenance continues to be extended, no time frame given {WoW}

Apr 14th 2009 5:24PM "and the warlock just set the kitchen on fire."

R O T F L! Brilliant, Kylenne!! Wickedly brilliant!

Maintenance continues to be extended, no time frame given {WoW}

Apr 14th 2009 5:22PM No matter how upset you are that WoW isn't up yet, it pales next to how miserable the folks at Blizzard feel about not having the servers up. They know they're on the clock, and are doing everything they can, but this is a big roll-out and something is bound to go wrong.

The forums probably *crashed* because of all of the WHINERS who are bitching there instead of being stoopid in [Trade].

It's patch day, people! You *know* that everything will be off-kilter for at least a day, probably two or three. Go play in the street or something, and check back in an hour or three.

That woman is a man, man {WoW}

Mar 31st 2009 6:26PM Chromie has obviously been to a time when there is easily available NPC re-customization, and has decided to keep her name(s) while changing some, er, *other* characteristics.....

The Queue: Meow now {WoW}

Mar 20th 2009 3:52AM Here's the script to bind a key (in this case the V key) to the right mouse button action:
/script SetBinding("V","TURNORACTION");Savebinding(Get(CurrentBindingSet))

The Queue: Meow now {WoW}

Mar 19th 2009 5:17PM There is a way to bind a key to the right mouse button within WoW, but I don't recall it offhand (it's at home, I'm at work). I'll try to post the link to this chain, after I get home.

The Queue: Engineering's BFG edition {WoW}

Feb 10th 2009 10:29PM Turn off your WoW sound before you log out. Or you can log into an alt on another realm, turn off the sound, log out, and go back to the queue.

If you run WoW windowed, there's an option to mute WoW when it's in the background.

Yeah, you'll have to turn stuff back to where you want it when you get through the queue, but you'll have tunes while you wait.

Obligatory on-topic comment:
I found engineering relatively easy (but expensive) to level to 450. Blackmithing from 440 to 450 takes a bunch of titansteel, but engineering required very little. My gnome mage engineer has been sitting at 451 since 73 or 74, and both the goggles and the sound barrier trinket have been invaluable.

Blood Elf vs. Draenei diorama giveaway {WoW}

Feb 10th 2009 8:18PM The belf is anatomically incorrect and therefore wouldn't stand a chance against the paladin.

Not. A. Chance.

That said, I won't turn it down if I win it, I just won't be able to bring it in to work. ;)

WoW Rookie: Will my computer run WoW? {WoW}

Jan 28th 2009 10:24PM If you're getting good system, don't skimp on the monitor (which you'll be looking at All The Time) or the keyboard and mouse (which you'll be using to play All The Time). Get a keyboard you like (I prefer the ergonomic ones), and a mouse that fits your hand.

I don't know that the game-specific keyboards or mice are worth it, but the wireless keyboard/mouse combination I've picked up for about 60 USD has definitely been money well spent.

Farming Chilled Meat and Borean Leather in Northrend {WoW}

Jan 26th 2009 4:21PM The rams at the northern edge of Howling Fjord are 70-ish and have a good drop rate for both leather and chilled meat.

Officers' Quarters: Four lessons from the inauguration {WoW}

Jan 26th 2009 1:11PM And many things right about doing so.

The accomplishments of the former leadership should be respected, but their screw-ups should also be acknowledged. The point is not to dwell on the past, but to be clear about what to avoid moving forward.