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PTR notes: Not-so-Clearcasting for Shamans {WoW}

Apr 16th 2007 8:37AM "Just to comment briefly on the new Windfury Mechanics mentioned in the article. I have always understood windfury to be PPM (procs per minute) with a short, invisible cooldown to prevent crazy DPS bursts. This essentially means you should get a similar number of procs in 1 hour whether using a 1h, a 2h or dual-wielding."

This is wrong. Windfury is NOT a proc per minute skill. Sometime around the expansion they added the 3 second cooldown which meant that any "Rank" of windfury could only proc once every 3 seconds. Enterprising shaman who thought this was a bug that needed a work-around began downranking the offhand which meant the off-hand had a seperate 3 second cooldown from the main-hand. This caused another bug which caused up to 4 windfury hits with the same hand (either the main hand or the off hand). This is where the serious extra dps was coming from.

Even with the downranking, the proc rate was somewhat less than the 20% in the tooltip. The reason Enhancement shaman use double windfury is because neither of the elemental based weapon enchants nor rockbiter scale with enhancement gear. As you get stronger, you get less and less benefit from these skills; whereas, a better weapon gets even better with windfury.

If blizzard felt our DPS was way too high there were much better was to fix it than a stealth nerf (the addition of the 3 second cooldown was never documented and never directly acknowledged) and various attempts to fix the bugs the stealth nerf caused. That is what the enhancement shaman are upset about. Blizzard just doesn't seem to have any idea how to communicate their vision for shaman to the community. Most of us are pretty sure they don't have a vision for us.