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The Care and Feeding of Warriors: What comes next {WoW}

Jan 18th 2008 4:07PM Future changes to the Warrior class has been a very hot topic in the Warrior forums as of late, with the expansion looming on the horizon.

Warriors have always been on a massive pendulum when it comes to PvP and our place in it. We blow, then we dominate, then we blow again. The cycle never stops. I find that in group pvp, where coordination is harder to attain, Warriors annihilate opposition with the right back up. But in focused PvP such as arenas, I find myself very much on the short end of the stick compared to other classes. Frost mages have a billion ways to simply root us in place for a solid 8 seconds as they train us around. Mace stun rogues put out very high damage without us being able to properly return attacks. Druids ... well, most Warriors by now have experienced the frustration of being taken apart by a Druid I'm sure.

Overall, our talent trees are good, but they still have room for some revision. Our trees have defined "best paths". That's why 95% of warriors have the same tree in their niche. Improved Rend - are you kidding me? Imagine if Imp Mortal Strike would increase the healing cut by 3/6/10% or something (move it to the 35-40 tier), or if our 41st talent point would grant us Bestial Wrath ala Hunter's Beast Mastery for 15 seconds. How about a Rampage that scaled with gear? Our "ultimate" talents aren't very ultimate right now. Arms is a great PvP tree ... until 31-33 points. Then we just move over to Fury. Deep Arms viability would give warriors a lot more to think about: Enrage v. more solid Arms talents - those are the kinds of decisions that warriors should be having to make. Ask Mages and their Frost tree - it's loaded with great talents! So many that they need to think hard about what they want to accomplish before settling on them. I know our Prot tree grants that to some extent, but Arms definitely does not.

Some Warriors have also expressed disappointment that their "tanking" role doesn't carry over to PvP. Some have suggested modifying Taunt such that the taunted target causes reduced damage to all targets except the Taunter for a short duration. This doesn't seem terribly unreasonable, does it? Also in the tanking department, I think that we need more charges on our shield block. Improved Shield Block - 2 attacks blocked - is great if you're tanking one mob. But take on more than one and shield block is consumed almost instantly. Additional charges would be a welcome change.

Berserker Stance also needs another look. There was a time when 3% crit was very significant. But now, taking 10% more damage is a very high cost in order to have a talent-free fear breaker and 3% more crit.

Finally, our spell-countering abilities could use a change. Pummel and Shield Bash shouldn't be on the global cooldown, and Spell Reflect is extremely expensive - 25 rage - for something that will be removed by an instant ice-lance, followed by an actual spell. If you read the tooltip for Spell Reflect, it says "Raise your shield, reflecting the next spell cast on you. Lasts 5 sec." Since we can raise our shield to block spells, why not have Shield Block mitigate incoming spell damage (consumes its charges of course)? I haven't thought too much about the wider ramifications of doing this but I mean if we're raising our shield to block *something*, why can't it be spells? It's not like Warriors are holding the shield at a specific angle or something to reflect them - we don't have the Intellect for that anyway.

The changes I'm mentioning are kind of making a single point: let Warriors use all of their abilities. Spamming the MS/Whirlwind buttons can't be all there is to it. Let us change stances so that we can access viable abilities for both PvP and PvE situations. Give us variety in playstyle and talent spec.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: This is the year that was {WoW}

Jan 4th 2008 2:50PM To add to Nalthien's point, warriors have two major conflicting points regarding their tanking style. As you know, bears use high armor, stamina and dodge to tank (possibly in that order of reliance). Warriors on the other hand use miss mechanics as their primary means of tanking - +defense grants dodge, parry, blocking to remove crit, armor and stamina. The difference is that when you get hit, you generate rage. When you don't get hit, you get none. Our gear gets better, but we'll tank worse because we're getting hit much less. For druids, their gear scales but it mostly means they get hit FOR less, as opposed to getting hit less often.

Now consider aggro generation, which is hinged on rage generation. Unlike warriors, Druids have a high crit rate even while tanking, and that their crits generate additional rage via talents (a Swipe that crits all 3 of its targets makes the Swipe absolutely free - it's also off the swing timer and spammable unlike Cleave). It all adds up to a tank that is capable of generating and maintaining aggro easily, is hard to kill, is able to add more damage to the group's targets, and has a steady supply of rage to continue doing his or her job.

I'm not saying Warriors are bad tanks - I'm just saying that for a class that was originally designed to be the tank, we have it much tougher than our furry hybrid counterparts.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: This is the year that was {WoW}

Jan 4th 2008 1:41PM To add to Nossy's point, heroics are also a lot more sensitive to group balance - that is, there's a much higher need for a variety of classes to make sure that things run smoothly. It's ... unlikely that a group wants to take a DPS warrior unless he or she is tanking, which means that for many warriors (I know tanks aren't particularly common on my server), we have to spec specifically for tanking to gain Primal Nethers. For many warriors (at least for me), PvP was just an easier route to gear than Primal Nethers were.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Weapons {WoW}

Dec 28th 2007 4:10PM Ah this topic brings back so many memories ... of pain and suffering at not getting some weapons, but of glory and joy after seeing one drop and hitting that Need button so fast that your computer almost broke down!

Between Deadmines and Black Temple eh? Let me see ... so I'm only allowed 3 URLs, so you'll probably have to do keyword searches for most of these

For 2 Handers (we've already seen Smite's Mighty Hammer):

Arced War Axe: this beauty has seen a recent upgrade, and is a fine addition to the warrior's arsenal - Shadowfang Keep

Reef Axe: Beware, Hunters will definitely be rolling against on this! 2H-wielding warriors will certainly appreciate the stamina on this axe, as well as the attack power (equivalent to 10 Str) - Blackfathom Deeps.

Corpsemaker: This fine executioner is touted as THE twink 2Hander for 20-29. And who could argue? It's a beauty that drops in one of the lesser-traveled dungeons - Razorfen Kraul.

Thermaplugg's Left Arm: Though this one is probably a moot point for warriors unless you manage to happen upon this amazing 2hander right at level 28, this one takes the cake for being the most powerful pre-30 2 hander. Too bad it's in the instance I despise the most - Gnomeragan.

Whirlwind Warhammer: Dear sweet Whirlwind Weapon! The one item that all warriors aspire to in their 30-40's. If you're able, do yourself a favor, find some guildies, and get this butt-kicker so you can hewer through the next 10 levels with ease. You won't be replacing it for a while. And I won't have to describe anymore weapons! Quest Reward.

X'caliboar: If you're unlucky enough not to get a Whirlwind Weapon, there's still hope! This humorously named 2h sword comes from a rare-spawn in RFD, which has been toned down recently for mid-to-high 30's. It's a very pleasing alternative to our quest reward weapon - Razorfen Downs.

Morgraine's Might: I liked using this before the patch, but now?! This mace is so sexy that I almost rolled a new warrior to get it. No, there are harder-hitting alternatives. But please! Look how awesome this mace is - how can you NOT want to use it? Scarlet Monestary Cathredal

Ravager: Honestly, I think this weapon isn't very hot. But I'm listing it because I know every warrior who's been to the SM Armory has watched Herod spin and around with his axe and cried on the inside because we can't do that with our whirlwind. So get this axe, spin around til your heart's content, and then vendor it happily knowing that you've "been there, done that". Scarlet Monestary Armory.

Grimlok's Charge: The patch made this more appealing to hunters, with the Str being changed to AP, but it's still a very nice polearm, which I always loved on my warrior for some strange reason. Very balanced offensive stats and solid DPS that will take you a few levels to replace. And the instance has been recently toned down for being absurdly hard for its intended level range- Uldaman.

Rockpounder: I remember fighting mighty Archaedas before the patch at level 47, and crying when I found that his was all he dropped. I personally think that he's the first "big boss" - you really feel like you're taking on something huge when you fight Archaedas, and now that he's level 40 boss, instead of 47, you can actually defeat him at the level you're supposed to be! Uldaman

Princess Theradras' Scepter: The ultimate 2 Hander for the 40-49 range, this one is known for its slow swing time, high dps, and decent swing proc. Not much to say here about the hammer. Just don't stay to close to Princess when she power farts - they're nasty. Maraudon

I'll have to save 1 handers for other people. I want to see if I'm going to get any formatting errors like last time. Man that sucked.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Heresies {WoW}

Dec 21st 2007 1:10PM This is a great article, and I agree wholeheartedly with what's said. I definitely have felt that personal sting when you lose aggro on a mob that you were sure you were tanking right. Or, Light help me, our Paladin has to bless someone with Salvation! Oh the pain!

I also recently switched up my build to add utility and freshen up things. I've been a cookie-cutter arena spec (37/22/3 - for a while and it did work some wonders for me, but with the changes to the Arms and Fury trees, I decided to try this one out:


Kind of like the MS-Hybrid of old. The reason I used to be in Fury was for Death Wish and Enrage. Well, I noticed that a chief complaint for DPS warriors in PvE was that they didn't want Enrage but had to take it for Flurry - Enrage only procs when you are critted. I was finding that in arenas, I would be ignored while my buddies would get pounded. Combine not getting hit with heavy resilience - over 350 - and you're just wasting talent points. So I threw most of my Fury points into that Prot tree and picked up some talents would let me do some tanking. So how is it?

On paper it doesn't look very good from a specialization standpoint. In PvP, Last Stand and Concussion Blow have surprising utility, not to mention that PvPers are usually shocked when an MS warrior with a sword somehow stuns them as they're casting a big heal, or "pots" for almost 4k. And in EotS, when I team up with my arena partner he'll still get me to the top of the KBs / Overall damage columns and Ill still get him to the top of the healing column. And last night I tanked a heroic (just Slave Pens).

The moral of the story I suppose is have an open mind, don't be afraid to break the mold some times for the sake of trying something new and shaking up the mix a bit - worst case, you're out 25g in respec costs (two dailies? The one heroic daily?). I did, and I'm happy with the change for the time-being.

Taunting in PvP {WoW}

Dec 15th 2007 4:33PM This is coming from a warrior of course, but I think that Taunt really should do something in PvP. Like a rogue's Distract that's used in combat. It sucks knowing that one of your best roles is a tank and yet in PvP, everyone runs right past you and ganks the squishies.

All of you have assumed that, like Taunt in PvE, it would force you to target the warrior for some period. That's tantalizing to me, but I'd be happy if the warrior's taunt just made your target switch to you as their target and look at me. That's all I'd want. It'd cause a bit of confusion, but nothing that a skilled player couldn't recover from quickly. Try comparing that to other classes' abilities that limit or remove control of your character: Death Coil, Fear/Psychic Scream, Entangling Roots, Cyclone - hell how about chained cyclone, Frost Trap, Scatter Shot, Sheep, Frost Nova, Kidney Shot, Blind, Sap, Repentance, Hammer of Justice ...

I'm not convinced that it's asking much.

Russian WoW on the way {WoW}

Dec 10th 2007 9:21PM In Soviet Russia, characters DELETE you!

The Art of War(craft): Idyllic Arathi Basin {WoW}

Dec 10th 2007 6:44PM @Derick: naw I'm not that cool. I wrote up the reply in a Notepad because my wall socket's power was going on and off, and though my computer is protected by a UPS, my internet is not.

Hey is there an edit-post feature that I don't know about? Cuz if there is, I'd love to use it.

The Art of War(craft): Idyllic Arathi Basin {WoW}

Dec 10th 2007 2:20PM Formatting crits B Lee for 10 000. Blee dies.