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Your Perfect Swing {WoW}

Aug 30th 2007 3:24PM I guess it all comes down to whether you want to raid a lot, or just play casually, probably with a bunch of alts across a few realms. I agree totally with both the thread poster and most of the pro raiding posters above. I have played wow on ( and on ) and off for a few years now, and I have come to the conclusion that raiding is sadly not for me, mostly due to work, social, family commitments. I make up for this by having a few low level twinks that I use to try out new and crazy builds on people in wsg. I also think that if you are going to end up with one "uber" build at end game, you should at least try a few on the way, even just so you appreciate your final one.

The Guardian Unlimited interviews Richard Bartle {WoW}

Jul 17th 2007 6:48PM I would love to meet Bartle, explain to him that I didn't play crappy text based games in my youth because they were crap. I play warcraft because it is a unique gaming experience. Nothing comes close to the amount of love put into the initial design of the game. Many, many people I play with on a regular basis, real life people I know :0 and online friends fomr around Europe all play WOW with no prior MMORPG experience.

The searching for "hidden gems" will naturally happen on a smaller, more anally retentive scale nonetheless.

@1 and 18, well put.

Multiboxing madness {WoW}

Jul 6th 2007 6:59PM If there is a macro to make a dwarf warrior behave like my hunters pet, pls post it, ty :)

Ask WoW Insider: How do you know when you're addicted? {WoW}

Apr 14th 2007 9:05AM A guy I know who works in IT plays a lot of wow. He once told me that sometimes when he gets a "request" to fix a problem with someones pc, he often greets them with " I have been given a quest to see you".

Starting from scratch with the same class {WoW}

Apr 11th 2007 6:48PM I have rolled 5 different rogues, 3 alliance and 2 horde. I love rogues, my main is a 63 NE Hunter :P but I can't help playing my 45 Dwarf Rogue, it's so much more fun, solo or group.

Grimhorn has more HP than you {WoW}

Apr 11th 2007 6:22AM Before BC, I saw a NE hunter with the complete opposite once. He had full agility, even wearing leather if it had insane ag on it. He said it felt like playing as a mage.