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Tseric on Enhancement {WoW}

May 9th 2007 3:10PM Sorry, Meant shamanistic *rage*, not fury.


Tseric on Enhancement {WoW}

May 9th 2007 3:09PM @21 - I think you hit the nail on the head. I have seen many pug group members (especially Allies who still seem to have limited experience with shamans) change their minds about shammys once they've experienced the goodness of the totem buffs.

@22 LOL

@24 I hate eating/drinking, too, because it really slows down solo questing and leveling. So, what I generally do when I'm cleaning up a group of mobs is launch strength of earth totem to maximize attack power, then launch Shamanistic Fury while grinding away at the last couple of mobs in an encounter. With SF's full mana-regeneration benefit, I can basically turn attack power into life:

Step 1: SoE totem + SF
Step 2: Grind down mobs and regain mana in the process.
Step 3: After mobs are crumpled piles of bones, I cast healing wave on myself (and use a bandage if needed), then I'm off to the next group of mobs, with downtime minimized. :D

I will say that first aid and Gift of Naaru help conserve mana (and prevent downtime) in a big way. I've got a few levels to go before 66, but I'm hoping these tactics still work... sitting around eating/drinking could really get old.

A crummy idea {WoW}

May 9th 2007 2:42PM HAHA LOVE the cinnamon roll shoulder armor in the graphic! ROFLMAO!

Tseric on Enhancement {WoW}

May 9th 2007 1:52PM Apololgies if the following post has been linked before, but it is by far the best summary I've ever read of the difficulties facing the shaman class in the current era. It also has a response from Tseric saying he'd pass on the author's concerns.

I play an enhancement shaman (level 58 - so yes, I'd appreciate input from other more experienced players on endgame content) and I generally have a blast in solo PvE. In 5-mans and PvE groups I have served well in melee dps roles and as a durable healer, changing gear to best adapt to the situation at hand. Above all, I view my roll as 'primary support staff.' I generally ignore damage and healing meters and base my success on one simple point: whether or not the party survives. My chief rewards (aside from the occasional blue mail armor drop) are the compliments I get... for example warriors' positive feedback on windfury totem and unleashed rage, shadow priests loving the enamored water spirit totem's mana regen, rogues digging grace of air, etc.

My favorite instance run so far was doing scholo the other night with a fellow guildie who is an elemental shammy... the other 3 in the group were like, "Dude! Look at all the buffs!!"

/smile-- can't wait to learn Heroism. /smile again.

I suppose I tend to take a long-term view on things. The windfury buff is disappointing, but hopefully, over time, nerfs like this will be balanced out by efforts to boost shamans' role as jacks-of-all trades-- (as the poster in the link above suggests) even if the buffs to the class seem to arrive more gradually than the nerfs. I may very well switch to resto for certain end-game runs... but at the same time I don't want to become a prisoner to that spec.

@Eliah: I'd love to hear from your level 70 enhancement guildie, or any other level 70 enhancement shammys out there.

pc -- Praxis

Breakfast Topic: Top 5 reasons you die in WoW {WoW}

May 9th 2007 10:00AM (5) Failing to dismiss searing totem when I'm low on health and trying to heal! It just wants to keep on fighting! It pulls more, I die.

(4) Switching to my warlock or priest alt and forgetting what spells I have & how to use them. Makes for very quick death by hordie ganking. :)

(3) McAfee dialog box pops up & minimizes WoW in middle of fight, to announce virus updates are complete. (I keep forgetting to explore ways to disable that... too lazy).

(2) FORGETTING TO BUY ANKH FROM REAGENT VENDOR!! (Well, technically not a cause of death, but prevents self-rez and therefore is HIGHLY frustrating. This happens way too frequently).

(1) Elite patrollers.

Breakfast topic: Rescue me {WoW}

May 8th 2007 4:39PM I am a 58 Shaman who in real life grew up the oldest of 5 kids, so naturally I have a 'big brother' instinct (in the helpful sense, not the evil spying sense, lol).

When I'm out questing I'll cast heals and gift of naaru to players fighting mobs while low on health, and for hordies I'll cast a couple shocks or plunk down a searing totem to help them regain the upper hand in a fight-- especially when it appears they've aggroed too many mobs to handle by themselves.

And yes, whenever I see someone take a death dive after falling off the elevator in Shattrath, I'll rez them, even though they don't have far to run. I've had my hearthstone set to Aldor Inn in Shattrath since level 43, so I've witnessed the elevator mishaps quite a lot.

However, I draw the line at helping people who have ever ninja'd a vein I was trying to mine, or a quest boss I was trying to reach, AFTER I was the one to do all the work clearing the trash mobs in the first place (especially fellow allies-- all they needed to do was ask to group, then we could have shared the quest kill). These types don't deserve the free heals, imho.

Happy gnome appreciation day! {WoW}

May 7th 2007 4:49PM @6 Un-funniest thing I've ever seen posted on a WoW forum. Get counseling now.

Beyond the sea {WoW}

Apr 18th 2007 2:31PM My main is a Shaman who carries a hydrocane for back-up, for those times when the supply of fish scales runs out. He has also learned to make the Deepdive Helmet through engineering.

I, for one, am exremely glad that my totems do not sink during underwater combat. Instead, they remain in place, right where I plunk them down, the same as when I fight on dry land. (Totems that sink uselessly to the bottom of the ocean will probably come with the next series of shammy nerfs).

My next highest alt is a warlock, with no need for pesky fish scales.

Breakfast topic: The brotherhood of buffbots {WoW}

Apr 11th 2007 7:54PM 99% of the time I'm either playing my shammy or warlock, so when a mage/priest/pally/whatever, buffs me, I usually just /say "ty!" to show my appreciation. However when I'm on a boat and get buffed, I'll respond by buffing them with water-breathing and jokingly add, "this is just in case the boat sinks," which I know is very lame, but I usually get a "lol" in response.

oh yeah--when I'm on my shammy instead of my lock, I'll cast the waterwalking buff if I've got spare fish oil, and crack the same lame joke. It's still nice every once in a while to see a hi-level ally respond, "waterwalking? WTF? I didn't know you could do that!"

(Got a similar response from a couple of ally guildies when I was healing with my shammy's chain heal-- "WTF was that?? Did you see that golden beam of light?")


Ask WoW Insider: Are BoE drops still worth selling on the AH? {WoW}

Apr 11th 2007 10:12AM I have been using the auctioneer mod as well, but my server's economy is so shot, that most often-- even after days of scanning to establish a history-- Auctioneer will indicate "Cannot match lowest price." Kind of annoying to witness massive, ongoing price deflation.

Literally overnight, a stack of 20 thorium bars on my server dropped from approx 40g to 20g-- too many people farming and spamming the AH with low-priced items! Ah well, there's not much you can do except report the sellers with suspicious names like "Qwdfgwtgfw" who are trying to sell 40 pieces of the same item at the same time...