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Take out the trash (timers)! {WoW}

Sep 25th 2007 10:46AM If there is a respawn timer, it forces a raid, particularly one that is facing a boss for the first time, to work hard to get a boss down and avoid the annoyance of having to clear mobs again.

On the plus side, players get rep with a particular faction.

Your Perfect Swing {WoW}

Aug 30th 2007 4:12PM I agree with the sentiment that Blizzard has yet to achieve making all specs for all class viable for all the content.

However, I firmly disagree with most of the commentary that in order to succeed, you have to follow a "cookie-cutter" spec if you are of a certain class. A "cookie-cutter" spec, be it for whatever you in-game content you participate in (PvE, raiding, PvP/Arena), merely increases the chances of success of accomplishing something. It is nothing more than increasing the odds in the group's favor.

BTW, kudos to the mathematicians who spend their time calculating in-game calculations. You show great potential. Now, go ahead and use it in your school work. =P

Blizzard's forum policy against foreign languages {WoW}

Aug 28th 2007 4:22PM A lot of valid points and suggestions, as usual. Shows that there is still hope within the human race... =P

It was unfortunate that the player's comment was erased. But Blizzard's policies are their own and there certainly must be a reason for them. I am sure, as someone mentioned earlier, that there is some legalese involved in the matter.

Perhaps the WoW Latin American community should coordinate their efforts and move into specific servers. I do not mean for them to forcibly take over the server (duh), but to follow the example of the Europeans. Unofficially, gamers of different nationalities in Europe has established particular servers as their own. So, I think it would be a good idea for Latin American players to gather in a couple of the servers and become the majority.

Another option which seems viable as the game grows in its customer base is to expand operations into Latin America. Blizzard should open satellite offices somewhere in Central or South America or the Caribbean and place servers there. There, you would have customer and technical support, as well as forums for spanish-speaking players. Hell, I will gladly help Blizzard launch a satellite office in San Juan, PR. Wishful thinking, but a man can dream... =P

Finally, like others before me have stated, do not take lack of comprehension and understanding of the english language as lack of intelligence.

Azeroth Interrupted: Raiders have real lives too {WoW}

Aug 13th 2007 12:44PM Another thing I see lacking is an official definition of what "casual" and "hardcore" are. Anyone can see a general number of traits on an individual and determine whether that person is a casual or a hardcore raider, but they are general.

What needs to be established a detailed set of parameters to establish not only what determines whether a person is a casual or a hardcore and what lies in between. Most of the argument I have noticed takes place because such a formal definition does not exist.

Azeroth Interrupted: Raiders have real lives too {WoW}

Aug 13th 2007 11:08AM Robin's opinion pieces has items that agree and disagree with. I do agree success in raiding is more of a planning and preparation effort than actual execution. Add to that the drive to succeed from the members and you will achieve success.

Raid start time: While it is possible for most folks to plan ahead and make sure that they arrive on time to a raid, there are various things that a player cannot control. For example, during a work week there is the matter of a slow commute from work, or extended work hours due to a special project. Or a family or friend emergency. Or even a simple illness which keeps the player in the bathroom an extra 15 minutes with an upset stomach. Let me think... Clear the constipation or crap my chair for a purple?

Raid preparation: Time should be allocated by the raid group for such activities, such as setting a day or two aside for allowing players to go farm for materials and/or gold. Game time has to be dissected in order to allow for such. Don't expect me to show up to a raid with consumables if I cannot allocate time for such. This ties with the item above.

Studying the encounter: Reading about the encounter gives a general idea of what will happen. Encounters are learned by doing them. Most individuals cannot allocate time elsewhere to read up on encounters, so the best thing to do is take time before the encounter and explain the phases and what is expected at each phase. Then jump in and try again. You anticipate by reading, but learn by doing.

Noise Control: This one I took personal, Mrs. Torres. So, from your perspective, raiders are a bunch of drones who plow thru encounters while casuals are like monkeys in a cage. You have to remember that the people behind the avatars are individuals with greater depth of character. Perhaps you meant to say "Noise discipline" and this is developed, not brought in. In smaller groups, it is easier to ask for quiet before the encounter, but you have to be social during a raid, no matter what the size of the raid. This creates synergy and increases the success of the raid. Yes, when you engage an encounter for the first time, you have focus, but, as the skill against the encounter increases, you can be more lax. I remember the pre-BC days, when we ran MC in 4 hours, the raid leader would play hard rock or metal in Vent. Heck, I raided with players who are under the effects of alcohol or medication and this adds personality to a raid.

Loot drama: Another one of the points I agree with. For such reason, if you have to PUG additional bodies, you have to clearly state the rules to them. Also, consider that loot distribution is easier for smaller, tighter groups. See my entry on "Noise Control" above and understand that a group that is more merry, has an easier time distributing loot.

Planned Flexibility: Another one of the points I agree with. And, per my entries on "Raid Start Time" and "Noise Control", the raid leader and its members should not get into a hissy fit because individuals have to miss a raid because of an RL matter. Such is the reason for contingencies.

As for the comments by "Tigole", I fail to see why they are considered "welfare epics", as individuals have to work hard, but in a different capacity, to get PvP or Arena epics. So, people who do repeatable quests on a daily basis to get gold and eventually get epics are on the receiving end of "welfare epics" as well? Get off your high horse, Tigole. You, like everyone else, has to work/study for a living and plays the game for personal enjoyment, even if your goals are different. Don't insult the clientele with your narrow minded, elitist views. Interrupting much needed sleep to kill a dragon is a video game hardly makes you special.

Guildwatch: How casual is casual? {WoW}

Aug 8th 2007 8:35AM @1 Thank you for bringing about a third category of gamers to the table. Unfortunately, the casuals will look at the dedicated and call them hardcore and viceversa.

Talk about the War with the Middle Class... of Gamers. =P

Breakfast topic: Saluting Azeroth's greatest hero, you {WoW}

Aug 8th 2007 8:27AM I do not consider my characters heroes either. They are in game to explore all the corners of the world in the game and get rich and powerful doing it.

Heck, WoW is just an IM program where I play games with other IMers while chatting. Fun, folks. That's why I am along for the ride.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Play Your Alts! {WoW}

Aug 3rd 2007 1:00PM A correction... First sentence. "Get hit on the head so often."


The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Play Your Alts! {WoW}

Aug 3rd 2007 12:57PM Excellent posting, Matt, considering us warriors get on the head so often... =P

And your opinion is correct. By playing other classes supporting a tank in battle you learn to become a better tank. My personal experience in this is that I have a 70 holy/disp priest and things that might seem trivial from the tank's point of view are critical for the other classes.

We as tanks just step up and sunder things, making sure they hit only us and not go after the rest. But other classes have to worry about things like range, mob placement, DPS/threat on a mob.

So, experiment with other classes and learn. There is no knowledge that is not power.

Should the expansion add levels to the game? {WoW}

Aug 2nd 2007 2:12PM Blizzard also has to consider that changes in the lore should be implemented in the game. For example, isn't it about time that Gnomeregan gets cleaned up, making it a city, similar to IF or SW? Or how about Edwin Van Cleef gets captured or killed, closing the Dead Mines and opening Grim Batol with a new challenge to low level characters?

If Blizzard wants to make change, they have to think not just up and down (adding new content and level cap), but sideways as well (fix broken content on the lower levels and modifying existing instances).