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WoW Moviewatch: Shadow Priest Public Service Announcement {WoW}

Apr 14th 2007 12:30AM "In case your skull is to thick to realize there was tons of sarcasm in my post.

I have yet to come across a good (ret or protection pally.) In fact I have spent more time in groups drying because a priest is (specced ret or protection) than (holy) like they (should) do.

I could care less about cookie cutter classes whatever the hell. I like groups that work. I run a tons of instances and if a group wipes because a (pally) thought (his job was to hit things with maces) then thats a waste of MY time.

And in case anyone is confused on the role of the (paladins) please refer to (the paladin holy tree)
(insert the best tree in the game here)"

fixed your post