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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is going in for the kill {Joystiq}

Jan 16th 2010 11:44PM VG, no contest.

European Heavy Rain special edition looks wet, classy {Joystiq}

Jan 16th 2010 11:41PM But the question is whether or not the DLC codes will work with it...

*finally bought his PS3 and is debating on what to do about Heavy Rain*

Rumor: Mass Effect 2 DLC details leaked {Joystiq}

Jan 16th 2010 2:43AM Again, another post where one person gets downvoted for being mean, but when anyone people are 'familiar' with in their 'good' sense on here acts rude or mean, they approve of it. A 'Disagree with me and I hate you' mentality.

Rumor: Mass Effect 2 DLC details leaked {Joystiq}

Jan 16th 2010 2:40AM I'm not a random account. I just use my real name (sans my last) because it's easier.

And yes, I have seen him in other articles, compared to most, aside from making incorrect statements, it's not like I've seen him just flat out attack someone.

It seems like maybe he said like one or two things that everyone hated and now, he's considered some public menace. Unless someone can link me to whatever began this huge shitstorm of hate for him, I stand on my belief that he's hated for really idiotic reasons.

EEDAR predicts DS2 will be announced this year {Joystiq}

Jan 16th 2010 2:29AM ...hnngggggGRRAAAGGGHHHH!!!



Seriously... If this is true, I'm going to do something drastic...

I might actually write a letter of complaint... I mean jesus fucking christ Nintendo! You're not apple! Stop putting out revisions of your products! I mean fuck, you're gonna release a DSi remodel this year AND fucking announce a fully new unit?! WHAT THE FUCK!

...Is what I would have said, if I took this seriously. Come the fuck on, like Nintendo is really gonna do that. Yes the Wii and DS PRINT MONEY but I think they'd like to spend some of the money on things besides developing ANOTHER device.

On the flip side... Nintendo cannot seem to learn some self control for not making new shit so, it's a 50/50 on it happening.

Rumor: Mass Effect 2 DLC details leaked {Joystiq}

Jan 15th 2010 2:39PM I don't see how this person is a troll. Maybe I'm blind to it but he's just making comments like everyone else...

Seems like people here just have that same attitude everywhere else. Fail to agree with me and I dislike you. It's like people can't accept that others will dislike an opinion or negative comment.

Rumor: Mass Effect 2 DLC details leaked {Joystiq}

Jan 15th 2010 2:36PM My apologies on that release date. I will admit, I don't remember WHERE I saw it but it was either on gamefly or gamestop that had inaccurately posted that date.

Still, the game has been done for a while. If people actually expect that they have been working on it even today, they don't understand how things work. Typically, most games have to be done weeks to months in advance before physical disc production begins. So DURING that time between the game being finished and it actually being printed and released, they work on more content.

So, I made a mistake, but I am correcting myself. Though there's no press release or specific article out there saying, 'the game is done' if it hadn't been for a while now, it would have had a delay. Point is, there's nothing wrong with DLC as a whole. Granted, it's a little more understandable to be annoyed by day one DLC, sans Dragon Age which had it's grounds of being done almost half a year before launch, but I don't see why people are still anti-dlc as a whole. Instead of forcing us to wait months and months for new content, we get it in smaller bites more frequently. And then to expect it to be absolutely free? Oh, right, because to the above posters, the employees at BioWare don't matter. No, the work they do on the DLC should be complimentary, right?

That's the problem with the anti-DLC argument, the sense of entitlement people develop. You paid 60 dollars for the content that was originally produced for the game, not everything else that comes out afterwards. And if you don't want to have to download it, then wait and get a game of the year edition.

Rumor: Mass Effect 2 DLC details leaked {Joystiq}

Jan 15th 2010 2:12PM Except, people are actually buying DLC. People like the periodic content and it just happens to be that BioWare finishes their games and begins working on DLC right after doing so. They did it with Dragon Age, it's not shocking they do it with Mass Effect 2. Did EVERYONE forget the game was ORIGINALLY slated for a november release?

That's what people like to do now, forget shit happened and claim with wild accusations. The game has been done for about a month or two now, so they spent time working on DLC and it's going to be available at launch, just like with Stone Prisoner and Warden's Keep.

God, this anti-day one DLC argument is getting tired. You're a vocal minority, just shut up and get over it, you're not required to buy it.

Rumor: Mass Effect 2 DLC details leaked {Joystiq}

Jan 15th 2010 2:09PM All I see is a bunch of senseless bitching here. There's nothing wrong with day one DLC, it means they worked on content right after the game finished production and instead of having to WAIT, it will be available right at launch for immediate or eventual consumption by the players.

You're not required to buy this stuff people, stop whining already.

EA soliciting ideas for Dead Space 2 'Collector's Edition' {Joystiq}

Jan 14th 2010 4:26PM Plasma Cutter replica please.

No foam bullshit, either wood or cold hard steel damn it!

Tin case, artbook, BtS DVD, collector's only in game items and a display case/stand for it.

How much will I pay? 150 dollars.