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Win a Pandaren Monk from WoW Insider {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2010 3:33PM Gimmie

Cataclysm: New 600-member hard cap imposed on guilds {WoW}

Oct 5th 2010 2:30PM This is absolute crap. I transferred servers to be in a guild with a large group of people, now you are telling me that I can't have any alts in the guild? Blizzard, this is a technical problem that you need to fix.

Around Azeroth: A Mega mistake? {WoW}

May 22nd 2010 2:00PM Its better than drawings of penises. Thats all I normally see AVR used for.

Maintenance day loot from {WoW}

Mar 16th 2010 2:54PM I wanna win.

Now if only I could connect

Multiple realms offline tonight {WoW}

Aug 27th 2009 10:25PM Connected at 7:25pm PST.

Multiple realms offline tonight {WoW}

Aug 27th 2009 10:23PM There is a blue post about the connection problems.

Cliffnotes: It is a problem on your end, Blizz's stuff is fine.

Multiple realms offline tonight {WoW}

Aug 27th 2009 9:59PM I can access the forums now at least, as of 6:58pm PST. Still unable to access the game though, stuck on "Connecting" as I have been for awhile ( account)