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Ask WoW Insider: Making friends on a new server {WoW}

May 19th 2008 11:02AM Having transfered 2 alliance chars from Xavius to other servers I can't understand why anyone would transfer to it. It's probably the smallest server in the smallest battlegroup.

But, you're raiding with Destiny Awaits, and that's about as friendly as you get on Xavius. Gank members on sight and keep them camped for hours, my piece of advise.

Anyways, lots of friendly people on the server. Too bad it's too small.

Guildwatch: A good healer is hard to find {WoW}

Jul 25th 2007 6:14AM The problem is not to find a good healer as much as putting up with too many bad dpsers. The lack of progress almost always comes from having to many noob huntards and rouges (misspelled to prove a point) that simply cannot play their classes properly.

Twink changes in 2.1.0 {WoW}

Apr 22nd 2007 2:54AM If it hadn't been for twinks there wouldn't be any level 10-29 battlegrounds. Okay, say you want to "try out" the battlegrounds at level 13. And that's what you will do, "try out" not "play actively with the purpose to win".

In one weeks time you would have left the 10-to-19-bracket, the twinks still remain. And you go off bitching about how they shouldn't be allowed to play there. In one week everyone can level past that first bracket. Why complain about a few hardcore ones who ONLY want to play in that bracket?

Still, at level 70 the odds are much more unfair that the level 19. I've met warriors who could one-shot me. Mages who crit at 90% of my life. Warlocks who fear-lock me to death. And so on. At level 19 it's more even since noone has these überstrong attacks.

Anyway, why complain about people enjoying themselves in BG's when most of us never'll be able to visit them for more than a week. We're the tourists, they're the local population.

Forum Post of the Day: Levels 1 - 58 need reviewing {WoW}

Apr 20th 2007 7:19AM Open up Uldum as a new 45-55 instance.

Start making old instances L70-Heroic. Start with Dead Mines! Same old loot, only scaled to L70.

One or two new areas and/or factions with mid-level rewards.

Breakfast topic: How do you control your character? {WoW}

Apr 5th 2007 5:33AM I have everything keybound. From § to backspace, with shifted included. The entire numpad, including "/", *, "-", "+", and ",". I also have Q, E, R, F, T, Y bound and shifted.

I'm a PVP-Huntard. That might explain it.