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Demon water wings {WoW}

Jul 11th 2007 11:24AM I remember when the graphics of moonfire were improved, i shot it for the first time after the impovement in tanaris....however when i noticed it and told my non-druid friends they shruged it off having never noticed such details, but i suppose that was to be expected for i dont think i would have noticed graphical improvements to a warriors abilities

Breakfast Topic: Yay Druids! {WoW}

Jul 11th 2007 8:22AM I Love being a druid. I can achieve any roll without respecing, grind rep or farm with little to no down time, pvp will with ease (bash, cyclone, heal =P) and the lore of the druid wonderful. I can barely stand to play any other class without thinking "I miss my druid T.T" And grouping with other druids makes me feel like theres nothing we cant handle. And fighting a druid is always an endurence battle, the longest battles i usually have are against another druid ^-^

Breakfast Topic: Classes shakin' their moneymaker {WoW}

Jul 6th 2007 8:17AM It most likely would be the DPS classes (mages, locks, rogue, etc) cause the faster u kill something the sooner u can move on. Remember all the posts that prot warriors and pallies dont farm or quest cause they cant dps =P

Totem Talk: What's right with Shamans {WoW}

Jul 6th 2007 7:18AM A question i have is that Onnix deems shamans a more versatile class than druids, however, are not shamans just as gear and talent dependent as druids? If u are not geared with +healing and not speced restro u'll have a hard time main healing as much as druids in the same situation (perhaps even more so). And the act of shapeshifting is instant so its hardly a hinderence on our abilities.
But dont get me wrong, im not attacking anyone or feel im being attacked (obviously my main is a druid)
im just curious about the shaman ways for i have only gotten a shaman up to 17 =P

Know Your Lore: Fandral Staghelm {WoW}

Jul 5th 2007 11:51AM Well, then again after seening his son ripped in half, fighting a war against some bugs that can produce more than can be killed, and prob still suffering from morning grogieness from a 1000 years of sleep i suppose id be a bit crankie too =P.....and juice, gotta have my juice ^-^

Breakfast topic: Legendary bad pulls {WoW}

Jul 5th 2007 8:55AM When i was playing my lock and runnin SM. we got to a pull in which i died nad as i was runnin back i noticed the ones in the beginning had respawned. Well, i told them i couldnt get through and needed them to come back and help me, they said "ok" and i told them ill wait. Well, to amuse myself i summoned my eye of kilrogg and proceeded to run it through SM to my team mates. Now i knew it would draw aggro but i didnt know the enemies in SM would follow u till u left the instance. So to my surprise after reaching my team mates i had the entire first part of SM tailing me and they immediately aggroed my party members =P.....All i could say was "I didnt know they'd follow me that far."

Blood Pact: The future for pets {WoW}

Jul 5th 2007 7:32AM First of all @5 and 6---She did say that with talents u get the felgaurd at 50 and saying dreadsted instead of felsteed is a trivial thing to beat down Elizabeth over. Honestly, if u feel u r better versed in the lockin ways then with respect to the writer correct them (dont say "She doesnt know whats shes doing" and "They should get another writer") or go write ur own lock article and let people say how stupid u are for the trivial mistakes u make.

But back on topic, i think the lock would need an extremely high defense, high health pet with excellent aggro getting abilities so they can be raid viable but not tip the pvp aspect too much to the locks favor.

Breakfast Topic: Priests, we love you and fear you too! {WoW}

Jul 4th 2007 9:51AM Fighting a shadow priest friend while being a feral speced druid made realize that a 1v1 battle is an eye opener into what i can and cant fight no matter how hard i try. But on the other hand, fighting WITH a shadow priest as a doomchicken in a StreamVaults group with a holy priest made dying next to impossible with the ability for me and the shadow priest able to jump out of DPS form to off heal in the rare occasion our holy priest needed help ^-^

Breakfast Topic: Close encounters of the GM kind {WoW}

Jul 1st 2007 8:41AM I too ran accross some who seem quite rude, for example, me a friend were taking on a rare spawn in shadowmoon valley and i used my entangle roots on it but it kept moving while still taking damage from the roots. I contacted a GM about this and all he/she told me was that it was working as it should ( its not). But i recently contacted a GM about a possible bug exploit by a player and he/she really nice and seemed genuinly interested in this problem. So its been a back and forth thing, but i try not to contact them too much cause theres only so much "Its working as it should" or "Its a known problem" answers one can handle.

Breakfast Topic: How did you pick your class? {WoW}

Jun 21st 2007 8:41AM My first toon was a druid, the idea of shapeshifting seemed fun, but my lack of knowledge of WoW made it terribly difficult to play. A few alts laters i went back to the druid and loved every minute of it. I absolutely love the ability to change strategies in an instant without rerolling.^-^