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Free Trials: Wonderful, or source of annoyance? {WoW}

Apr 30th 2007 2:29PM I think that we should have a feature that blocks people from sending tells and mail from trial accounts.

Just like the swear blocking.

Five tips for guild applications {WoW}

Apr 24th 2007 7:46PM Ok..

This is for Guild Officers or Guild Masters


As a 70 mage, I have been looking for a guild for about 3 months. I have seen too many forum posts stating that people are needed for a guild.
But, you go to the website and it reads that all positions are full.
What is the point of having a guild website if it is never kept up to date.

Also, Several websites don't cover very simple questions and concerns. This is mostly for raiding guilds but can transfer over.

1. How is loot distributed in raid.
2. Do you use Vent or TS? Is either required?
3. Do you raid?
4. If you do raid, How often do you raid?
5. If you do raid, What has your raid progression been like?
6. If you do raid, Do you have any raid requirements? Besides being key'd or attuned for the raid?
7. If someone isn't attuned or key'd what kind of assistance can they get to meet those requirements?
8. How many members are in your guild?
9. How many accounts to members?
10. How many people are signed in on average during the day? And at what times?
11. Are you looking for new applicants?
12. What classes/specs are you looking for?
13. What do I as an applicant expect to get from you in regards to the application process? Hence, Some guilds require that you go on several runs or raid with them.
14. When will I hear back from you regarding my application?

You know, these are questions that anyone should ask a guild when they are applying or looking at applying.

And adding these answers right on the website means that you don't have several applicants asking them later.

Maybe even have a place to show loot progression.

I'd like to know how well your guild is doing as well.

Just a though.

Garbane - Uther, Still guildless and looking for a raiding guild. PST!

Beyond the sea {WoW}

Apr 18th 2007 12:30PM I didn't think the underwater quests that I did were that hard. But, as a mage I must say. That drinking and underwater quests don't mix. Which pretty much makes you go to not just the surface but further to mana up.

Know Your Lore: Arthas {WoW}

Apr 17th 2007 1:48PM I would really like to see and option to have both factions and Horde use the LFG tool to find players from both sides to go fight in Northrend when it opens.

I think it would be awsome to form this alliance between the two factions to go drop the Lich King.

Breakfast topic: Leveling weapon skill {WoW}

Apr 17th 2007 12:42PM Ok, maybe my wand does do more damage. But, I have come across several mobs that are immune to shadow damage and my wand that I have is shadow.

Breakfast topic: Leveling weapon skill {WoW}

Apr 17th 2007 12:25PM As a caster (70 mage), I feel that there is a need to have your weapon skills up.

Have you come across this situation?
you are fighting a mob. You drop almost all your mana into that mob to kill it before it kills you.
You stop to eat and drink. And just as you start to gain some mana you have another mob drop on you.
*Evo is on cooldown*
You have 2 choices: Health potion (to live) or Mana potion (more firepower).
You take the mana potion and you pop your mana emerald.
You burn all your trinkets and mana into the thing. Frost nova and blink.
*No mana*
You bandage.
Time to fight.
Now you have another choice. Do you use your wand, sword or staff.
Personally, My sword has a higher DPS than my wand.
While you are trying to kill the mob you can regain mana and frost nova run and wand at a distance.
Hopefully, you kill it before it kills you.

Or there is the whole approach of being a coward and pop invis and run away and avoid all of that. *cowards suck, FIGHT!*


So, as a point. We casters do need to get our weapons skills up.

Thank you.

WoW Moviewatch: World of Warcade {WoW}

Apr 16th 2007 1:02PM This has to be the worse video I've seen in these things.

arrggh. Can I get the 3:39min of my life back please?

You get water from a well {WoW}

Apr 10th 2007 3:54PM I completely agree with this idea.
Warlocks are mage offshoots they get to dish out healthstones why can't we dishout manastones, why can't we make mana wells or food wells?
Warlocks get soulwells.

I would not mind paying 50s for 1 regent to allow this to happen. I have to pay for my Rune of Portals, Rune of Teleportation and Arcane Powder.
Rune of the Sea, Rune of Nutrition, Mana shard..
Give me regents.. Give me power.

note: I play a 70mage.

WTS epic mount {WoW}

Apr 10th 2007 2:21PM You know. I got to say, for not being that attractive she made out pretty good.. When you figure you can Ebay WoW G for 150USD+ for 1000g she could have turned around and ebayed the G and made 750USD for her 1hr of what she claims was fun.

You know.. I'm a guy, I wonder if I could do this.

Craigslist here I come...

WTS ‘fun time’ for 5000g in World of Warcraft.
[safety a must]